Asian Size to US Size Clothes

Manufacturers customize goods, like clothing, based on the place from where they would source their garments. What your target market should communicate sizes you should purchase as a vendor should be communicated to you. You should also learn how to change your product’s size to various sizes (skip straight into the Asian Size to the US Size Sizing Charts).

Your sales will increase if you use an accurate sizing chart. Customers will also trust and support your business. Asian sizes come in a variety of sizes from nations such as Japan, India, Korea, and China. You must have a chart that compares the sizes of these nations to US sizes.

There isn’t a set of international standards for product sizes. The most crucial thing to understand is that Asian apparel fits smaller than US sizes and other Western clothing. You must keep in mind that sizing varies in Asian countries if you intend to purchase clothing from them. For instance, Japanese and Korean sizes differ from one another.

Asian Size to US Size Clothes
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You should be able to convert sizes if you run an online clothes store. It will aid clients in choosing clothing sizes and accessories. It is useful to understand how to convert between the US and Asian sizes. You can use our size conversion chart or learn how to convert.

Many online retailers offer a size conversion chart. This is so that customers may determine the size they are for particular items of clothing such as a pair of jeans, shoe size, or dress size.

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Asian size to US size clothes summary

Why is sizing important

It’s important for business growth through an increase in customer demand, and also to ensure happy customers through customer satisfaction by meeting the customer expectation. It also avoids the customer policy on the return through any inconvenience.

This also ensures only correct sizes are obtained but not wrong sizes.

Asian Size to the US Size Sizing Charts

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Asian Women’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart

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To help women shop apparel and convert clothing sizes in as little as a few seconds, here is a quick and comprehensive guide for Women’s Size Chart Conversion to all clothing items, so there will be no need to go through dozens of separate guides.

US Clothes sizeInternationalChina clothes sizeJapan clothes sizeKorea Clothes
4XS160-165 / 84-86S / 36 / 544
6XS160-165 / 84-86S / 36 / 744
8S165-170 / 88-90M / 38 / 955
10S165-170 / 88-90M / 38 / 955
12M167-172 / 92-96L / 40 / 1166
16M167-172 / 92-96L / 40 / 1166
18L168-173 / 98-102L, XL / 42 / 1377
20L168-173 / 98-102L, XL / 42 / 1377
22XL170-176 / 106-110XXL / 3L / 1588
24XL170-176 / 106-110XXL / 3L / 1588
26XXLx4L / 17x
28XXLx5L / 19x

Asian Men’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart

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US clothes sizeInternationalChina clothes sizeJapan Clothes sizeKorea clothes size
14XSxS / 3690
14.5XSxS / 3790
15S165 / 88-90M / 3895
15 – 15.5S165 / 88-90M / 3995
15.5 – 16M170 / 96-98L / 40100
16M170 / 96-98L / 41100
16.5L175 / 108-110L, XL / 42105
17L175 / 108-11043105
17.5XL180 / 118-12244110
17.5XL180 / 118-12244110
xXXL185 / 126-130xx
xXXL185 / 126-130xx

Asian Children’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart

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Measure your child carefully, then match those measures to the relevant Asian Children Size Chart below to see how well an Asian shirt will fit your child. Remember that these are basic specifications and that the sizing requirements of various manufacturers can vary somewhat.

A few larger sizes might not be offered in Asian sizes as well.

43-498 – 104 cm 38.6 – 40.9 in1051007
54-5104 – 110 cm 40.9 – 43.3 in1151109
65-6110 – 116 cm 43.3 – 45.7 in1151109
76-7116 -122 cm 45.7 – 48 in12512011
87-8122 – 128 cm 48 – 50.4 in12512013
108-9128 – 134 cm 50.4 – 52.8 in13513013
129-10134 – 140 cm 52.8 – 55.1 in14514015
1410-11140 – 146 cm 55.1 – 57.5 in15515017
1611-12146 – 152 cm 57.5 – 59.8 in16516017

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Asian shirt conversion size chart

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14XSxS / 3690
14.5XSxS / 3790
15S165 / 88-90M / 3895
15 – 15.5S165 / 88-90M / 3995
15.5 – 16M170 / 96-98L / 40100
16M170 / 96-98L / 41100
16.5L175 / 108-110L, XL / 42105
17L175 / 108-11043105
17.5XL180 / 118-12244110
17.5XL180 / 118-12244110
xXXL185 / 126-130xx
xXXL185 / 126-130xx

Asian Coat/ Sweater Sizes Exact Conversion Chart

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UK/US/ AUSEU/ JapanGeneral

Asian Pants/ Trouser Sizes conversion chart

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USEuroUK /AUSJapanChina
3281 CM 31.9 in  3281 CM 31.9 in 42
3491 CM 35.8 in3491 CM 35.8 in 44
3691 CM 35.8 in3691 CM 35.8 in 46
3897 CM 38.2 in3897 CM 38.2 in 48
40102 CM 40.2 in40102 CM 40.2 in 50
42107 CM 42.1 in42107 CM 42.1 in 52

How to choose the right Asian size to US size clothes

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Chinese clothing size: There are two distinct clothing sizing systems in use in China. This is so that they can measure the body’s diameter at the chest and total height, which are two separate dimensions. For instance, an American size that is medium will be a size 88-90 or 165-170 in Chinese size.

Given that there are at least three different standards followed in Asia, one should look for the most thorough Asian size chart to the US. The first is the Chinese system, which may differ in using two- or three-digit codes showing the size of a specific article of clothing.

The term “4” for a shirt, blouse, or sweater in America may be equivalent to “160-165” or “84-86” in China. The largest size available in that nation is XL, which is equivalent to 24 by American standards but is 170-176 or 106-110 in China.

Japan clothing sizes

Japan also uses a lettered system (XS-XL). However, proceed with caution as these sizes often come in smaller than US or UK sizes. A small US retailer might be equivalent to a medium in Asian sizes. In terms of size, Japan employs two different numbering systems.

As a result, you may encounter sizes 9 or 38, both of which correspond to a US/UK small.

Korean clothing sizes

The numbering system used in this nation is relatively basic. For instance, in the US size range, a size55 is just tiny.

Men’s and children’s sizes are much less varied than those of women’s. Besides exact sizing, there are garments marked with body type designations like small, curvaceous, and tall. There are pregnancy sizes, plus sizes, and vanity sizes.

You must get a women’s body measurements such as chest measurements, waist measurements, waist measurements, hip measurements, height, bust measurements, leg measurements or leg lengths, and the following body components or locations to estimate her clothing size.

Size in centimeters or inches is the preferred unit. For shoes check our Asian shoe size chart for the shoe size conversions guide.

Learn more about Asian Size to US Size Conversion (video)

Image Source: Asian Sizes to US/European: Clothing Size Chart for Dropshipping! by Oberlo

Frequently asked questions

1. What is Asian 2XL in US size

From our body measurement tables, Asian 2XL is equivalent to 18/20 in the US.

2. How big is large Asian size?

A medium is 88–90 or 165–170. A big is 92–96 or 167–172. Extra big is not common, hence there are no true measurements for it; however, it typically ranges from 168 to 173 or from 98 to 102, depending on the maker.

3. What size is XXL in China?

size XXL is similar to size 185 / 126-130 in china.

4. What is a US size large in China?

The large size measurements in the US is equal to 168-173 / 98-102 in china.

5. What size would I be in Japan?

U.S. sizes are typically five sizes larger. For example, a U.S. size 4 would be a Japanese size 9. U.K. sizes are typically one larger size.

6. What is an American XL in Japan?


7. Is the US size bigger than PH?

Yes, the US size is slightly bigger than the Philippines clothing size.


The sizing system could be difficult and upsetting. The sizing system and procedures for resolving sizing issues while ordering your preferred clothing from an online shop can be very upsetting if you aren’t careful.
The old technique of purchasing clothing at brick-and-mortar stores is still the one we believe is the most advisable one, even after being familiar with the Asian size chart.

In such a situation, we can choose several pieces to try on before deciding solely to purchase those that fit and make us feel comfortable. We can also ask the representative of a certain business to assist us in finding matching items of clothing.

Returns are nearly nonexistent when purchasing the conventional way because we can instantly determine whether an item feels comfortable when worn or is too loose or tight. In the second case, we can simply choose yet another item, put it on, and see if we feel better wearing it rather than going through the entire, frequently at least a little difficult, return-oriented routine.

We need much care as a buyer when we are purchasing Asian clothing either online or in physical shopping. This guarantees your overall satisfaction with the clothing you have purchased. Apart from the correct measurements, the Quality of the clothes you’re purchasing is very vital.

You may have good measurements and sizes but the quality of the clothing is not appealing. This means you’ll end up being unsatisfied despite having the correct sizes. Quality will determine the durability of your clothing and also the fashion outlook of your fashion.

If you have questions concerning our helpful article, leave them in the comment section. Thank you!

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