Windbreaker Size Chart And Sizing Guide for Men, Women and Kids

Have you been thinking of purchasing a body contouring fit windbreaker during summer or winter? This windbreaker size chart and sizing guide are perfect for you. 

Ideally, you need to understand your body measurements before making an order to ensure you get the perfect size windbreaker clothing. 

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What are Windbreakers? 

The commonly known style or design is the windbreaker jacket among men. Windbreakers are made of lightweight, thin, and synthetic materials such as micro-polyester, tricot, polyester, and nylon. Men’s windbreakers have a special coat to ensure that they are waterproof, protect you from light rain, chills, and wind, and it’s breathable. 

Adult Windbreaker Chart 

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Before deciding to purchase an adult windbreaker, you must have actual men’s and ladies’ body measurements for the windbreaker to be body fit. Using the sizing chart below it will be easier to find your actual body measurements such as shoulder width, back length, chest, and sleeve length in Inches and CM. It is also advisable to measure the natural waist size for both men and ladies. Please find the sizing chart below!

SizesBack Length (A) (Inch, CM)Chest Measurement Width (B)(Inch, CM)Shoulder Width (C) (Inch, CM)Sleeve Length (D) (Inch, CM)
2XS60 cm/24 inch47 cm/18.5 inch41 cm/16 inch55 cm/22 inch
Extra Small62.5 cm/25 inch47 cm/17 inch 57 cm/22 inch55 cm/22 inch
Small65 cm/26 inch52 cm/20.5 inch45 cm/18 inch59 cm/23 inch
Medium67.5 cm/27 inch54.5 cm/21.5 inch47 cm/18.5 inch61 cm/24 inch
Large70 cm/28 inch57 cm/22 inch49 cm/19 inch63 cm/25 inch
Extra Large72.5 cm/28.5 inch59.5 cm/23 inch51 cm/20 inch65 cm/26 inch
2XL75 cm/29.5 inch62 cm/24 inch53 cm/21 inch67 cm/26 inch
3XL77.5 cm/30.5 inch64.5 cm/25 inch55 cm/22 inch69 cm/26 inch

Short-Sleeve Kids Windbreaker size Chart

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The girls, boys, and youth body measurements size chart below shows the age and the different actual body measurements of the back length, chest, sleeve length, and pant length in Inches and CM. To purchase a perfect size short-sleeve kids windbreaker consider the standard sizes in the size chart below!

AgeBack Length (A) Inch and CMChest Measurement Width (B) in Inch and CMSleeve Length (D) in Inch and CMPant Length in Inch and CM 
CM/Inch CM/Inch CM/Inch CM/Inch
7 to 850.9 cm/20 inch39 cm/15 inch15 cm/6 inch75 cm/29.5 inch
9 to 1054.2 cm/21 inch41 cm/16 inch16 cm/6 inch82 cm/32 inch
11 to 1257.5 cm/23 inch43 cm/17 inch17 cm/7 inch87 cm/34 inch
13 to 1460.8 cm/24 inch45 cm/18 inch18 cm/7 inch92 cm/36 inch
1564 cm/25 inch47 cm/18.5 inch19 cm/7.5 inch97 cm/38 inch
1667.4 cm/26.5 inch49 cm/19 inch20 cm/8 inch102 cm/40 inch

Long-Sleeve Kids Windbreaker Chart 

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The girls’ body measurements and boys’ size chart below shows the age and the different actual body measurements of the back, chest, sleeve, and pant length in Inches and CM. You will notice the body proportion varies as per age. Always use a tape measure for accurate sizing. 

AgeBack Length (A) Inch and CMChest Measurement Width (B) in Inch and CMSleeve Length (D) in Inch and CMPant Length in Inch and CM
CM/Inch CM/Inch CM/Inch CM/Inch
7 to 851.6 cm/20 inch44 cm/17 inch41.7 cm/16 inch75 cm/29.5 inch
9 to 1054.9 cm/22 inch46 cm/18 inch44.9 cm/18 inch82 cm/32 inch
11 to 1258.2 cm/23 inch48 cm/19 inch48.1 cm/19 inch87 cm/34 inch
13 to 1461.5 cm/24 inch50 cm/20 inch51.3 cm/20 inch92 cm/36 inch
1564.8 cm/25.5 inch52 cm/20.5 inch54.5 cm/21.5 inch97 cm/38 inch
1668.1 cm/ 27 inch54 cm/21 inch57.8 cm/23 inch102 cm/40 inch

Unisex Windbreaker Jackets Size Chart

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Unisex windbreaker jackets are ideal for both ladies and men. We have outlined the standard sizes for the sleeve length, 1/2 hem, 1/2 chest, and body length in Inches and CM. The size guide chart will help you purchase a perfect size unisex windbreaker jacket.

You can also use international sizing and conversion chart to get the correct European jacket sizes and sizing for other countries. Having the actual body measurements it will be easier to shop by size charts on apparel products below. 

 Extra Small in (CM and Inch)Small in (CM and Inch)Medium in (CM and Inch)Large in (CM and Inch)Extra Large in (CM and Inch)XXL in (CM and Inch)
Sleeve Length70 cm 27.5591 inch71 cm 27.9528 inch72 cm 28.3465 inch73 cm 28.7402 inch74 cm 29.1339 inch75 cm 29.5276 inch
½ Hem54 cm 21.2598 inch56.5 cm 22.24409 inch59 cm 23.2283 inch61.5 cm 24.2126 inch64 cm 25.1969 inch66.5 cm 26.1811 inch
½ Chest Measurement58 cm 22.8346 inch60.5 cm 23.8189 inch63 cm 24.8031 inch65.5 cm 25.7874 inch68 cm 26.7717 inch70.5 cm 27.75591 inch
Body Length71.5 cm 28.14961 inch73 cm 28.7402 inch74.5 cm 29.33071 inch76 cm 29.9213 inch77.5 cm 30.51181 inch79 cm 31.1024 inch

How do I know my windbreaker jacket size explained (video)

How To Find The Right Jacket Size For You by Peter Glenn Ski & Sports

Types of Windbreaker Jackets 

The unisex windbreaker jackets table above shows the different sizing but it could be great if we listed a few types of windbreaker jackets. These jackets have light mid-layers which help protect you from wind, light rain, and chills. They are categorized based on the jacket’s style, design, and functionality. Below is a list of windbreaker jackets. 

1. Waterproof windbreaker jackets 

It has DWR coating which lets the water glide down instead of being absorbed by the jacket material fabric. It is ideal for rainy days. 

2. Insulated windbreaker jacket

There are warmer sizes of insulated windbreaker jackets which keep the body fit during winter. Get warmer sizes of size European jackets and enjoy moving freely during the winter. 

3. Single nylon windbreaker jacket 

Perfect body fit size European windbreaker ideal for cyclers during warmer seasons. 

Other types of windbreaker jackets include tricot, polyester, and outer shell windbreaker jackets. 

If you are planning to purchase a windbreaker, see the European jacket sizes and European clothing sizes conversion chart.  

Frequently Asked Questions about windbreaker sizes (FAQ)

What is a good size for a windbreaker?

Go for a windbreaker jacket size that’s 1 size larger than your shirt size.

A jacket that’s a little bigger than your normal size will make it easy to layer it over other items. For example, if you’re a medium-sized man in a shirt or sweater, look for large-sized jackets.


In reality, the windbreaker clothing requires you to have the correct adult body measurements, ladies’ body measurements, and girls’ body measurements to ensure you purchase the perfect size body fit windbreaker. 

Getting the actual body measurements have been simplified as you will analyze the windbreaker charts listed above to determine your slight body shaping. For girls and ladies, body measurements measure the bust in inches and natural waist in inches without missing 1-2 inches to ensure proper sizing without requiring a tailor to make any additional inch. 

If you enjoyed reading this sizing guide, don’t hesitate to leave a comment below!

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