Plus Size Socks Size Chart and Styling Guide for Men and Women

There are three quick reasons why it is crucial to know the right size of your socks before you buy. First, they will make you feel more comfortable and will last longer. Second, they will be easier to fit. Third, the wrong size will most likely slip down your feet. So, it is essential to find the correct size for your plus socks before you purchase them. Whether you want to wear them for work or to relax at home, choosing the right size is crucial (skip straight to the plus size socks size chart). 

Plus Size Socks Size Chart and Styling Guide for Men and Women
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Plus-Size Socks Size Chart Table of Content

How should a proper plus-size sock fit 

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A proper plus-size sock fits perfectly if the toe part lies flat and sits about two finger-widths below the knee crease. If the toe area is too big, you may not be comfortable wearing them. Conversely, a small sock might cut into your legs or ankles and restrict circulation. If the toe portion is too large or too small, you should size it down.

When you choose a pair of socks, look at the heel and toe area. Most of them will have a separate toe area that is separated by a seam. If it’s too small, you should choose a larger size. However, if the toes don’t fit snugly, you should go for a smaller one.

How to find the best Plus size socks size explained (video)

How To Find The Right Sock Size for You by Fort Belvedere

Plus Size Socks Size Chart

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A decent Socks Size Chart is crucial for finding the right fit for yourself when shopping for plus-size socks. You should always use a sizing chart to help you determine the proper fit. Also, consider how you wear your socks. For example, if you wear tall order socks, the heel should be colored differently than the rest of the foot. Then, choose a sizing chart that will work for your body type.

You must refer to the seller’s custom size chart when buying. 

Universal Plus size socks conversion Chart

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 Women Men  

Women’s Plus-size Socks sizing chart

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UK1-2.53 – 4.55-6.57- 8.58-9.59-10.510-11.512-1414.5-16
USA3.555.5 – 77.5 -99.5 – 11.512-13.512.5-14.515-16.517-1919.5-21
EUROPE32-34 –35 – 3738 – 4041 – 4344-4748-5152-5556-5859-62

Plus size compression sizing chart

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 Ankle Calf Length 

Socks sizes are generally given by reference to shoe sizes. However, you can use the same sizing chart for both men’s and women’s socks to ensure you buy the right size. Depending on your country, you will need to use the correct size chart for example UK, Canada, and Australia. 

How to choose the right plus-size socks

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The most important step in choosing the right plus-size socks is determining the length of your foot. Most sock size charts give you the length of your foot as a reference. For more accurate measurements, stand on a ruler and measure the longest part of your foot. Note that the sock band should be at least two finger widths below the crease of your knee.

The best plus-size socks for you

There are several options from which you can choose the best plus-size socks for you. The most common ones include knee highs, nonbinding tops, thigh highs, no-shows, over-the-knee, long socks, and ankle socks. The sizing of your feet can make a huge difference when buying the best plus-size socks. If you have a narrow foot, you may not be able to find a pair of socks that fits snugly around your ankles.

Knee-high socks

The main benefit of plus-size knee highs, for example,  is their extra-wide design, which is great for taller women. Those with large calves will also appreciate the graduated compression, which helps to minimize swelling and soreness. It also promotes better blood flow, reducing the risk of DVT and muscle cramps.

Non-binding top socks

Plus size sock with a non-binding top will eliminate pressure and prevent blistering. A seamless toe reduces the infection and eliminates the possibility of blisters. Wide calf socks are recommended for pregnant women, the elderly, and those with circulatory problems, diabetes, or edema. They can also be line-dried. 

Thigh-high socks

Thigh-high socks are great for the winter. They are perfect for long-sleeved women’s shoes and flats. They are very comfortable and look great. And, because they’re made from a blend of cotton and polyester, they’re very breathable. Moreover, they’re stretchable and comfortable enough to wear with any type of shoe. However, they’re expensive, so it’s important to find a pair that fits your needs and your budget.

Women’s and men plus size socks

While men’s and women’s socks are similar, some are more fitted. For example, a woman’s foot is wider than a man’s, so a man’s size may not be as big as a woman’s. While sizing for men isn’t gender-specific, women’s and men’s sizing aren’t the same. Buying a pair that fits snugly and comfortably is a good idea.

How to measure your plus-size socks

How do I know my size in Plus-size socks?

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The first step is to measure your foot. Use a pencil to trace your foot and measure the length of the long side. Afterward, you can use the size chart to find your sock’s measurement. 

Regarding socks, the length of the foot is an important consideration. You can use the shoe size to get a general idea of how long your foot is. If you aren’t sure, you can stand on a ruler and measure the length of your foot. This is the approximate length of the foot, so if you are buying socks, choose a size that corresponds to your shoe size. Be aware that the length of your foot will vary depending on how much weight you’re wearing, so don’t try to cram your feet into the shoe. 

To measure your foot circumference, you can use a tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your foot and squeeze it gently, without causing too much pain. It’s important to remember that the measurement you take should be on both feet.

Over-the-knee socks for plus-size review (video)

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you wear thigh-high socks with big thighs?

Thigh-high socks are great and carry health benefits. There are some simple tricks to wearing thigh-high socks with big thighs if you have big thighs. One of them is layering. Thicker leggings and tights will grip thigh highs and help keep them in place. Another tip is to wear fishnet tights underneath, giving you extra support and keeping your socks from sliding down.

Another option is to purchase a pair of thigh-high socks with bows. You can find ribbon or velvet bows in various colors and patterns. If you are wearing thigh-high socks with tights, consider pairing them with a skirt that matches the thigh-high socks.

What is the largest size for compression socks?

The largest size for compression socks is 5XL. It is important to note that they are in various sizes for men and women (small, medium, and large). Most of the sock sizes are unisex, so you can order yours based on the length and circumference of your feet. Some larger sock sizes are made for men and women with larger feet.

Compression socks are graduated, so they get tighter at the bottom while loosening up as you wear them. This way, your blood circulation is not cut off. 


Once again, it is important to know the right size before you buy big-size socks. Socks that don’t fit properly will slide down your feet and stick above them. A properly fitting pair of plus-size socks will also prevent blisters. Before you purchase a pair of these, always remember to measure your foot length.

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