Fabletics Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Men and Women

Why is it important to know your ideal size when buying Fabletics outfits? Before jumping into the details of Fabletics size chart, it is vital to point out how it all started. As it is activewear the fitting of Fabletics should be perfect.


Fabletics kicked off in 2013 after American actress Kate Hudson discovered a need for a comfortable activewear brand. It started as an eCommerce and over the past decade, Fabletics has expanded to over 50 outlets in the united states with a strong drive towards providing entire outfits of activewear and workout clothing for females.   The brand has extended its operation to provide exquisite activewear for men and women worldwide.

If you are wondering how to find your perfect Fabletics outfit, the charts below have you covered. Each chart provides a detailed outline of various clothing items carried by Fabletics brands and the available sizes.

Outfits in the Fabletics collection include sportswear for both men and women, T-shirts, leggings, female shoes, etc. Compared to other sports clothing brands, Fabletics offers highly affordable workout clothes at retail prices with major discounts for customers buying via the VIP membership program. There are benefits that come with the VIP program, including the VIP price and hefty price reduction.

There is Fabletics activewear for every gender. However, Fabletics only produces sporting outfits for adults and the brand carries all ranges of sizes from the XXS to the plus size. 

fabletics size chart
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First, you need to get an accurate measurement of your body parts using a piece of measuring equipment and then check the corresponding sizes on the table and it would give you the perfect fit. With that said, let’s jump right in.

Jump right into the Frequently Asked Questions

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Fabletics Table of Content

Fabletic Size chart Women’s activewear (Inches/CM)

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XXS30-31.5/ 76-8024-25/ 61-63.533-35/ 84-890-24-632-34
XS32-33.5/ 81.5-8525.5-26.5/ 65-67.536-37/ 91.5/944836
S34-35.5/ 86.5-9027-28/ 68.5-7137.5-38.5/ 95.5-9861038
M36-38/ 91.5-96.529-31/ 73.5-78.539-41/ 99-10481240
L39-41/ 99-10432-34/ 81.5-86.542-44/ 106.5-1121014-1642-44
XL42-44/ 106.5-11235-37/ 89-9445-47/ 114.5-119.512-1418-2044-46
XXL44-46/ 112-11737-39/ 94-9947-49/ 119.5-124.514-1622-2446-48
1X46-48/ 99-10439-41/ 109-114.549-51/ 124.5-129.516-182650
2X48-50/ 112-11741-43/ 104-10951-53/ 129.5-134.518-202852
3X50-52/ 127-13243-45/ 109-114.553-55/ 134.5-139.520-223054
4X52-54/ 132-13745-47/ 114.5-119.555-57/ 139.5-14522-243256
Activewear, Fitness & Workout Clothing | Fabletics sizes

Fabletics Seamless Fabric Size Chart (Inches/CM)

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XS2-432-33.5/ 81.28-85.0925.5-26.5/ 64.77-67.3136-37/ 91.44-93.98
S4-634-35.5/ 86.36-89.4127-28/ 68.58-71.1237.5-38.5/ 95.25-97.79
M6-836-38/ 91.44-96.5229-31/ 73.66-78.7439-41/ 99.06-104.14 
32-34/ 81.28-86.3642-44/ 106.68-111.76
XL12-1442-44/ 106.68-111.7635-38/ 88.9-96.5245-47/ 114.3-119.38

Fabletics Women’s Shoe Size Chart

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Fabletics Bra Size Chart

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Fabletics for Men: Activewear size chart for Men
Fabletics for Men: Activewear size chart for Men

Fabletics Size Charts Men’s Activewear (Inches/CM)

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SizeChestWaistLow HipInseam
XS31-34/ 78.74-86.3625-28/ 63.5-71.1232-34/ 86.36-86.3631
S35-38/ 88.9-96.5228-31/ 71.12-78.7435-38/ 88.9-96.5231
M38-41/ 9.52-104.1431-34/ 78.74-86.3638-41/ 9.52-104.1431
L41-44/ 104.14-111.7634-37/ 86.36-93.9841-44/ 104.14-111.7631
XL44-48/ 111.76-121.9237-41/ 93.98-104.1444-48/ 111.76-121.9231
XXL48-52/ 121.92-132.0841-45/ 104.14-114.348-52/ 121.92-132.0831

Fabletics size charts leggings (Inches/CM)

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XXS24-25/ 61-63.533-35/ 84-89
XS25.5-26.5/ 65-67.536-37/ 91.5-94
S27-28/ 68.5-7137.5-38.5/ 95.5-98
M29-31/ 74-7939-41/ 99-104.5
L32-34/ 81-86.542-44/ 107-112
XL35-38/ 89-96.545-48/ 114.5-122
XXL39-42/ 99-10749-52/ 124.5-132

Fabletics Size Chart Compared to Lululemon (Inches)

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Fabletics SizeFabletics BustFabletics WaistFabletics Hips Lululemon SizeLululemon  BandLululemon  WaistLululemon  Hip

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Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes does Fabletics carry?

Fabletics carry a complete range of sizes. the brand offers complete outfits for all body types. Their range of sizes goes from the 0, XXS to the plus size 4X, 22 in US or 32 in the UK. However, the various sizes a mostly available for women’s outfits. Fabletics men’s outfit is limited to the standard sizes with little activewear available in the plus-size ranges for men.

Does Fabletics run big or small?

Fabletics activewear fits differently for everyone. Being activewear, it is a little hard to find an accurate fit at all times due to the rapid changes in your body from consistent activities. Fabletics may run big or small on some occasions, especially for activewear like sports bras.

Your cup size may change rather quickly. However, the sizes are kept to standard. It is vital to get accurate measurements using the size charts and your natural measurements. If you discover that the size you picked run big or small, go a half inch or a quarter inch higher or lower depending on whether it runs small or big. it should give you the perfect size. Again, some Fabletics outfit comes with elastic straps that allow you to adjust the sizing.

What size is M in Fabletic?

For women, You’ll usually find the Fabletic M sizes between bust size 91.5 to 96.5 inches and waist size 73.5 to 78.5 inches. For men, the M size ranges between 38 to 41 chest size and 31 to 34 inches waist size.

How true to size are Fabletics leggings?

Virtually all Fabletics activewear is true to size, including the leggings. Only on rare occasions would you find a pair of leggings that are not true to size; this usually is a negligible variation in the actual size.

Does Fabletics stretch out?

Fabletics activewear is produced with high-performance fabric that stretches in all directions, which allows you to perform a wide range of motion during rigorous workouts or sporting activities. One of the materials used in producing Fabletics is the Poly-spandex and elastane fabric designs.

These materials give Fabletics activewear the stretchy attribute. They also help provide room for breathability during workouts involving intense sweat sessions and freedom of movement. However, some Fabletic men’s shorts are not all that stretchy because like pair of pants, they are fitted to standard sizes and there is no need for stretch.


Fabletic is not just an activewear, sporting outfit brand, or superb workout clothes at affordable prices. It has become a household name and popular activewear among sports lovers. A million users can’t be wrong. The high-quality materials used in the production of Fabletic speak for themselves. However, if you pick the wrong size for your body type, even the best quality won’t make up for the error. That’s why it is critical to master how to use the sizing chart and understand the range of sizes available for various fabric outfits.

The charts are easy to use, all you need is the measurement of the necessary parts of your body: remember that Fabletic uses the natural waist measurement. Once you have that, look at the corresponding size on the charts. If you find it difficult to use the chart, leave a comment below and you will get help as soon as possible. Also, remember to share the article.

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