Long Coat size Chart And Sizing Guide for Men and Women

Choosing a perfect-sized long coat can be tricky as there are so many different styles available. The most important thing when choosing a long coat is that it should fit well and flatter your body shape (skip straight to the Long Coat Size Chart). 

To help you choose the perfect coat, we have a long coat chart that will show you how to find the best size based on your measurements. We’ve also included some tips on what to consider when buying a long coat.

Long Coat size Chart And Sizing Guide for Men and Women size-charts.com
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Summary of Long Coat Chart

How To Use The Long Coat Chart For Your Sizing Guide?

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Like standard jacket sizes, long coat sizes are measured from the center back up the shoulder seam (or collar) to the bottom hemline. 

The following chart needs your body measurements. You can measure yourself to purchase a perfect size. This helps you get more correct measurements. Measurements are taken while wearing light clothing.

Women’s Long Coat size chart

After getting an accurate measurement, look at the long coat size chart for women of regular sizes below for reference:

US Letter SizeUS Number SizesBody HeightBust MeasurementWaist MeasurementArm LengthShoulder
L12-1444.09/11238-42/98-10732-36/82.5-9323.75-24/60.6-60.8 16.9/43
4XL 28-3045.67/11656-61/143-155143-15551-57/131.5-145.524.5/62.2-64.218.3/46.48

The differences in body measurements for women of tall sizes are the arm length and the body length. These measurements are 1.5″ longer. For petite sizes, arm and body length are 1.5″ shorter than regular sizes.

Tip: There are no standard sizes for long coats. Measurements have 1-2 inches(or more) difference depending on brands. Use the size chart as your size guide but always check the coat measurements in the product description section before making a purchase.

Long coats such as a classic from Thomas Burberry are timeless pieces that never go out of style. Due to a wide range of styles,  this piece is not just for women but men too. More about trenchcoat sizing here

Men’s Long coat size chart

Check the size chart below for long coat men’s sizes. 

US Letter SizeBody LengthChest MeasurementWaist MeasurementArm LengthShoulder
XS43.3/11030-32/76.2 – 81.2825.5-27.5/64.77- 69.8532-32.5/81.28- 82.5518/45.42
S44.1/11234-36/86.36 – 91.4429.6-31.5/75.184- 80.0132.5-33/82.55- 83.8218.5/46.99
M44.9/11438-40/96.52 – 101.633.5-35.5/85.09- 90.1733-33.5/83.82- 85.0919/48.26
L45.7/11642-44/106.68 – 111.7637.5-39.5/95.25- 100.3334-34.5/86.36- 87.6319.5/49.53
XL46.5/11846-48/116.84 -121.9242.25-44.75/107.315- 113.66535.5-36/90.17- 91.4420/50.8
XXL47.24/12050-52/127- 132.0847-49.25/119.38- 125.09536.25-36.5/92.075- 92.7120/50.8
3XL48.03/12254-56/137.16- 142.2451.5-53.75/130.81- 136.52536.5-36.75/92.71- 93.34521/53.34
4XL 48.82/12458-60/147.32- 152.456-58.25/142.24- 147.95536.75-37/93.345- 93.9822.5/57.15
5XL49.61/12662-64/157.48- 162.5660-61.75/152.4- 156.84537.5/92.2524/60.96

A long coat is a type of jacket that is a  versatile piece that can be worn throughout the year.  Good quality long jackets will last you years if treated properly. If you want to keep your coat looking new, make sure you take care of it. 

How A Long Coat Should Fit/How To Buy An OverCoat? by The Style O.G.

Tips For Getting Correct Body Measurements

How do I know my long coat size?

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Accurate measurements are essential when purchasing a long coat. It’s important to know how to measure yourself correctly. Here are some tips to help you get accurate measurements:

Measure Yourself While Wearing Light Clothes

Take your measurements while wearing light clothes. Measurements are usually smaller than they appear because of clothing. You should also wear a belt or cinch your pants at the waist. This helps eliminate any extra room in your pants.

Use A Tape Measure

Using a tape measure is an easy way to ensure accuracy. Make sure you use a tape measure with metric markings. The most common tape measures are those made by Hanes, VICI, and Measuring Resources.

Stand Tall When Taking Your Body Measurements

Stand up straight when taking your measurements. Don’t slouch or lean forward when measuring your chest and waist. Also, don’t pull your shirt tight around your stomach. Instead, loosen your top button so it doesn’t constrict your torso.

Getting Your Waist Size 

Your natural waist can be measured by placing a tape measure around your belly button. If you’re unsure where your belly button is, place one finger down into your navel. Using a tape measure, wrap it around your abdomen about 2 inches above your finger. This will be your waist size.

Getting Your Chest Size 

To measure your chest, wrap the tape measure around the fullest part of your chest and armpits. Make sure the tape measure is parallel to the floor. This will give you an accurate measurement of your chest size.

Long Coat size Chart: Other Deciding Factors When Buying

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Size is not the only factor you need to consider when choosing winter coats such as long coats. You also have to consider the type of long coat you want, the color, and the style.


How to know if your long coat has of good quality? One indication of a good quality long coat is if the seams are well-sewn. The fabric should also be high-quality and not see-through.

Warmth Over Trend

Another indication of long coat quality is if it has a lining. A good long jacket will have a lining that lasts for years and doesn’t wear out easily. The lining can be made from cotton, nylon, or polyester.


When choosing a long coat, you need to decide what style you want. There are many different styles of coats to choose from, including trench coats, pea coats, and long wool coats.


The color is another factor when choosing long coats. You need to consider what look you want and how it will go with your wardrobe. For example, if you plan on wearing a long coat in the winter, choose a dark shade like black or grey. This helps keep out snow and rain during harsh weather conditions.


Another deciding factor is the long coat price. While long coats can be expensive, they’re worth the cost if you plan to wear them for many years.


One last deciding factor in long jacket buying is pockets and how functional they are. You should also consider where your pocket placement is located on the jacket as well as what size they are.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Long Coat sizing

Which Is Bigger 2XL or XL?

The XL is bigger than the XXL. The XXL has more room in the chest and waist area but has the same arm and shoulder measurements.

Can I Wear A Smaller Size In A Long Coat?

Yes, you can wear a smaller size in long coats. However, the coat must be still comfortable and not too tight or loose. You also want to make sure the coat is long enough to cover your body.

I’m In Between Sizes, What Long coat Size Should I Get?

If you’re in between sizes, choose the larger size long coat. You can always wear a sweater underneath your long coat if it’s too big to make it fit more snuggly. It’s better to be able to move around without struggling than wearing an uncomfortable long jacket that doesn’t meet your needs.


Thank you for reading! I hope this article was helpful in finding the right long coat size for you. Consider all the factors mentioned before making a purchase and find the perfect long coat for your needs. Have a great day! 

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