Adidas SL20 Size Chart and Fitting

The Adidas SL20 Running shoes are a great neutral game and training running shoe in the collection of Adidas! As comfort and performance is one of the key features, find below the complete Adidas SL20 Size Chart and Fitting guide.

Feel the Lightness…

In this article you’ll discover:

Adidas Shoes Size Conversion Charts with more parameters can be found here.
Find out How to measure your shoe size correctly here.

Women Adidas SL20 Runners Size Chart

The Adidas SL 20 Runners for women Size Chart. Find your perfect ladies size running shoe.

US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
58.7″22.1 cm3.536220
5.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *225
69.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *230
6.59.2″23.3 cm538235
79.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *240
7.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *245
89.7″24.6 cm6.540250
8.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *255
910.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *260
9.510.2″25.9 cm842265
1010.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *270
10.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *275
1110.7″27.1 cm9.544280
11.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *285
1211.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *290
12.511.2″28.4 cm1146295
1311.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *300
13.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *305
1411.7″29.7 cm12.548310
14.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *315
1512.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *320
15.512.2″31.0 cm1450325
EU Sizes with a * are typical Adidas sizes. When in doubt, measure your feet: the result will show the correct EU size conversion.

Men Adidas SL20 Runners size chart

The Adidas SL 20 Runners for men Size Chart. Find your perfect MEN size running shoe.

US Size
Heel – Toe
in Inches
Heel – Toe
in cm
48.7″22.1 cm3.536220
4.58.9″22.5 cm436 2/3 *225
59.0″22.9 cm4.537 1/3 *230
5.59.2″23.3 cm538235
69.4″23.8 cm5.538 2/3 *240
6.59.5″24.2 cm639 1/3 *245
79.7″24.6 cm6.540250
7.59.8″25.0 cm740 2/3 *255
810.0″25.5 cm7.541 1/3 *260
8.510.2″25.9 cm842265
910.4″26.3 cm8.542 2/3 *270
9.510.5″26.7 cm943 1/3 *275
1010.7″27.1 cm9.544280
10.510.9″27.6 cm1044 2/3 *285
1111.0″28.0 cm10.545 1/3 *290
11.511.2″28.4 cm1146295
1211.3″28.8 cm11.546 2/3 *300
12.511.5″29.3 cm1247 1/3 *305
1311.7″29.7 cm12.548310
13.511.9″30.1 cm1348 2/3 *315
1412.0″30.5 cm13.549 1/3 *320
14.512.2″31.0 cm1450325
1512.4″31.4 cm14.550 2/3 *
1612.7″31.8 cm1551 1/3 *
1713.0″32.6 cm1552 2/3 *
1813.3″33.5 cm1753 1/3 *
1913.7″34.3 cm1854 2/3 *
2014.0″35.2 cm1955 2/3 *
EU Sizes with a * are typical Adidas sizes. When in doubt, measure your feet: the result will show the correct EU size conversion.

Why Choose for Adidas SL20 Runners

When your running shoes are comfortable, you don’t think about your feet. You think about going a little farther. Or a little faster.

  • BREATHABLE COMFORT: A lightweight mesh upper has a supportive feel.
  • DEPENDABLE GRIP: Continental™ Rubber outsole gives you extraordinary traction in wet and dry conditions.
  • SNAPPY FEEL: Lightstrike midsole cushioning delivers the optimal balance of lightweight and responsiveness.

Measure your feet for the right size of your SL20 Runner

How do the Adidas SL20 Runners fit and how to define the perfect fitting SL20 trainer?
10 easy steps to measure your feet correctly:

  1. Measure your feet in the afternoon.

  2. Stand When Measuring (you can skip this step for toddlers)

  3. Wear socks

  4. Be precise

  5. Measure both feet

  6. Stand on your piece of paper

  7. Start drawing

  8. Measure the length of your feet

  9. Find your width fitting by drawing or with measuring tape

  10. Determine your size in the conversion charts

Adidas SL20 Running review

A great no nonsense review by ProDirect

Adidas SL20: Fitting Guide and Tips.

How do the Adidas Sl-20 fit?

The Adidas SL20 fit true to size
When you’re in between sizes: For tight fit, go one size down / For a loose fit, go one size up.

Does Adidas SL20 have Eco-Friendly models?

Yes, the SL20 PRIMEBLUE LIGHTWEIGHT RUNNING SHOES are made with recycled materials.
Good for the oceans Primeblue features Parley Ocean Plastic® which is made from recycled waste that’s intercepted from beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the ocean.

Are Adidas SL20 good for running in warm weather?

There are more breathable and thin upper runner shoes on the market, but the SL20 SUMMER.RDY SHOES LIGHTWEIGHT RUNNING SHOES are made for the heat.

Do Adidas SL20 runners come in Children’s sizes?

No, The Adidas SL20 shoes come from EU size 36, UK 10, US 10.5. So, starting from 8 years old your kids can wear the Runners.

Are Adidas SL20 Running shoes easy to clean?

Adidas Runners are designed for the streets, mud, trail etc…, so they’re likely to get dirty. On the whole, they’re super durable and low maintenance.
Carefully remove the insoles and laces from your SL20 – insoles SHOULD NOT go into the washing machine. Put the shoes in the washing machine on the delicates cycle (cold water). The Laces can be washed using a linen bag or by hand for the best result. Use a gentle detergent and avoid bleach at all costs.
Do NOT tumble dry – air dry your Adidas SL20. Reinsert the insole and laces and get on with your day.
Our main preference is to clean your Adidas SL20 by hand, with a brush and a wet cloth.

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