Sleeveless Belted Utility Jacket Size Chart for men and women

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The sleeveless belted utility jackets are the most popular coats for women, especially night-out women. However, there are premium jackets with dynamic sizes for men. Designer-quality jackets are also made of different materials such as wool to silk or leather jacket (skip straight to sleeveless belted utility jacket size chart).

Ideally, you can use our perfect sleeveless belted utility jacket sizing guide below to help you purchase the correct size and design.

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Sleeveless Utility Belted Jacket sizing chart


Men’s Sleeveless Belted Utility Jacket Size Guide

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Users can easily use this chart to approximate their actual jacket sizing using the body measurements such as the shoulder, length, and bust in inches and centimeters.

SizeShoulder in (Inches and CM)Length in (Inches and CM)Bust in (Inches and CM)
42 – 5X Large19.29 inches 49 cm27.56 inches  70 cm44.67 inches  113.5 cm
40 – 4X Large18.5 inches  47 cm26.77 inches  68 cm43.09 inches  110 cm
38 – 3X Large17.72 inches  45 cm25.98 inches  66 cm41.52 inches  105.5 cm
36 – XX-Large16.93 inches  43 cm25.2 inches  64 cm39.94 inches 101.5 cm
34 – Extra Large16.14 inches  41 cm24.41 inches  62 cm38.37 inches  97.5 cm

Women’s Sleeveless Belted Utility Jacket Size Guide

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Users can easily use this women’s sleeveless belted utility jacket size chart to approximate their actual jacket sizing using the body measurements such as the shoulder, length, and bust in inches and centimeters.

SizeShoulder (IN and CM)Length in (IN and CM)Bust in (IN and CM)
Small14.56 inches 36.9824 cm37 inches 93.98 cm37 inches 93.98 cm
Medium14.96 inches 37.9984 cm39.37 inches 99.9998 cm39.37 inches 99.9998 cm
Large15.74 inches 39.9796 cm42.51 inches 107.9754 cm42.51 inches 107.9754 cm
Extra Large16.14 inches 40.9956 cm45.66 inches 115.9764 cm45.66 inches 115.9754 cm
XX Large16.53 inches41.9862 cm49.60 inches125.984 cm49.6 inches125.984 cm

Petite Sized Belted Utility Jacket sizing explained (video)

*PETITE BODY TYPE* How To Style A Utility Jacket 5 Ways! by Elana Kinda

Kid’s Sleeveless Belted Utility Jacket Sizing Guide

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The kid’s sleeveless jacket size chart below has the size, age, and (height, waist, and chest in centimeters and inches.

SizeAgeHeight in (CM and IN)Waist in (CM and IN)Chest in (CM and IN)
22 to 2.5 years92 cm 36 inches51 cm 20 inches53 cm 21 inches
32.5 to 3.5 years98 cm 38.5 inches53 cm 21 inches55 cm 22 inches
43.5 to 4.5 years104 cm 41 inches54 cm 21.5 inches57 cm 22.5 inches
54.5 to 5.5 years110 cm 43.5 inches56 cm 22 inches59 cm 23.5 inches
65.5 to 6.5 years116 cm 45.5 inches58 cm 23 inches61 cm 24 inches
76.5 to 7.5 years122 cm 48 inches59 cm 23.5 inches63 cm 25 inches
87.5 to 8.5 years128 cm 50.5 inches60 cm 24 inches66 cm 26 inches
109.5 to 10.5 years140 cm 55 inches62 cm 24.5 inches72 cm 28.5 inches
1211 to 12 years152 cm 60 inches67 cm 26.5 inches79 cm 31 inches

Plus Size Sleeveless Belted Utility Jacket Sizing Guide

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This is a plus-size utility jacket size chart with the size from large to 9X – Large and the shoulder, bust, and length in inches and centimeters.

SizeShoulder in (CM and IN)Bust in (CM and IN)Length in (CM and IN)
Large42.3 cm 16.65354 inches112 cm 44.0945 inches63 cm 24.8031 inches
Extra Large43.5 cm 17.12598 inches116 cm 45.6693 inches65 cm 25.5906 inches
2X Large44.7 cm 17.59843 inches120 cm 47.2441 inches67 cm 26.378 inches
3X Large45.9 cm 18.07087 inches124 cm 48.8189 inches69 cm 27.1654 inches
4X Large47.1 cm 18.54331 inches128 cm 50.3937 inches71 cm 27.9528 inches
5X Large48.3 cm 19.01575 inches132 cm 51.9685 inches73 cm 28.7402 inches
6X Large49.5 cm 19.48819 inches136 cm 53.5433 inches75 cm 29.5276 inches
7X Large50.7 cm 19.96063 inches140 cm 55.1181 inches77 cm 30.315
8Xlarge51.9 cm 20.43307 inches144 cm 56.6929 inches78 cm 30.7087 inches
9X Large53.1 cm 20.90551 inches148 cm 58.2677 inches79 cm 31.1024 inches

Plus Size Weight Sleeveless Belted Utility Jacket Sizing Guide

The table below shows the plus-size weight in kilograms and pounds with the equivalent size.

SizeSuitable Weight in (KG and Pounds)
2X Large85 to 95 kgs 187.393 lbs to 209.439 lbs
3X Large95 to 105 kgs 209.439 lbs to 231.485 lbs
4X Large105 to 115 kgs 231.485 lbs to 253.532 lbs
5X Large115 to 125 kgs 253 lbs to 275.578 lbs
6X Large125 to135 kgs 275.578 lbs to 297.624 lbs
7X Large130 to 140 kgs 286.601 lbs to 308.647 lbs
8X Large140 to 150 kgs 308.647 lbs to 330.693 lbs
9X Large150 to 160 kgs 330.693 lbs to 352.74 lbs
10X Large160 to 170 kgs 352.74 lbs to 374.786 lbs

Styling Ideas of Belted and Not Belted Utility Vests explained (video)

Ways To Style: Utility Vests! by Drei Gaspar

Taking Measurements for your sleeveless belted utility coat

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Your natural body shape is quite easy to measure regardless of body type, height, or even body proportion. You just need to grasp a few tips and you’re good to go. All body types and their measurements are handled here

Here is a precise guide on how you can go about measuring yourself and get the correct measurements. Please note that sometimes you must take these measurements on your body without clothes to be sure the figures are right. 

Waist Size

This involves finding the total size of your waist. Use a tape measure and put it around the area where you normally wear your belt. Remember to record the waist inch you get or centimeters. Please don’t be tempted to include any additional inch unless you are making provision for the under-clothing.  

Chest Size

You want to get the total size of your chest so that the trench coat can fit you well and look nice on you. Simply put the tape measure around your chest and read the total size. 

Arm Length

The arm length is one of the most important measurements for a properly fitting trench coat. This particular measurement requires a soft tape measure as the normal tape measures are not that good when it comes to aligning well with your body’s contours and this can compromise the accuracy of the measurements. 

Position your arm so it aligns downwards by the side of your body, then measure straight down the arm. Start by placing the end of the tape measure right at your neck bottom, at the point where the back joins with the neck. Now swing the tape measure down alongside the arm and measure down to the back of the hand or at the knuckles. Like the rest of the measurements, record the arm length inch or in centimeters if this is your default unit of measurement. 

Other important areas you can also measure include hips (hip inch), sleeves, neck circumference,    band size, cup size, Hobbs size, glove size, and palm circumference among others. 


Whether you are wearing a black jacket clothing, a boho jacket, or a gold women’s jacket understanding your correct sizing is vital. There are plus size, larger size, medium size, and smaller size sleeveless belted utility jackets and we have well-researched charts for each category.

Additionally, if you enjoyed reading the sleeveless belted utility jacket sizing guide don’t forget to leave a comment below!

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