Plus size Intimates Size Chart for your lingerie

It is essential to choose plus size intimates that fit properly. Purchasing too small will make you look bigger, and buying too big will make you look smaller. It is important to know your size before you buy any plus size intimates and to buy the right size for your body shape. Then, you can easily choose the best pair of plus size lingerie. This will help you feel confident and look good! To find the best plus size intimates, measure your body.

Why it is important to know the right size before you buy plus size intimates

If you’re thinking about buying plus-size intimates but aren’t sure how to measure your bust, it’s a good idea to know your exact size. Whether you’re a plus-size woman or an average-sized one, it’s important to know the corresponding cup measurement. Many plus-size women are uncomfortable in the smallest cup sizes, so a larger-bust bra may be more comfortable.

Plus-size stores cater to the needs of women of all shapes and sizes. You’ll find the latest styles at these stores and take advantage of the hottest fashion trends. They also have classic staples and basics, and plenty of plus-size intimates to choose from.

Plus size intimates size chart

An intimates plus size chart is essential for women looking to buy the right size of bra and underwear. In order to find the best fit, you need to know your exact measurements. This is important for both comfort and style. The right chart helps you to ensure you get the perfect fit.  A dedicate Plus Size Bra size charts page you can find here

There are several types of charts depending on the grand you are buying from or even your preferences, and here are a couple of examples; 

Plus size intimates panties sizes chart
Plus size intimates panties sizes chart

Standard women’s plus intimates size chart 

12/14 (M)16/18(L)20/22 (XL)24/26 (2XL)28/30 (3XL)

Plus intimates size chart (swimsuits)

UK Size    Recommended Corresponding Sizes   

Intimate “sexy” Lingerie plus size

M1034”- 37”27”- 30”38”- 41”
L1238”- 41”31”- 34”42”- 45”
1X14/1642”- 45”35”- 38”46”- 49”
2X18/2046”- 49”39”- 42”50”- 53”
3X22/2450”- 53”43”- 46”54”- 57”
4X2654”- 57”47”- 50”58”- 61”
5X2858”- 61”51”- 54”62”- 65”
6X3062”- 65”55”- 58”66”- 69”

Intimate Plus sized Panties

L731”- 34”42”- 45”
1X835”- 38”46”- 49”
2X939”- 42”50”- 53”
3X1042”- 44”54”- 57”
4X1245”- 48”58”- 61”
5X1449”- 50”62”- 65”
6X1651”- 53”66”- 68”

* Please note: These measurements are only a guide and will not be exact across every garment.

Intimates Bras Plus Size

A complete plus size bra size chart you can read here. US bra sizing is handled in this post

How to choose the right plus size intimates

Choosing the right plus-size intimates for yourself or your partner is a fun task. There are many styles, colors, and materials to choose from. Regardless of your body type, you can find the perfect plus size intimates that flatters your figure.

First, consider the shape of your body. You can choose between full-busted or slim-busted. For example, a full bust bra is ideal for a woman with a fuller figure. A slim-busted bra fits a woman with a slimmer body. A halter-necked bra is best for a petite or tall woman.

Next, check the fit. A tight, comfortable plus-size will make you feel comfortable. Besides the style, you need to pay attention to the fit. It should fit properly. Unlike the standard bra, it should also look good on you. A good plus-size intimate should also be comfortable. The size should also be based on your height and body type. If you’re unsure of your size, it is best to go for a small-cupped one.

Choosing plus size intimates is no mean feat. Many women make the mistake of going out and 

The best plus size intimates for you

The best plus-sized intimates for you should look delicate and support the body. Luckily, there are now many designer brands of plus-sized lingerie available for purchase. You can shop for a variety of styles, including balconies, bracelets, and more. Whether you’re searching for a lingerie set with a sexy design, or just something more basic, you can find it online.

How to measure, how to find your intimates size?

First, you need to know your bust measurement. This measurement should be taken at the fullest part of your bust. You need measuring tape for this job. 

Bust measurement

Wrap a measuring tape around your rib cage. Then measure the length from the band to the longest toe. Measure the width from the widest part of your foot to the heel. For your waist, remember to measure the width from the center of your belly button to your crotch. The bust measurement should be taken at the fullest part of the bust.

Band measurement

A bra band size is the measurement around your bust. In the U.S., band sizes are measured in inches and are equal to women’s underbust circumferences. The band size is the equivalent of the underbust circumference. Then, the cup size is the measurement around your breasts. For the band, you should round the measurement to the nearest whole number. 

Intimates Plus Cup size

The difference between the bust size and the band size is the cup letter or cup size. Your cup size is the difference between the two measurements.
For example: If the Band Measurement is 36” and the Cup Measurement is 41”, there is a 5” inch difference. According to the chart your cup size is a DD, your full bra size is a 36 DD.


Intimates sizing and models explained


Shopping for plus-size intimates can be an experience in itself. Most plus-size garments fall into the sizes 14-34, but there are some that are even larger. Fortunately, manufacturers and designers are starting to cater to the needs of full-figured women. In years past, curvaceous women were left with limited options and had little choice when it came to fitting apparel. Now, these plus-size garments are available in all colors, sizes, styles, and fabrics, so there’s no reason to go without them.

If you’re shopping for plus-size intimates, it can be daunting at first. It’s important to keep in mind that lingerie is usually not returnable. Because of the nature of these types of clothing, most pieces tend to run small, so it’s essential to consider buying a plus-sized item even when you feel you are not precisely plus size. Remember also that many plus-size retailers don’t even offer plus-size pieces. Fortunately, you can find plus-size women’s clothing online or in their local stores.

Got any questions or concerns? Please feel free to raise them and we’ll be more than happy to help you. 

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