Adidas Socks Size Chart and conversion

When wearing a great pair of adidas shoes, forums, yeezy’s, … you need a pair of socks. Adidas Socks size chart is the starting point to match your sock size to your favorite shoe size.

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adidas Solid Crew Socks 3 Pairs size
Adidas Solid Crew Socks 3 Pairs size

Adidas Socks Sizing Conversion table

XS34-362 – 3.5
S37-394.5 – 5.5
M40-426.5 – 8
L43-458.5 – 10
XL46-4811 – 12.5
XXL49-5113 – 14.5
KXS16-180K – 2K
KS19-213K – 5K
KM22-245.5K – 7K
KL25-277.5K – 9.5K
KXL28-3010K – 11.5K
KXXL31-3312.5K – 1

Adidas KIDS’ Socks Size chart

Sock SizeUS Kids’
Shoe Size
S9C – 1Y
M13C – 4Y
L3Y – 9

A full kids socks size chart for boys and girls by age you can find here

Adult Adidas Socks Size Chart

Socks SizeUS Women’s
Shoe Size
US Men’s
Shoe Size
M5 – 10N / A
L10 – 12 +6 – 12
XLN / A12 – 15

Adidas Socks height explained

Adidas Cushioned Ankle Socks size
Adidas Cushioned Ankle Socks size

Sock Height by Inches

Measure from the heel to the cuff of the sock. Explanation by type of sock you can find below

Sock HeightMen / UnisexWomenKids
No Show Hidden / Invisible2″1.75″
No Show Socks / No Show Tab3.5″2.75″
1/4 (Quarter) Socks5.5″5.5″4″
Shorty Socks5.75″
Micro Crew Socks8.5″7.5″6″
Crew Socks10.5″8.5″7.5″
Boot Socks11″10.5″
Mid-Calf Socks12″
Over-the-Calf / Knee High Socks17″16.25

How Do I Find My Adidas Sock Size?

What You Will Need to measure your shoe size & foot width at home with the best possible accuracy:

  1. Two pieces of paper, letter or A4 size will do
  2. A pen or a pencil
  3. A ruler
  4. Measuring tape or a string
  5. A friend (recommended, but not essential)

How to measure your foot size, or from your kids feet

Time to measure your feet in just 2 minutes.

In the below explainer post you will discover how easy it is to measure your feet.
To make it easy we summed up our tips :

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon. It’s good to know our feet swell during the day, that’s why it’s best to measure your feet in the late afternoon
  2. Stand When Measuring (this can be skipped for babies) When in a wheelchair, you don’t need to stand up while taking foot measurements
  3. Measure both feet Human beings rarely have similar feet (left or right). Take the measurement of your biggest foot to check sock sizes.
  4. Stand on your piece of paper Foot size measurement for wheelchair users can be done without standing
  5. Start drawing Put your pen or pencil 90° on the surface you’re drawing on, and move slowly around your foot.
  6. Measure the length of your feet Use a ruler to take measurements of the longest part of your drawing
  7. Find your width fitting by drawing Use a ruler to take measurements of the wides part of your drawing, closest to the toe area. Socks come only in 1 size, but than you know your size for shoe sizes as well
  8. Determine your size in the conversion charts

Picture in this post by Anderson Djumin on Unsplash

Adidas socks sizing explained (crew socks)

Adidas socks sizes (crew socks) explained by Aeronz

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