LOWA Boots Sizes for Adults and Kids

Since 1923, LOWA has been designing boots and is passionate about the environment and sustainability. They manufacture boots in accordance with the production, ecological, and labor requirements of the European Union. They are also renowned for their environmentally friendly production, little garbage, and fair labor methods. But why is it important to know the sizes of LOWA boots?

This is because, although the measurements of a LOWA shoe size are generally comparable, the shoe sizes of LOWA boots are not standard. This may lead to modest changes in size from one classification to the next and from one footwear producer to the next.

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Moreover, the form of the shoe influences the sense of size. A shoe with a tight form seems smaller, whereas a shoe with an overall shape seems bigger. Take note that your feet will grow throughout your life. They become bigger and longer as you age.

LOWA also suggests you constantly check on shoes and verify your fit before purchasing them. If putting on shoes at a store, remove the inside soles and step on them. This shows you if your feet have adequate space. See this article to learn more about LOWA boots sizes.

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LOWA Boots Table of Contents

LOWA Boots Size Charts

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This size chart is intended to help you size your LOWA boots. To figure out the appropriate size, shoes must be fitted with suitable socks. In addition, the typical idea is to purchase the same size as your regular street shoe size.

Women’s LOWA Size Chart

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Standard American SizesStandard UK SizesEU SizesInchesCentimeters
53.536.59.048 in23.2 cm
5.54379.204 in23.6 cm
64.537.59.399 in24.1 cm
6.55389.555 in24.5 cm
75.5399.711 in24.9 cm
7.5639.59.867 in25.3 cm
86.54010.023 in25.7 cm
8.574110.218 in26.2 cm
97.541.510.374 in26.6 cm
9.584210.53 in27 cm
108.542.510.686 in27.4 cm
10.5943.510.842 in27.8 cm

Men’s LOWA Size Chart

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Standard American SizesStandard UK SizesEU SizesInchesCentimeters
65389.555 in24.5 cm
6.55.5399.711 in24.9 cm
7639.59.867 in25.3 cm
7.56.54010.023 in25.7 cm
874110.218 in26.2 cm
8.57.541.510.374 in26.6 cm
984210.53 in27 cm
9.58.542.510.686 in27.4 cm
10943.510.842 in27.8 cm
10.59.54411.037 in28.3 cm
1141044.511.193 in28.7 cm
11.510.54511.349 in29.1 cm
12114611.505 in29.5 cm

Kid’s LOWA Boots Size Chart

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EU SizesUK SizesStandard US Sizes

How To Find The Perfect Feet For LOWA Boots?

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It might be challenging to find the proper match for a set of LOWA boots, mainly when it is an asset you want to keep for a long time. The length of space between your toes, the amount of mobility within the boot, and how tight the fit must be.

All these thoughts go through your mind as you order a new pair of boots, hoping to make the correct decision. This is particularly difficult if you are searching for boots online since no sales team can assist you.

With customer satisfaction as a goal, LOWA has developed a process guide to assist you in determining your ideal fit. Check out this step-by-step guide for buying your LOWA boots online or in a shop.

  • Step 1 – Measure Your Foot

LOWA sizing is often similar to UK sizing; hence it is advised that you get your usual UK size. It is also essential to measure your foot to ensure you have the correct size since sizes vary greatly across hiking boot manufacturers or your regular running shoes.

Moreover, getting your foot measurements is vital in determining the proper size for your LOWA boots, and it’s best done in the afternoon. Since your feet swell during the day, it’s preferable to measure your foot while it is at its largest.

Key Points

  • Always take measurements of both feet. When one foot is bigger than the other, it is advisable to select shoes that fit the larger foot.
  • The LOWA boots may be used to guarantee the correct fit for each foot.
  • These boots may assist with odd-sized feet by making the smaller foot appear more like the bigger foot.

Taking An Accurate Foot Measurement

To get the measurement of your foot, utilize the easy foot measurement chart. While measuring your feet, it is advised that you wear socks to measure how much space is required in the boots with socks on. You may have to size up if you usually wear extra-padded socks.

  • Step 2 – Utilize The LOWA Size Chart

After you have measured your foot, utilize the LOWA Size Chart to decide what UK size is best for you.

  • Step 3: Put the Boots On

When you have determined your size and received your new boots, it is time to put them on and see whether they fit correctly. Trying on hiking boots involves several crucial things to check for.

Remember, you have 30 days to try on your LOWA boots at home; if they do not feel right, you can return them to LOWA. In addition, ensure the tags are still attached, the shoes are returned within 30 days, and they have only been used indoors.

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How To Measure Your Feet Size?


Measure your foot on a routine basis to guarantee an optimal fit. A measuring tape or a ruler, A4 pieces of sketch paper, and a Brannock gadget or a pencil are required to measure the breadth and length of your foot.

How to measure the length of your foot:

  • Place your feet on the sheet of paper and use a pencil to outline your feet or where the big toe ends and your heel.
  • Take the distance between the markings with a measuring tape and note it in centimeters.
  • Repeat the technique with the second foot, taking measurements as you go.
  • Choose the size based on the length of the bigger foot.
  • Discover your size using a boot length size chart.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do LOWA boots fit true to size?

Yes, LOWA boots manufacturers make sure to produce LOWA boots based on sizes to provide satisfaction to people who wish to buy LOWA boots, especially online shoppers.

2. How are LOWA boots measured?

Depending on the country where they are manufactured, LOWA boots can be measured according to various foot sizes or standard sizes for footwear production.

3. How do LOWA Zephyrs fit?

When purchasing LOWA Zephyrs, adhere to the size charts available. LOWA Zephyrs are made for various people’s feet sizes, guaranteeing everybody who wishes to buy LOWA boots for outdoor activities.

4. How wide are LOWA boots?

The wide size of LOWA boots depends on the manufacturer and the foot size. Some LOWA sizes have widths ranging from 7 to 14 centimeters.

5. How much do LOWA boots weigh?

Each pair of Lowa boots weighs little more than 3 pounds. Lighter combat boots are also accessible; if you are not using a boot in harsh situations, you could be OK with a lighter boot. However, a lighter boot is not an option for such a robust and long-lasting boot as the Lowa.


We are generally aware that having comfy feet makes the outdoors much more enjoyable, and it has been established psychologically and physiologically that having comfortable, warm, and clean feet improves your wellness and mental well-being. Something as harmless and simple as a rash may cause discomfort and devastate your health.

This is why LOWA boots are designed to give outdoor adventurers and sports enthusiasts footwear that allows them to move freely. However, to reap the benefits of LOWA boots, you should order the right size. Please leave a comment if you have any questions.

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