Carhartt Workwear size chart for men and women

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The size guides below are created from official Carhartt workwear size charts worldwide. If your measurements fall between two sizes, pick the higher size. Larger workwear is similar to a belt size that is too large even at its smallest holes. Luckily for everyone, most manufacturers including Carhartt continues to improve the regular sizes of their products to the body dimensions of their customers.

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  • Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Men’s Shirts & Outerwear
  • Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Men’s Bottoms
  • Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Women’s Shirt & Outerwear
  • Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Women’s Bottoms
  • Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Bibs
  • Should you size up in Carhartt workwear?
  • Are Carhartt workwear sizes true to size ?
  • Does Carhartt workwear run big or small?
  • How does Carhatt workwear fit ?
  • Does Carhatt change in size over time?
  • Does Carhatt use the same sizes for men and women?
  • Where is the best place to buy a Carhartt ?Conclusion 

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Carhartt Pocket Tee Size Chart
Carhartt Pocket Tee Size Chart

Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Men’s Shirts & Outerwear

Keep the tape parallel and wrapped around your chest and then your waist to measure for Carhartt men’s shirt sizes and overalls.

Labeled SizeChest (In)Chest (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)
S34 – 3686 – 9228 – 3071 – 76
M38 – 4096 – 10232 – 3481 – 86
L42 – 44106 – 11236 – 3891 – 96
XL46 – 48116 – 12240 – 43101 – 110
XXL50 – 52126 – 13245 – 48114 – 122
3XL54 – 56136 – 14251 – 54130 – 137
4XL58 – 60146 – 15258 – 62147 – 157

Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Men’s Bottoms

To measure pants, the waist is the only prerequisite. The regular sizes of Carhartt pants have a normal inseam preference. This means they consider a regular inseam from the crotch and don’t necessarily consider tall or short sizes.

Labeled SizeWaist (In)Waist (Cm)
S28 – 3071 – 76
M31 – 3478 – 86
L35 – 3888 – 97
XL39 – 4299 – 107
XXL43 – 46109 – 117
3XL47 – 50119 – 127
4XL51 – 54129 – 137

Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Women’s Shirt & Outerwear

Carhartt’s workwear tops for women have the natural waist measurement of smaller sizes and a plus size fit.

US SizeGlobal SizeBust (In)Bust (Cm)Waist (In)Waist (Cm)

Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Women’s Bottoms

Tape firm. Among the body dimensions, the hip is the most compulsory for Carhartt workwear pants for women. If you have a contoured waistband, we recommend you hold the tape firm over your hips and then size up by one size. This will give you a relaxed seat. By the way, did we mention that their pants come with a normal pant inseam?

US SizeGlobal SizeWaist (In)Waist (Cm)Hips (In)Hips (Cm)

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Carhartt biberalls Sizing
Carhartt biberalls Sizing

Carhartt Workwear Size Chart For Bibs

Bib overalls come in the widest range of sizes with just 2-inch increments between sizes. The bib overall size is based on the projected size waist of the user. The correct size depends on whether you plan to wear the bib over layers of clothing or plan to wear it as the primary clothing itself. The size of the bib you wear when you are already wearing clothes will have to be larger because you have to consider the clothes.

Waist (In)Waist (Cm)Size Without ClothesSize With Clothes
27 – 2868 – 713032
29 – 3073 – 763234
31 – 3278 – 813436
33 – 3483 – 873638
35 – 3688 – 913840
37 – 3893 – 964042
39 – 4099 – 1014244
41 – 42104 – 1064446
43 – 44109 – 1114648
45 – 46114 – 1164850
47 – 48119 – 1215052
49 – 50124 – 1275254
51 – 52129 – 1325456
53 – 54134 – 1375658
55 – 56139 – 1425860
57 – 58144 – 14760————

Frequently Asked Questions about Carhartt workwear sizing

How do i know my Carhartt workwear size?

Start with measuring your body to find the right size

Accurate body measurement is critical to selecting the appropriate garment size. Men’s and women’s measurements are generally different; men’s measurements include the chest, neck, arm, and waist, while women’s measurements include the bust, waist, and hips.  The best and most complete post on how to measure your body for clothing sizes

You’ll need a flexible tape measure for the process. Always keep the tape parallel to the ground when taking horizontal measurements like the chest, waist, and hips.


When getting fitted for a shirt, getting the chest measurement is crucial. You’ll need to keep a tape measure handy to accomplish this. using a  tape measure over the broadest chest region under your arms.


To take neck measures, wrap the measuring tape around your Adam’s apple in the centre of your neck. Leave the tape a bit loose to make the shirt more comfortable. Remember to keep the tape horizontal to avoid errors.


When getting fitted for a shirt, the arm measurement is also crucial. Place your hand on your hip and bend your elbow 90 degrees. Place a durable tape measure in the middle of your neck. Measure your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist. Your sleeve length is the whole length.

Size Waist

Waist measurements are crucial when getting fitted for a bottom (pants, jeans, skirts, boxers, etc.). Measure around your natural waistline with a little loose tape to acquire your waist measurement. The waist measurement is your waist circumference in inches or centimeters. Measure just under your ribs or along the navel to find the correct waist size. 


For women’s bottoms, hip measurements are incredibly crucial. Measure around the broadest area of your hips while standing with your feet together.


Rise measurements determine the length of the bottoms, especially for long jeans and pants. Rise measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam to get the rise measurement.

The length of the bottoms is determined by the rise measurement, which is especially important for long jeans and pants. To get the rise measurement, measure from the top of the waistband to the leg seam.


The bust measurement involves measuring the fullest part of your breasts to the back. Your chest measurement is taken just above your bust, while the underbust size is below your breasts. The hip measurement is the circumference of the widest part of your hips. 

After recording your measurements, check them against the information in our charts to find the best size for your outfit. 

Should you size up in Carhartt workwear?

No, you shouldn’t. Size medium is the usual tag of Carhartt. Most of the measurements of Carhartt workwear size charts across sizes are right in the middle. For instance, most of their inseam lengths are based on average height. So if you need a longer or shorter inseam pant, then you should be ready to either shorten the pants or unpick the sleeves.

Are Carhartt workwear sizes true to size?

Since one of the common materials is durable canvas fabric, they must be. Yes, they are true to size.

Does Carhartt workwear run big or small?

Each body type has one or two body differences to the other, and this might make the products look and feel different. Otherwise, Carhartt workwear run true to size.

How does Carhartt’s workwear fit?

Regular size garments should give a relaxed feel and not feel stuffy, while at the same time not be flappy and feel baggy.

Does Carhartt change in size over time?

They might get a size larger or a bit over time. Carhartt uses a fabric blend with the outer shell fabric sometimes being flexible canvas fabric. Inner lining is usually a lightweight lining such as quilted nylon lining. When something heavier is needed, then fleece lining and quilted flannel lining is possible. This combination of fabrics make the workwear slack out with the wear and tear cycles over time.

Does Carhartt use the same sizes for men and women?

Some select styles of their items are labeled with clothing sizing that uses product measurements that apply to both men and women. Strictly speaking, they don’t use the same sizes for men and women, however, some products can be worn by both men and women regardless of the size.

Where is the best place to buy a Carhartt?

As usual, a physical store is the best option to purchase any clothing item with the minimal risk of difference in size. A certified online outlet is the next best option if a physical store is not readily available.

Carhartt workwear sizing explained (biberall video)

Finding Your Size in Carhartt Bib Overalls by Dungarees


Work may be tiring, but your fashion during work shouldn’t be. Comfort and safety is the backbone of any workwear and we wish you find both in your pair of Carhartt workwear. Leave a comment behind and please share the article with your circle.

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