Patagonia Workwear Size Guide

A complete Patagonia workwear size chart is more inclusive of some sizes and body types than it is of others.

Patagonia is a designer that uses hardcore fabric to make durable regular-fitting technical garments for sports and activities which need tough outdoor gear.

Sports such as climbing, surfing, camping, fly fishing, and trail running can be performed with the abrasion-resistant workwear styles of Patagonia.

Patagonia Workwear Size Guide
Image Source: Patagonia

Do you know why it is compulsory to get it right and wear the right size Patagonia?

Each product of Patagonia is made with high abrasion, hardworking yet easy-wearing fabric with plenty of industrial hemp twill into the base layer configurations. The clothing itself counts as gear.

Patagonia comes with a high-grade utility pocket such as a hammer loop. The additional storage is designed for larger hand tools such as everyday-carry knives and sturdy metallic items. Wear the wrong size of this type of clothing and your punishment won’t come from just the clothing but also from the equipment.

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Size Chart For Women’s Patagonia Workwear Clothing

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Patagonia is more focused on durable styles for manual labor. This has made it a choice option among comfortable construction workers.

Going by conservation practices, physically demanding manual labor is not actually a woman thing but due to modern activism awareness, there are increasingly female options.

Tough abrasion resistance seat pockets and strategic utility pockets meant as extra storage for tools have made Patagonia workwear popular for the military sectors.

But be warned, Patagonia may not available for your body type as a woman. Patagonia’s workwear size after breastfeeding might be a tussle.

Female Patagonia clothing sometimes comes with adjustable waist sizes. Therefore, remember to take your measurements around the waist at the thickest part of your waist.

USGlobalChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
4 – 6XS34 – 3586 – 892871
8 – 10S35 – 3789 – 9429 – 3074 – 76
12 – 14M38 – 4097 – 10231 – 3379 – 84
14 – 16L42 – 44107 – 11234 – 3686 – 91

Size Chart For Men’s Workwear Patagonia Clothing

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Patagonia body size for men’s male garment dimensions uses only one scale for every usual size. Patagonia is a dependable gear and a standard in workwear.

To achieve this quality, Patagonia uses a blend of hemp with heavier base layers. The durability of hemp is improved by blending it with hi-tech fabrics such as heavyweight cotton duck canvas to create something like hemp denim pants.

Durable hemp denim is heavy and hardly stretches, you just need to get the size right. Fortunately, there is no regional sizing like the US, UK, or EU. It is one modal size.

GlobalChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
XXS31 – 3378 – 842666
XS34 – 3586 – 892071
S35 – 3789 – 9429 – 3074 – 76
M38 – 4097 – 10231 – 3379 – 84
L42 – 44107 – 11234 – 3686 – 91
XL46 – 48117 – 12238 – 4097 – 107
XXL50 – 52127 – 13242 – 44107 – 112
XXL54 – 56137 – 14246 – 48117 – 122

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Patagonia workwear fit big or small?

Patagonia is slim-fitting technical garments. Their pair of pants have fit descriptions that are spacey in the crutch and inseam but leave no extra flaps. They neither fit big nor small, they fit to size.

How does Patagonia properly fit?

Relaxed fit drapes that cover all the right places without squeezing the covered areas or leaving cloth fabric that flaps to other areas; this is the short summary of a Patagonia fit. 

What size am I at Patagonia workwear?

Find your measure around the waist then use this waist measure to pick from a wide range of sizes.

A size predictor makes an estimate by considering your measurements, repeated range of movement, and the possible range of motion to pick the best size for you.

What if Patagonia is too big?

There are several accessories like break-in adjustable suspenders, belt loops, knee pads, and elbow pads that can help with an oversize.

What if Patagonia is too small?

There is no way around this, you need to get a larger size.

What is the best size Patagonia?

Spandex naturally stretches and hemp naturally shrinks, and Patagonia uses both of them as raw materials. On the surface this looks like a problem, however, Patagonia is an expert.

They use materials that don’t unnecessarily shrink or expand. Your right size is the best size.

Where can I buy the right size Patagonia?

The best way to buy is in-store pickup during business hours, if you are buying online, the best option is Patagonia’s official website.


Product highlights of brand-new Patagonia gear include a specialized time-honored method of standard shipping. Customer service avoids unnecessary shipping and provides flexible shipping options all with the intention of getting the product to you within 1-2 business days, because of the “returns unsure after 3-10 business days” policy.

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Picture in this post is by Malik Skydsgaard on Unsplash

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