Romper Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Adults

Rompers or romper suits are a type of outfit that features a top and short stitched into one piece or worn as a unit. It was originally designed for newborns, toddlers, and young kids (skip straight to the Romper Size Charts). While rompers are popular as infant bodysuits, they are also great for adults of different ages, more commonly known as jumpsuits.

Do I need to size up for a romper?

When you’re in between sizes, go up a size if you’re in doubt. Stretchy jumpsuits don’t have to have a narrow fit, so going up a size can enhance comfort and improve the drape on your lower half. Jumpsuits frequently run short in the torso and are prone to cling on the bum.

romper size: whats my jumpsuit size?
romper size: whats my jumpsuit size? Image Source: Pinterest

Before looking for online adult jumpsuit deals, you should learn how to find the right romper size. Luckily, we’ve gathered everything you need to know into this post to ensure you get the best rompers.  Let’s get started!

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Romper Size for Adults Table of content

Romper Size Charts

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Women’s Romper Size Chart

A full size conversion chart for rompers and jumpsuits for women in US, UK and body measurements

US SizeUK SizeBustWaistHips

Romper Sizing According to Countries

A full size conversion chart for rompers and jumpsuit sizing for women in Alfa sizes, US, UK, French and other European sizes (Italian, German, …)

International sizingItalian sizingFRASPAGER-EURUKUSRU

How to Choose the Right Romper Size

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Thousands of rompers online come in different styles, brands, and sizes.

Sizing is usually the most tricky part since you can’t try on the outfits to see whether they fit or not before buying. That’s why it’s important to learn how to choose the right romper size.

All you need to select the perfect romper size is to take your body measurements and compare them with the romper size charts.

You should wear close-fitting clothes when taking body measurements to ensure maximum accuracy. Loose-fitting clothes could lead to larger measurements than you have. 

Also, you’ll need a soft tape measure for measuring around your body. It’s essential to keep your body straight and relaxed to ensure correct measurements. So you should get someone to help you out with the process.

Learn more about how to find the perfect size romper (video)

How to find the perfect jumpsuit for your body type by Good Morning America

How to Measure for Rompers

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Learning how to will help you find a suitable size range for rompers. If caught between two sizes, take the larger size for a looser fit and the smaller one for a snug fit. Here’s how to take body measurements to choose the right romper size.

Bust – measure the widest part of your bust and take the measuring tape under your arms and back. 

Waist – Take the tape around your natural waistline, just below the ribcage and along your navel. Ensure the tape stays parallel to the floor. 

Hips – measure around the fullest part of your hips all the way to the front. 

Thigh – place the tape measure on the thickest part of your thigh and record the circumference. 

Once you have recorded your measurements, you can compare them with the sizes in the charts to find the best size. 

The Best Romper Sizing for You

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Once you know the right size of rompers, the next thing is to choose the following. 

 1. Fit

A specific romper size could come in both tight and loose-fitting options. Not everyone prefers tight-fitting clothes, and in that case, you’ll probably want to size up. On the other hand, if you want a close fit, you could size down if your exact size doesn’t feel snug enough. 

The coziest fit will also depend on where you’ll wear your rompers. Is it for a party or just wearing it in the house? This could help you determine the ideal fit for your rompers.

2. Design

There’s a wide variety of romper styles on the market. Sleeveless V-necks are a popular adult romper design, but some people prefer having sleeves. The exact design of your rompers will depend on how you want the top to look. The shape of the neckline, the length of the sleeves, and the length of the shorts are necessary considerations. 

3. Color

Next, you should think about the best color for your rompers. Do you prefer bright-colored clothes or dull ones? Your mood can also dictate the best color to wear on a particular day. 

You’ll also have to decide on a solid color or a decorative pattern. A solid color could do the trick if you don’t want all the attention in the room. However, you can choose rompers with a lovely pattern if you want something flashy.

4. Fabric

It would help if you also chose between natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics for your rompers. The type of fabric will determine the level of comfort you feel from your rompers. The fabric also affects the ease of cleaning your outfit. Materials like cotton are tough enough for both hand and machine washing. If you get rompers made from delicate fabrics, you might have to dry clean them. 

Jumpsuit romper size
Image Source: Romper Jack (Male Romper Size Chart)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I know what size romper to get?

 The easiest way to find the right size rompers is to check your body measurements against the romper size charts. 

2. What is a romper for adults?

Rompers are also known as playsuits, jumpsuits or romper suits, rompers are outfits made by attaching a shirt and a pair of shorts into one garment. 

3. Should I size up in a romper?

You should size up when you’re in between size or if you want a looser fit to your outfit. 

4. How should a romper fit?

A perfect-fitting romper should have a tight fit around your waist and be longer than your knees. 

5. Should rompers or jumpsuits be tight?

 Choose a tight-fitting Romper, only if you prefer close-fitting outfits instead of loose-fitting ones. 

6. Can a 40-year-old wear a romper?

 Yes, you can wear rompers even at 40 years of age. 

7. How short should rompers be?

 Rompers can reach the middle of your thigh or just above your knees. 

8. What do you wear under a romper?

 You can wear what you normally wear under the shirts and shorts daily. 


 Rompers might have started as kids’ outfits, but now they are great for people of different ages. They are especially great for outdoor trips that involve visiting the beach or a pool party. Of course, you can also wear them indoors according to your preference. 

If you have questions about finding the right romper size, leave them below!

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