Fred Perry Size Charts

Fred Perry Ltd. is a clothing brand that was founded in Europe by British tennis and table tennis player, Fredrick John Perry, in 1952. The company evolved from offering only men’s sporting wear to producing sports and casual wear for men, women, and children (skip straight to the Fred Perry Size Charts).

A brief scan of the men’s section of the company’s website reveals that the men’s section offers coats, jackets, shirts, tracksuits, shoes, knitwear, and accessories. On the other hand, the women’s section offers dresses, skirts, trousers, sweatshirts, shoes, and so on. However, the kid’s section of the website only offers Fred Perry shirts for babies up to age one to sixteen years.

Fred Perry Size Charts
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To ensure you purchase the correct size, you must take accurate body size measurements. This article contains the Fred Perry size charts and answers to some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions, serving as a guide to purchasing the right Fred Perry clothing item.

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Fred Perry Size Charts Table of Contents

Fred Perry Size Charts

Fred Perry Women’s Clothing Size Chart

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International SizingUK SizingBust (in)Bust (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Low-Hip (in)Low-Hip (cm)
XS631.5’’80 cm24.5’’62 cm34’’86 cm
S833’’84 cm26’’66 cm35.5’’90 cm
M1034.5’’88 cm27.5’’70 cm37’’94 cm
L1236’’92 cm29’’74 cm38.5’’98 cm
XL1438.5’’98 cm31.5’’80 cm41’’104 cm
XXL1640’’104 cm34’’86 cm43’’110 cm

Fred Perry Women’s Shoe Size Chart

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International SizingUSAUKCNDEUROKOREAFoot Length (in)Foot Length (cm)
XS5.53.55.5362258.8’’22.5 cm
S646372308.9’’23 cm
M757382409.4’’24 cm
L868392509.8’’25 cm
XL8.56.58.5402559.9’’25.5 cm
XXL9794126010.1’’26 cm
XXXL108104227010.5’’27 cm

Fred Perry Men’s Clothing Size Chart

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International SizingChest (in)Chest (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
XS32 – 34’’81 – 86 cm30’’76 cm
S35 – 37’’89 – 94 cm32’’81 cm
M38 – 40’’97 – 102 cm34’’86 cm
L41 – 43’’104 – 109 cm36’’91 cm
XL42 – 44’’112 – 117 cm38’’96 cm
XXL45 – 47’’119 – 124 cm40’’101 cm
XXXL48 – 50’’127 – 132 cm42’’106 cm

Fred Perry Men’s Shoe Size Chart

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International SizingUSAUKCNDEUROKOREAFoot Length (in)Foot Length (cm)
XS767392509.8’’25 cm
S7.56.57.5402559.9 ‘’25.5 cm
M8784126010.1’’26 cm
M9894227010.5’’27 cm
L109104328010.9’’28 cm
XL10.59.510.54428511.1’’28.5 cm
XXXL1110114529011.3’’29 cm
XXXL1211124630011.7’’30 cm

Kid’s Fred Perry Size Chart

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Age (years)Height (in)Height (cm)Chest (in)Chest (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Hip (in)Hip (cm)
Up to 1 year31.5’’80 cm18.5’’47 cm
2 – 338.5’’98 cm21.25’’54 cm20.5’’52 cm22.75’’58 cm
3 – 441’’104 cm22.5’’57 cm21’’53.5 cm23.5’’60 cm
4 – 543.25’’110 cm23.25’’59 cm21.75’’55 cm24.5’’62 cm
5 – 645.75’’116 cm24’’61 cm22.25’’56.5cm25.5’’65 cm
6 – 748’’122 cm24.75’’63 cm22.75’’58 cm26.75’’68 cm
7 – 850.5’’128 cm26’’66 cm23.25’’59 cm26.5’’70 cm
8 – 953’’13427.75’’69 cm24.25’’61.5 cm28.75’’73 cm
9 – 1053 – 55’’134 – 140 cm28.5’’72 cm25’’63.5 cm30’’76 cm
11 – 1257.5 – 60’’146 – 152 cm30.75’’78 cm26.75’’68 cm32.25’’82 cm
13 – 1462.25 – 64.5’’158 – 164 cm34’’86 cm29’’74 cm34.75’’88 cm
15 – 1667 – 69.25’’170 – 176 cm36.5’’92 cm31.5’’80 cm37’’94 cm

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Fred Perry run small?

No, Fred Perry does not run small; rather, they run true to size. This means that when purchasing clothing or shoes from the company, you may go ahead and pick your regular size for popular brands.

We always advise however that you take accurate body measurements and compare values with the size charts before placing an order to prevent choosing the wrong size.

What size is a large in Fred Perry?

‘L’ means ‘large’ and it can denote different sizing in Fred Perry depending on the clothing section and type of clothing. In the women’s section, L is a size 12 and it has the clothing measurements of a 36’’ (92 cm) bust and 29’’ (74 cm) waist. and 38.5 ‘’ (98 cm) low hip.

For women’s shoes, L is a US size 8, a UK size 6, and a feet length of 9.8’’ (25 cm). For the men’s section, L has the clothing dimensions of 41-43’’ (104 – 109 cm) chest and 36’’ (91 cm) waist. For men’s shoes, L is a US size 10, a UK size 9, and fit feet lengths of 10.9’’ (28 cm).

What size is medium in Fred Perry?

‘M” means ‘size medium’ and it denotes different kinds of sizing in Fred Perry depending on the clothing type and section. In the men’s section, ‘M’ in clothing had=s the dimensions of 38 – 40’’ (97 – 102 cm) chest and 34’’ (36 cm) waist. ‘M’ in Fred Perry men’s shoes is a US size 9, and a UK size 8 and will fit people with feet length 26 – 27 cm (10.1 – 10.5’’).

For the women’s section, ‘M’ clothing is equivalent to a UK size 10. It has the dimensions 34.5’’ (88 cm) bust, 27.5’’ (70 cm) waist, and 37’’ (94 cm) low hip. For Fred Perry women’s shoes, an ‘M’ is a US size 7, a UK size 5, and will fit people with feet length of 24 cm (9.4’’).

Are Fred Perry’s polos tight?

Yes, as Fred Perry polo shirts were not intended to be loose-fitting if you pick the right size. Fred Perry polos, when correctly sized should fit snugly around the arms and a bit loose around the torso, although not as loose as a regular shirt would be.

How are Fred Perry Clothes supposed to fit?

Fred Perry t-shirts are supposed to fit snuggly as regular tennis shirts do. The arms in particular, are supposed to be slinky while the torso should be a bit loose-fitting to be easily tucked into tennis shorts.

Does F. Perry have Plus Sizes?

No, Fred Perry does not cater to plus sizes although they have some extra-large sizes in their catalog. Take accurate body measurements and compare them with the size charts above to determine if any of the sizes will be a good fit.

Do Fred Perry Offer Kids wear?

Yes, Fred Perry offers kids clothes from age 1 to age 16. The brand however only offers shirts for kids, other clothing items such as trousers, shorts, or shoes are not offered for children.


Fred Perry offers quality sports and casual wear for men, women, and kids. Clothing items offered by the brand include tennis shirts, polos, dresses, sweaters, shoes, and so on. This article above is a guide to the perfect size in Fred Perry as it included the Fred Perry size charts and answers to some frequently asked questions online.

Remember that while Fred Perry’s clothes and shoes run true to size, we advise that you always take body measurements before purchasing. Also, although the company does not specially offer plus sizing, you can take body measurements and compare them with the charts above to determine if they have your size before placing an order.

Fred Perry polos and shirts were not intended to be loose-fitting; rather, they are supposed to fit snuggly around the arms and a bit loose around the torso to allow them to be tucked nicely into tennis shorts. Only shirts are offered in the Fred Perry kids section and cater to kids ages 1 to 16.

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