Men’s Workwear Size Chart

What are men’s work clothes, and why are they significant? Men’s workwear may be the only fashion category that can cross social, regional, and political divides. Entire districts have been covered in tobacco-colored chore jackets and jauntily angled beanies during the past ten years due to the fusion of popular fashion and workwear, which has seen crowds of city slickers dress like unpaid manual laborers.

The menswear items that appear to last the longest provide some purpose for the wearer. They are appropriate for the job. That explains why many workwear and military fashions are transferred from the battlefield to the catwalk.

Men's Workwear Size Chart
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Wearable in the world’s strictest meaning are items initially created for laborers, dockhands, fishers, and carpenters. They’re cozy, layered, and ideal for fall. Additionally, they are built to last in more ways than one.

Check out the men’s workwear size chart below to determine your correct size before making a purchase.

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Men’s Workwear Size of Contents

Men’s Workwear Size Chart

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There are variations in workwear sizes across brands or between manufacturers. To figure out which size is best for you, there are a few standard men’s workwear sizes based on actual body dimensions that you may use.

SizesChest (cm)Waist (cm)Seat (cm)

Men’s Workwear Size Chart In Inches

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SizesChest (inches)Waist (inches)Seat (inches)

Men’s Workwear Size Chart Below The Waist

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Men’s Shorts
Body Waist Size (cm)7782879297102107112117122127132
Body Waist Size (inches)283032343638404244485052

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Men’s Pants
Size REGULAR72R77R82R87R92R97R102R107R112R117R 
To fit body waist size (cm)727782879297102107112117122
To fit body waist size (inches)2830323436384042444648
In-leg length (cm)7780828484848484848484

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Size STOUT87S92S97S102S107S112S117S122S127S132S
To fit body waist size (cm)879297102107112117122127132
To fit body waist size (inches)34363840424446485052
In-leg length (cm)80808080808082828282

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Size LONG74L79L84L89L94L
To fit body waist size (cm)7479848994
To fit body waist size (inches)2931333537
In-leg length (cm)8486888888

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Men’s Overall
Size REGULAR77R82R87R92R97R102R107R112R117R122R127R132R
To fit body waist size (cm)7782879297102107112117122127R132
To fit body waist size (inches)303234363840424446485052
In-leg length (cm)808082828484868687878787

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Size STOUT87S92S97S102S107S112S117S122S127S132S
To fit body waist size (cm)879297102107112117122127132
To fit body waist size (inches)34363840424446485052
In-leg length (cm)78788080828283838383

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Size LONG74L79L84L89L94L
To fit body waist size (cm)7782879297
To fit body waist size (inches)3032343638
In-leg length (cm)8585878788

Men’s Workwear Size Chart Above The Waist

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Men’s Shirt
To fit neck size (cm)3637/3839/4041/4243/444648505254
To fit chest size (cm)879297102107112117122127132
To fit chest size (inches)34363840424446485052

How To Choose The Right Men’s Workwear Size

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When purchasing men’s workwear, choosing the correct size is crucial. A garment’s size impacts its comfort, usefulness, and durability. The best possible mobility is provided by clothing. Naturally, if the dress is excessively big or tiny, this movement will be decreased.

Pockets are one example of a functional feature positioned to be useful for many functions. For instance, too-large clothing might cause tools to fall out and kneepad pockets to wind up in the incorrect location. The user runs the danger of injury due to improper load distribution while wearing the wrong size, reducing the pockets’ use.

A garment’s lifespan is greatly influenced by its size. A garment that is too tight puts unnatural tension on the fabric and seams, frequently resulting in the item ripping in several locations. Check out our men’s workwear size chart to learn more about selecting the correct size for men’s workwear.

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How To Measure Men’s Workwear Size

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Before purchasing the appropriate workwear, every man must take the following essential body measurements:

  • the height of the entire body
  • neck size
  • chest size
  • length of sleeves
  • waist size
  • seat dimensions
  • length of the inseam

Use a measuring tape that is level, straight, and not too tight to take measures over undergarments or light clothing. Additionally, not every industrial garment calls for all dimensions.

For example, waist, hip, and inseam measures are often required for pants, whereas chest and shoulder measurements are needed for shirts. You’ll discover how to take each size to acquire well-fitting, comfortable workwear accurately.

How To Find Your Men’s Workwear Size

It would help if you always referred to the appropriate size requirements for each piece of clothing while choosing work attire. It is not a one-size-fits-all issue because apparel is sized differently by various brands, producers, and nations. Compared to another brand, a size Medium from one manufacturer may be complete, bigger, or smaller.

Some manufacturers size their items generously to provide lots of space for mobility while performing strenuous work or may even try to flatter wearers since they can fit into a smaller size than usual. Other businesses will choose a tighter fit to produce a cleaner, more trendy appearance or to prevent the extra cloth from getting in the wearer’s way.

Instead of precise garment measurements, most size conversion charts give body measurements that the apparel is intended to fit. As a result, while determining your size, you should measure your body, not clothing that suits you. It is often suggested to get the next available size higher if you are in between sizes or like a looser fit.

Whether you decide to round down to the smaller size or up to a bigger size may depend on whether extra clothing will be worn, such as thermal underwear, base layers, or mid-layers. Be mindful when purchasing professional attire with unique features, such as knee-pocket trousers, since size will alter how these fit on the body.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What Size Is 32 In Work Pants?

Small and 82R size regular in men’s workwear is similar to a 32 in work pants.

2. What Size Is 38 In Overalls?

In men’s workwear, a size 38 in overalls corresponds to a size 97R in regular, a size 97S in stout, and a size 94L in long.

3. How Do I Know What Size Coveralls I Wear?

Measure your chest, waist, and inseam to determine the appropriate coverall size. Use your chest measurement to determine if your size is more than your waist. Use your waist measurement to determine your size if it is greater than your chest measurement.

Use your chest/waist measurement as the matching size if you’re looking for a number size. Check out our men’s workwear size chart to learn more about what size coveralls to buy.

4. How Are Men’s Sizes Determined?

The chest is measured up under the arms and around the chest. Sleeves are measured around the neck, across the shoulder, down the arm to a slightly bent elbow, and up to the wrist.

Waist circumference is measured at the narrowest point. Hips are measured while standing with your feet together and measuring your hips at their widest position.

5. What Size Work Pants Should I Purchase?

Waist sizes are tiny, and most individuals will need a waist size larger than they ordinarily wear in men’s pants. If this is your first time purchasing men’s workpants, please order a full waist size larger than you typically wear.

6. What Is The Inseam Length For A 5’11” Man?

The inseam height of a 5’11” (180 cm) tall individual is normally 30.7′′ – 32.7′′. (78-83 cm). Males and females have identical proportions of height/inseam length, although taller persons have longer legs.

7. How Should Men’s Overalls Be Measured?

Waist sizes for overalls are measured from side to side at the point of the top button on the sides of the overalls, extending beyond the button to the outer margins.


Getting accurate measurements is the first and maybe most crucial thing you can do before spending money on online workwear purchases. You won’t have to worry about making the wrong purchases if you have a sense of your accurate physical proportions beyond big, size 10, or 42 waists. Check out our men’s workwear size chart to determine your proper size.

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