Madewell Size Charts for Adults and Girls

Fashion is one of the most polluting industries in the world. Made-well Clothes were started because they care deeply about fashion, but the brand also cares deeply about minimizing the environmental and human impacts the purchasing decisions have (skip straight to the madewell size charts).

Madewell Size Charts for Adults and Girls
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The heart of Madewell Clothes is the 8 Madewell Clothes Values: Fair; Sustainable; Transparent; Vegan; Local; Minimal Waste; Handcrafted; and Gender Equality. For a label to be sold on Madewell Clothes it must meet the environmental and human rights standards of our Code of Conduct and the requirements of at least 1 of the 8 Madewell Clothes Values.

For a label to meet the Sustainable value, for example, it must make at least 80% of its products from sustainable materials. When Wellmade talks about ‘sustainable’, we’re not just talking about ‘natural’, either. We’re talking about organic textiles, transition cotton, certified closed loop viscose, recycled polyester and nylon, recycled cotton, and hemp. To meet these value labels they also use low-impact dyes or be climate neutral.

Ultimately, Madewell provides information about, and the ability to shop, for clothes with ethical values.

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Madewell Size Table of Contents

Women’s Tops size chart

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 US sizeBustWaist
000XXS31 Inches / 79 cm23″ Inches / 58.5 cm
00XS32 Inches / 81 cm24″ Inches / 61 cm
0XS33 Inches / 89 cm25″ Inches / 63.5 cm
2S34 Inches / 86.5 cm26 Inches / 66 cm
4S35 Inches / 89 cm27 Inches / 68.5 cm
6M36 Inches / 91.5 cm28 Inches / 71 cm
8M37 Inches / 94 cm29 Inches / 73.5 cm
10L38 Inches / 97 cm30 Inches / 76 cm
12L39.5 Inches / 100 cm31.5 Inches / 80 cm
14XL41 Inches / 104 cm33 Inches / 84 cm
16XL42.5 Inches / 108 cm34.5 Inches / 87.5 cm
18XXL45.5 Inches / 116 cm37.5 Inches / 95 cm
14W1X44 Inches / 112 cm37 Inches / 94 cm
16W1X46 Inches / 117 cm39 Inches / 99 cm
18W2X48 Inches / 122 cm41 Inches / 104 cm
20W2X50 Inches / 127 cm43 Inches / 109 cm
22W3X52 Inches / 132 cm45 Inches / 114 cm
24W3X54 Inches / 137.5 cm47 Inches / 119.5 cm

Women’s Pants Madewell size chart

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000XXS24 Inches / 61 cm34 Inches / 86.5 cm
00XS25 Inches / 63.5 cm35 Inches / 89 cm
0XS26 Inches / 66 cm36 Inches / 91.5 cm
2S27 Inches / 68.5 cm37 Inches / 94 cm
4S28 Inches / 71 cm38 Inches / 96.5 cm
6M29 Inches / 73.5 cm39 Inches / 99 cm
8M30 Inches / 76 cm40 Inches / 101.5 cm
10L31 Inches / 79 cm41 Inches / 104 cm
12L32.5 Inches / 82.5 cm42.5 Inches / 108 cm
14XL34 Inches / 86.5 cm44 Inches / 112 cm
16XL35.5 Inches / 90 cm45.5 Inches / 115.5 cm
18XXL38.5 Inches / 98 cm48.5 Inches / 123 cm
14W1X37 Inches / 94 cm47 Inches / 119.5 cm
16W1X39 Inches / 99 cm49 Inches / 124.5 cm
18W2X41 Inches / 104 cm51 Inches / 129.5 cm
20W2X43 In / 109 cm53 Inches / 134.5 cm
22W3X45 In / 114 cm55 Inches / 140 cm
24W3X47 In / 119.5 cm57 Inches / 145 cm

Men’s Bottoms size chart

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US sizeWaist
XS26 – 28″ Inches / 66 – 71 cm
S29 – 31″ Inches / 74 – 79 cm
M32 – 34″ Inches / 81 – 86 cm
L35 – 37″ Inches / 89 – 94 cm
XL38 – 40″ Inches / 97 – 101 cm
XXL41 – 43″ Inches / 104 – 109 cm

Women’s Shoes Madewell size chart

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Madewell Women’s Belts size chart

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US SizeNatural Waist
XXS 000/0023″ – 24″ Inches / 58.5 – 61 cm
XS 0/225″ – 26″ Inches / 63.5 – 66 cm
S 427″ Inches / 68.5 cm
S 628″ Inches / 71 cm
M 829″ Inches / 73.5 cm
M 1030″ Inches / 76 cm
M 1231″ Inches7 / 78.5 cm
L 1432″ Inches / 81.5 cm
L 1633″ Inches / 84 cm
XL 1834″ Inches / 89 cm
XL 2035″ Inches / 89 cm
XXL 2236″ – 37″ Inches / 91 – 94 cm

Women’s Denim Size Chart

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2324 in 60.96 cm34 in 86.36 cm
2425 in 63.5 cm35 in 88.9 cm
2526 in 66.0436 in 91.44 cm
2627 in 68.58 cm37 in 93.98 cm
2728 in 71.12 cm38 in 96.52 cm
2829 in 73.66 cm39 in 99.06 cm
2930.25 in 76.84 in40.25 in 102.235 cm
3031.5 in 80.01 cm41.5 in 105.41 cm
3133 in 83.82 cm43 in 109.22 cm
3234.5 in 87.63 cm44.5 in 113.03 cm
3336.25 in 92..8 cm46.25 in 117.475 cm
14W37 in 93.98 cm47 in 119.38 cm
16W39 in 99.06 cm49 in 12446 cm
18W41 in 104.14 cm51 in 129.54 cm
20W43 in 109.22 cm53 in 134.62 cm
22W45 in 114.3 cm55 in 139.7 cm
24W47 in 119.38 cm57 in 144.78 cm
26W49 in 124.46 cm59 in 149.86 cm
28W51 in 129.54 cm61 in 154.94 cm

Denim Conversion Chart

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Girl’s Madewell Tops chart

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0XXS31 in 78.74 cm23 in 58.42 cm
0XS32 in 81.28 cm24 in 60.96 cm
0XS33 in 83.82 cm25 in 63.5 cm
2S34 in 86.36 cm26 in 66.04 cm
4S35 in 88.9 cm27 in 68.58 cm
6M36 in 91.44 cm28 in 71.12 cm
8M37 in 93.98 cm29 in 73.66 cm
10L38 in 96.5230 in 76.2 cm
12L39.5 in 100.33 cm31.5 in 80.01 cm
14XL41 in 104.14 cm33 in 83.82 cm
16XL42.5 in 107.95 cm34.5 in 87.63 cm
18XXL45 in 114.337.5 in 95.25 cm
14W1X44 in 111.76 cm38 in 96.52 cm
16W1X46 in 116.84 cm39 in 99.06 cm
18W2X48 in 121.92 cm41 in 104.14 cm
20W2X50 in 127 cm43 in 109.22 cm
22W3X52 in 132.08 cm45 in 114.3 in
26W4X56 in 142.24 cm49 in 124.46 cm  
28W4X58 in 147.32 cm 51 in 129.54 cm

Girl’s Madewell Tops conversion chart

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Madewell Men’s shoe size chart

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5335 – 3621.6
6436 – 3722.5
7537 – 3823.5
8638 – 3924.1
9739 – 4025.1
10840 – 4125.9
11941 – 4226.7
121042 – 4327.6

Madewell men’s belts size chart

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US SizeNatural Waist
XXS (000/00)23 – 24 inch
58 – 61 cm
XS (0/2)25 – 26 inch
64 – 66 cm
S (4)27 inch
69 cm
S (6)28 inch
71 cm
M (8)29 inch
74 cm
M (10)30 inch
76 cm
M (12)31 inch
79 cm
L (14)32 inch
81 cm
L (16)33 inch
84 cm
XL (18)34 inch
86 cm
XL (20)35 inch
89 cm
XXL (22)36 – 37 inch
91 – 94 cm

How to choose the right Madewell size

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1. Look at men’s suits
Since many garments produced today are of low quality, it is recommended that you investigate the finest well-made men’s store in your area. Learning what goes into quality clothing will help you recognize it when you find it in the wilds of a secondhand store or clearance rack.

It’s important to note that this guidance applies equally to the ladies. The cost of clothing is a not-so-hidden additional expense of being a woman. Although women spend the same or more for their apparel, men’s clothing is almost always of greater quality.

2. Check the Hand

The “hand of the cloth” is not a supporting actor in GOT; rather, it is a snooty way of describing the texture of a fabric. Does it feel starched, like a bonnet? Is it as rough as a cat’s tongue? Like a 1950s slip, is it soft and drapey? Most times, the fabric sets high-end designer outfits apart from cheap knock-offs. For its collection line, J. Crew will produce a sweater made entirely of cashmere.

For its mainline and J. Crew Outlet locations, the company will produce identical sweaters made of cotton and a cashmere blend. Search first for a good fabric, as it will keep its form and durability for a longer time than its cheaper rivals. Fabrics that aren’t up to par will allow you to create a beautiful gown, but it won’t last long.

If you want to make sure that everything you buy will fit, rub your face against it first. If the cloth is irritating to your face, it will probably irritate the rest of your body as well.

3. Double-Check Fabric Content

There is no guarantee that a sweater labeled “100% cashmere” is actually made entirely of the material. These days, it’s common practice for manufacturers to include a negligible quantity (about 7 percent) of cashmere fiber in their products so they can label them as “cashmere blends.”

Do not get duped into paying more or unusual activity than necessary for low-quality cotton flannel!

The quality of the cloth used is significant even in staples like jeans. Lycra is used in a wide range of denim products because it improves fit and provides stretch. Most consumers prefer their denim to have some give in order to maximize comfort. Fabric selection, however, must be based on preference and body shape.

For jeans, I am one of those persons that rarely wash them so that the fade lasts as long as possible. To accommodate this peculiarity of mine, they make the only denim I can wear of 98% cotton or more. To keep their form, the jeans need to be washed every few wears if they contain over 2% Lycra, in my experience. Lycra equals baggy knees and a droopy butt for me because I don’t wash my jeans very often mostly the larger size.

Among the best pieces of advice is to use the scrunch test. Give the fabric a good wringing. When you let go, do the wrinkles return to the fabric? Think about the effort, time frame, and cost involved in keeping an item of clothing looking good, regardless of how lovely the fabric is. Don’t buy linens if you don’t enjoy ironing.

Learn more about Madewell size and more (video)

how do madewell jeans fit? / the perfect vintage jean edition by Madewell

Frequently asked questions

1. Do the sizes run small at Madewell?

They fit as expected, however, if you’re in between sizes, check the manufacturer’s or our sizing chart to make sure you get the proper pair.

2. Does Madewell sizing run big?

To begin, you should know that these Madewell apparel run big. After scaling down, you will still feel like they were too big. This will make them worry they didn’t really fit and that wearing them for any length of time might be a little uncomfortable.

3. Does it shrink if you wash Madewell jeans?

No, however, many washes have been utilized in denim since the 1980s, so they no longer shrink as much. Made with a new generation of stretch denim that won’t bag out or lose its form, the new Madewell denim is fantastic in its own right; it’s like wearing a pair of Spanx under your clothes.

4. How stretchy are your favorite Madewell jeans?

We’d like to introduce you to the Boyjean, the softest pair of jeans Madewell has to offer. Wellmade’s most comfortable and spacious denim is their boy jean style. My personal experience has taught me that Boyjeans shrink a lot after being worn and washed.

5. What’s the perfect size for a woman?

To get the best results, your dimensions should be Measurements: bust, 34–35 inches; waist, 24–25 inches; hips, 34–35 inches. If you’re a woman above 5 feet 6 inches tall, here’s how you should measure up: A 35–37′′ bust, a 25–27′′ waist, and 35–37′′ hips are standard.

6. What jean size is considered skinny?

Slim is a size 6. The median is reported to be anywhere from 12 to 16. A woman of 5′ height will look very different in a size 12 than a woman of 5’11”.

7. What is the Wellmade return policy / Exchange item?

Within 30 days after purchase, customers can return any in-store purchase for a full refund or exchange if the item is unworn, unused, washed, damaged, or defective. Please keep in mind that they can only accept returns of swimwear, bodysuits, and intimates with all tags and liners still attached.


Some recommendations when washing Madewell jeans are: Wash them less frequently. Some people say they need to be washed every few months, but you actually only need to do that every four or five times you wear them. You need to wash them once a month at the very least because you wear them so often.

When you wash them, only use cold water, and avoid using the dryer. But if they’ve loosened up too much, you will toss them in the dryer for a while, and the fibers will return to their original, broken-in state.

If you want to keep your clothes smelling fresh in between washes, you can spot-clean them in the freezer. There will be no odor-causing bacteria left after that.

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