Short-Sleeved Bodysuit Size Chart & Guide: Men, Women & Kids

Do you just like wearing short-sleeved bodysuits? In fact, during summer a short-sleeved bodysuit will give you absolute comfort. In this size guide, we accurately measure women’s short-sleeved bodysuit chart for both men and women. 

Having the correct size of the short-sleeved garment body and the body measurements such as bust in inches & CM, natural waist in inches & CM, waist-hip size, girth measurement in inches & CM, torso measurement in inches & CM, and chest measurement is vital. 

Short-Sleeved Bodysuit Size Chart & Guide: Men, Women & Kids
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Let’s look at the different short-sleeved bodysuit size charts and size guides. 

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Women’s Short-Sleeved Bodysuit Size Chart

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The women’s short-sleeved bodysuit size chart is meant to help slender women look forward to purchasing short-sleeved bodysuit garments with the correct measurement at chest, measurement at waist, and bust measurement. All the numeric size conversion is in inches and cm. 

Please find the skinny women bodysuit size guide with measurements in inches and cm below! 

 Extra Small (XS)Small (S)Medium (M)Large (L)Extra Large (XL)
Size2 to 44 to 68 to 1010 to1214 to 16
Bust30 to 32 inch/76 to 81 cm32 to 34 inch/81 to 86 cm34 to 36 inch/86 to 91 cm36 to 38 inch/91 to 96 cm39 to 41 inch
Waist22 to 24 inch/55 to 61 cm24 to 26 inch/61 to 66 cm26 to 28 inch/66 to 71 cm28 to30 inch/71 to 76 cm31 to 33 inch/78 to 84 cm
Hips32 to 34 inch/81 to 86 cm35 to 37 inch/89 to 94 cm37 to 39 inch/94 to 99 cm39 to 41 inch/99 to 104 cm41 to 43 inch/104 to 109 cm
Girth54 to 56 inch/137 to 142 cm57 to 59 inch/134 to 150 cm59 to 61 inch/134 to 155 cm61 to 63 inch/155 to 160 cm62 to 65 inch/157 to 165 cm

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Plus Size Women Short-Sleeved Bodysuit Chart 

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Plus-size women have a larger size of the size bust, shoulder blades, sleeve lengths, waist size, and waist-hip size compared to petite women. The largest size of the plus-sized women short-sleeved bodysuits in our chart is 3X with sizes 20 to 22, however, the largest measurement for plus-sized women can be up to 5X. 

Please find the plus-size women’s short-sleeved bodysuit chart below:

Size16 to 1818 to 2020 to 22
Bust42 to 46 inch/106 to 117 cm46 to 50 inch/117 to 127 cm50 to 54 inch/127 to 137 cm
Waist35 to 39 inch/89 to 99 cm39 to 43 inch/99 to 109 cm43 to 47 inch/109 to119 cm
Hips45 to 49 inch/114 to124 cm49 to 53 inch/124 to 134 cm53 to 57 inch/134 to 144 cm
Girth 66 to 69 inch/167 to 175 cm69 to 72 inch/175 to 182 cm72 to 75 inch/182 to 190 cm

Men’s/Boy’s Short-Sleeved Bodysuit Size Chart

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Short-sleeved bodysuits are also ideal for men and boys. The waist, chest, and torso sizes in men and boys increase based on age. Men also have bigger shoulder blades compared to boys. Please find the short-sleeved bodysuit size chart for men and boys below!

SizeAge Waist in Inches and CMChest in Inches and CMTorso in Inches and CM
43 to 420 to 21 inch 51 to 53 cm22 to 24 inch 56 to 61 cm37 to 40 inch 94 to 101 cm
65 to 621 to 22 inch 53 to 56 cm23 to 26 inch 58 to 66 cm38 to 42 inch 97 to 106 cm
87 to 8 23 to 24 inch 56 to 61 cm26 to 28 inch 66 to 71 cm41 to 45 inch 105 to 114 cm
109 to 1025 to 26 inch 63 to 66 cm28 to 30 inch 71 to 76 cm45 to 49 inch 115 to 125 cm
1211 to 1227 to 28 inch 68 to 71 cm30 to 32 inch 76 to 81 cm47 to 51 inch 120 to 130 cm
1413 to 1428 to 29 inch 71 to 73 cm32 to 34 inch 81 to 86 cm52 to 57 inch 132 to 146 cm
AXS14 to 1530 to 31 inch 76 to 78 cm34 to 36 inch 86 to 91 cm55 to 60 inch 139 to 152 cm
AS15 to 1632 to 33 inch 81 to 84 cm36 to 38 inch 91 to 96 cm61 to 65 inch 156 to 165 cm
AMOver 1634 to 35 inch 86 to 89 cm38 to 40 inch 96 to 101 cm63 to 66 inch 160 to 168 cm
ALOver 1636 to 38 inch 91 to 96 cm40 to 42 inch 101 to 106 cm65 to 69 inch 165 to 175 cm

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Infant Short-Sleeved Bodysuit Size Chart 

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The infant sizes of short-sleeved bodysuits varies by style and your iconic styles for your baby will depend on the measure infant weight in lbs and kgs, chest in inches and cm, and length in inches and cm.

Short-sleeved bodysuits for babies are multifaceted and a must-have in your wardrobe. They are ideal during summer and it is recommended that you dress your child in a cotton-made short-sleeved bodysuit that is airy, absorbent, and breathable to reduce the sweating rate. 

Please find the infant short-sleeved bodysuit size chart below:

Size Weight LbsWeight KgsChest InchesChest CM Length InchesLength CM
0 – 30 – 6 lbs0 – 2.72155 kgs12 inches30.48 cm10 – 16 inches25.4 – 40.64 cm
3 –  67 – 12 lbs3.17515 – 5.44311 kgs14 inches35.56 cm17 – 24 inches43.18 – 60.96 cm
6 – 1216 – 22 lbs7.25748 – 9.97903 kgs16 inches40.64 cm25 – 28 inches63.5 – 71.12 cm
12 – 1823 – 27 lbs10.4326 – 12.247 kgs18 inches45.72 cm29 – 31 inches73.66 – 78.74 cm

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How do I know my Bodysuit size?

How To Take Measurements for a perfect fitting bodysuit size?

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To have a well-fitting bodysuit, you’ll need four key measurements: waist, hip, inseam, and thigh. Take the measurements stated below and write them down. 

Waist size

Measure your natural waist or the place where you want your pant waist to be (usually under your natural waist). 

Hip size

Measure the most expansive area of your hip. 


Measure from the crotch to the ankle’s inside or where you want the pant leg to end. 

Crotch length

Measure from the center back waist, between the legs, to the center front waist to ensure that your design will rise high enough on the waist to accommodate your belly. 

Thigh size

Measure the largest area of the thigh.


In reality, short-sleeved bodysuits are available in different styles, and the select styles you purchase depend on your age, gender, and body type. Our sizing guide has a detailed short-sleeved bodysuit chart for infants, men’s, boy’s, and women. The sizing charts will guide you when determining the accurate body measurements so you can get the perfect-sized short-sleeved bodysuit. 

If you enjoyed reading the short-sleeved bodysuit chart and sizing guide, please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!  

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