Trench coat size chart

The trench coat is one of those super stylish trends of clothing that very few people can resist. It’s an absolute classic in your wardrobe, combining both class and style, magnificent enough to give you that great confidence and high self-esteem you need at the right time. A trench coat is also known as an overcoat, so has its’ specific dimensions, learn all bout them in the Trench coat Size chart for men and women.

Whether you want to use your trench coats as business coats, a well-designed, perfectly fitting trench coat is one of those special coat clothing styles that will never let you down.

Trench Coat Size guide table of content

Women’s Trench coat size Chart

trench coat UK Size810121416
US Size4681012
European Size3638404244
Italian Size4042444648
Back Length92.5cm/36.5″94cm/37″95cm/37.5″101.5cm/38″98cm/38.5″

Trench Coat international size chart for women

Use this trench coat chart to guide you in looking for alpha sizes. 

US 4681014
European 3638404244
Back Length36.592.7379437.595.33896.538.598

How should a trench coat fit women explained

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Plus Size Trench Coat size chart for women

Conversion Chart


**Different companies might have their own different sizes based on their designs. Use this trench coat chart as a guide to help you figure out your estimates. 

How to style and fit a plus size trench coat explained

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Trench coat size chart for men

The most important measurement is the circumference of your chest. Measure your chest at its widest point.

With your chest measurement on hand, check the chart below to find your optimal size: 

This size chart combines regular and plus-sized trench coats for men

Your Chest Size “36-37”38-39”40-41”42-43”44-45”46-47”48-49”50-51”52-53”54-55”56-57”58-62”

Most coats are sized to allow room for a suit jacket or thick sweater underneath, so if you want a closer fit, order one size smaller. 

Trench coat in Men’s size explained

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Trench coat length size for men

Mostly there are Short (S) and Long (L) sizes for taller/shorter lengths in trench coats or overcoats. The short size will be about 2 cm shorter than a regular and the long size about 2 cm longer than regular. If you are:

  • shorter than 5’7″ you should order S (Small)
  • taller than 6’2″ you should order an L (Large)

Trench Coat Fabric Options

There are a couple of fabric options that go well for trench coats, ranging from cotton to modern fabrics that have a wide range of dynamic combinations. Depending on your preferred style, you can consider trench coats made of these fabric categories:

Cotton Gabardine (100%)

For those to whom tradition is all that moves you when it comes to fashion, then the 100% cotton gabardine fabric is all you need and your choice of style will be complete. An invention of Thomas Burberry, this is worsted cotton that is tightly woven and very lightweight. If durability is the dealmaker for you, then Mr. Burberry’ss Cotton Gabardine delivers just that. Its waterproof qualities are on top, ensuring that those rainy days will not spoil your moments. 


For some time, black leather trench coats were the signature trench coat identity. Leather is iconic, stylish, and strong. However, the WWII soldiers in Germany were infamous for their black leather trench coats. This is why the black leather trench coats are no longer so popular as a sign of respect, especially for the Third Reich victims. 


In the period around the 2000s, some companies, especially Mackintosh, started reintroducing the rubberized fabrics for trench coat styles. This trend became a hit mostly among women in Japan. 

Modern fabrics

As expected, fashion houses never sleep on the job. And true to their nature when it comes to style and trends, they have consistently introduced new materials that combine to make fantastic fabrics for the modern trench coat. Take the example of Event fabric or Gore Text. These are fabulous modern fabrics that produce the kind of amazing trench coats that will not disappoint for the ultimate stay-dry experience. Be warned though that they might feel a little so fancy for a garment as traditional as the trench coat. 

How About Color Options

The most popular trench coat colors of modern-day fashion are the khaki/camel combination. Besides these leading ones, other equally common ones include black, sand, red, yellow, blue, or stone. 

What is important to note is that today you can find a trench coat of any type of color that has ever been known to exist under the sun. You can have them in all your favorite choices as you wish, from vintage coats in black to sand color/light khaki. Modern fashion stylists are pushing the limits, making it easy for everyone to find a color that strikes a chord with their personality. What else would you ask for! 

Lighter colors are more likely to catch stains and so are not suitable for occasions like traveling.  If you love to carry trench coats when traveling, then consider darker colors. As much as you want to stand out, take time to think about where you will be using the trench coat. Never buy just because you like the look, think about the function as well. 

Taking Measurements for your trench coat

Your natural body shape is quite easy to measure regardless of your body type, body height, or even body proportion. You just need to grasp a few tips and you’re good to go. All body types and their measurements are handled here

Here is a precise guide on how you can go about measuring yourself and get the correct measurements. Please note that sometimes you need to take these measurements on your body without clothes to be sure the figures are right. 

Waist Size

This involves finding the total size of your waist. Use a tape measure and put it around the area where you normally wear your belt. Remember to record the waist inch you get or centimeters. Please don’t be tempted to include any additional inch unless you are making provision for the under-clothing.  

Chest Size

You want to get the total size of your chest so that the trench coat can not only fit you well but also look nice on you. Simply put the tape measure around your entire chest and read the total size. 

Arm Length

The arm length is one of the most important measurements to take for a properly fitting trench coat. This particular measurement requires a soft tape measure as the normal tape measures are not that good when it comes to aligning well with your body’s contours and this can compromise the accuracy of the measurements. 

Position your arm in such a way that it aligns downwards by the side of your body, then measure straight down the arm. Start by placing the end of the tape measure right at your neck bottom, at the point where the back joins with the neck. Now swing the tape measure all the way down alongside the arm and measure all the way down to the back of the hand or at the knuckles. Like the rest of the measurements, record the arm length inch or in centimeters if this is your default unit of measurement. 

Other important areas you can also measure include hips (hip inch), sleeves, neck circumference,    band size, cup size, Hobbs size, glove size, and palm circumference among others. 


Fitting is everything when it comes to trench coats. It won’t make sense to wear an oversize or undersized trench coat. You might find the most stunning trench coat but it will not give you that stunning look if you don’t get the size right.

Be sure to have your sizes ready when shopping as this will save you lots of time and money in the long run. You certainly don’t want to receive your newly purchased trench coat only to discover it’s not your size. You might have to pay for returns, not forgetting the disappointment. 

Photo in this post by Natalia Sobolivska on Unsplash

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