What Is My Dickies Workwear Size? (Charts Included)

Dickies makes performance workwear mostly out of mid-weight fabric. Quality fabrics are a statement in workwear fabric technology, and since so many people trust the brand, we have created some of the more prominent Dickies workwear size charts.

The importance of wearing the right size workwear can not be stressed enough. Using a Soft vinyl tape measure, measure your shoulder blades’ distance to one another, your waistline, and if you’re a woman, your bust is also important.

Dickies Workwear Size Charts size-charts.com
How do I know what size I am in Dickies? Image Source: workngear.com

Then pick the closest size scale to your measurements. Remember always to keep the measuring tape level and straight.

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Dickies Workwear Size Chart For Men’s Overalls

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Dickies men’s outerwear sizes are all about chest width. For example, their jacket’s chest size is more conforming than their back width. Get the chest right, and you don’t have to worry. 

Labeled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)
S36 – 3892 – 97
M40 – 42102 – 107
L44 – 46112 – 117
XL48 – 50122 – 127
XXL52 – 54132 – 137

Dickies Size Chart For Men’s Tops

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Still, on the matter of getting the right size chest measurement for these size guidelines, try to pass the tape under the arms instead of over the shoulders.

Labeled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)
XS32 – 3482 – 87
S36 – 3892 – 97
M40 – 42102 – 107
L44 – 46112 – 117
XL48 – 50122 – 127
XXL52 – 54132 – 137
XXXL56 – 58142 – 147
4XL60 – 62152 – 157

Dickies Size Chart For Men’s Shirts  

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Now, if your chest size feels a bit stuffy or you don’t want a tight-fitting shirt, you have the perfect reason to measure across your shoulder blades.

Labeled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)

Dickies Size Chart For Men’s Trousers

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All pairs of pants from Dickies have a regular inseam measure based on the inseam measurement of the average man. Therefore, a proper measurement for the pants sizes of Dickies relies mainly on the waist size.

Labeled SizeWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
XS26 – 2865 – 72
S30 – 3275 – 82
M34 – 3685 – 92
L38 – 4095 – 102
XL42 – 44105 – 112
2XL46 – 48115 – 122
3XL50 – 52125 – 132

Dickies Size Chart For Women’s Tops

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Unfortunately, respective sizes of workwear do not cater for a larger size bust. The chest measurements are based on the most common bust sizes in the world.

Labeled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)
XS32 – 3481 – 87
S36 – 3891 – 97
M40 – 42101 – 107
L44 – 46111 – 117
XL48 – 50121 – 127
2XL52 – 54131 – 137
3XL56 – 58141 – 147

Dickies Size Chart For Women’s Shirts

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Now, Dickies workwear shirt sizes for women consider hip measurements. Keep the tape parallel to your waist when measuring hips.

Labeled SizeBust (In)Bust (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)Hip (In)Hip (Cm)

Dickies Shoe Conversion Chart

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Dickies shoes are based on the standard for each usual size. In other words, Dickies doesn’t have its own foot measurements, but they use a globally accepted size scale. However, they do have a size conversion chart.

US SizeGlobal

Check out this video to learn more about the Dickies workwear

Dickies 874 Review | Sizing & How to Style by What’s the Hype

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Dickies workwear sizes true to size?

Yes, they are. The sizes marked on them are the proper sizes for people expected to wear them. 

Does Dickies workwear run big or small?

Based on the types of garments they use for their clothing, they tend to run a bit big with use.

Which Dickies workwear is right for me?

If you sweat a lot, for long-lasting comfort, you might choose one size larger than you.

Should I size up in Dickies workwear?

No, it is not ideal to size up. You are no longer growing and won’t necessarily fit into the size over time. However, if you feel stuffy or need more room for your body, then you might size one up.

How does Dickies workwear fit?

The modern power of fabric tech allows dickies workwear to fit snugly but not tightly. The clothing should conform to your body and not flap around but at the same time should not be tight and shape revealing.

Does Dickies workwear use the same size for males and females?

There is a category size designation meant for both genders. Dickies call it the “Unisex” category. Unisex clothing is a larger size for women than men. Most of Dickies workwear is based on natural waist and chest measurements.

The natural waistline of a woman is smaller than that of a man and therefore all sizes of the unisex category are larger on women. 

Where can I buy the right size Dickies workwear?

We will strongly recommend one of their walk-in stores. Physical stores are the best choice for clothing. If you plan to buy online, then there is nothing better than a large online retailer.


Dickies have an open returns policy. As long as you have an original receipt, they will attend to your concerns about your purchase. 

We wish you a great work experience in your new Dickies. Please share the article with your workmates after leaving a comment.

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