Adidas Gazelle Sizes

If you plan to buy a sneaker and wonder about the Adidas Gazelle size that fits, the charts below provide the help you need. One thing you may have to bear in mind, however, is that Gazelle run slightly narrower than most regular Adidas footwear.

Adidas Gazelle Sizes
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The line is produced to give customers a unique athletic feeling and smart look. Adidas Gazelle comes in various shoe sizes and is available for every age group. However, Gazelle shoe sizes vary widely among age groups, regions, and countries of the world.

You may need to pay attention to your girth measurement when you place your order, especially if you have wide feet.

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Adidas Gazelle Sizes Table of Contents

Adidas Gazelle Men’s Size Chart

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US – Men’sUKEUJPHeel-toe measurement (Inches)Heel-toe measurement (cm)
43.5362208.722.1 cm
4.5436 2/32258.922.6 cm
54.537 1/32309.022.9 cm
5.55382359.223.4 cm
65.538 2/32409.423.9 cm
6.5639 1/32459.524.1 cm
76.5402509.724.6 cm
7.5740 2/32559.824.9 cm
87.541 1/326010.025.4 cm
8.584226510.225.9 cm
98.542 2/327010.426.4 cm
9.5943 1/327510.526.7 cm
109.54428010.727.2 cm
10.51044 2/328510.927.7 cm
1110.545 1/329011.027.9 cm
11.5114629511.228.5 cm
1211.546 2/330011.328.7 cm
12.51247 1/330511.529.2 cm
1312.54831011.729.7 cm
13.51348 2/331511.930.2 cm
1413.549 1/332012.030.5 cm
14.5145032512.231.0 cm
1514.550 2/312.431.5 cm
161551 1/312.732.3 cm
171652 2/313.033.0 cm
181753 1/313.333.8 cm
191854 2/313.734.8 cm
201955 2/314.035.6 cm

Adidas Gazelle Women’s Size Chart

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US – Women’sUKEUJPHeel-toe measurement (Inches)Heel-toe measurement (cm)
53.5362208.722.1 cm
5.5436 2/32258.922.6 cm
64.537 1/32309.022.9 cm
6.55382359.223.4 cm
75.538 2/32409.423.9 cm
7.5639 1/32459.524.1 cm
86.5402509.724.6 cm
8.5740 2/32559.824.9 cm
97.541 1/326010.025.4 cm
9.584226510.225.9 cm
108.542 2/327010.426.4 cm
10.5943 1/327510.526.7 cm
119.54428010.727.2 cm
11.51044 2/328510.927.7 cm
1210.545 1/329011.027.9 cm
12.5114629511.228.5 cm
1311.546 2/330011.328.7 cm
13.51247 1/330511.529.2 cm
1412.54831011.729.7 cm
14.51348 2/331511.930.2 cm
1513.549 1/332012.030.5 cm
15.5145032512.231.0 cm
14.550 2/312.431.5 cm
1551 1/312.732.3 cm
1652 2/313.033.0 cm
1753 1/313.333.8 cm
1854 2/313.734.8 cm
1955 2/314.035.6 cm

Adidas Gazelle Youth and Teen Size Chart

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UKUSEUHeel-toe measurementHeel-toe measurement
33.535.58.521.6 cm
3.54368.722.1 cm
44.536 2/38.922.5 cm
4.5537 1/39.022.9 cm
55.5389.223.3 cm
5.5638 2/39.423.8 cm
66.539 1/39.524.2 cm
6.57409.724.6 cm
77.540 2/39.825 cm

Adidas Gazelle Children’s Size Chart

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UKUSEUHeel-toe measurementHeel-toe measurement
10k10.5k286.516.6 cm
10.5k11k28.56.717 cm
11k11.5k296.917.4 cm
11.5k12k307.017.8 cm
12k12.5k30.57.218.3 cm
12.5k13k317.418.7 cm
13k13.5k31.57.519.1 cm
13.5k1327.719.5 cm
11.5337.920 cm
1.5233.58.020.4 cm
22.5348.220.8 cm
2.53358.321.2 cm

Adidas Gazelle Babies and ToddlersSize Chart

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UKUSEUHeel-toe measurementHeel-toe measurement
0k1k163.28.1 cm
1k2k173.59 cm
2k3k183.99.8 cm
3k4k194.210.6 cm
4k5k204.511.5 cm
5k5.5k214.812.3 cm
5.5k6k225.012.8 cm
6k6.5k235.213.2 cm
6.5k7k23.55.413.6 cm
7k7.5k245.514 cm
7.5k8k255.714.5 cm
8k8.5k25.55.914.9 cm
8.5k9k266.015.3 cm
9k9.5k26.56.215.7 cm
9.5k10k276.316.1 cm

Learn more about Adidas Gazelle sizing (video)

adidas Gazelle: Everything You Should Know by Jacques Slade

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Adidas Gazelle true to size?

Adidas Gazelle is made in the European continent with the global market in mind. Therefore, you may find it fitting differently for you if you are in the American market, just like every other Adidas regular wear.

However, Adidas’ sporting product line remains perfectly true to Adidas’s footwear sizing.

Do Adidas Gazelle fit big or small?

Adidas Gazelle is slightly narrow. Therefore, no matter where you are buying from, chances are high that you’ll experience them to be quite smaller than your expectations, especially if you have wide feet.

However, with consistent use, you’re likely to adjust and match your normal size.

Are men and women Adidas Gazelles the same?

The design is the same but there are slight differences in measurements and dimensions. Women’s feet are always slightly smaller than men’s. Therefore this was taken into consideration in the design. You will find the female Gazelle smaller and narrower than the men’s.

Do Gazelle trainers stretch?

Addidas Gazelle is made from Suede, Polyester, Plastic and Leather. They hardly stretch in all directions. However, there’s a tendency to expand and fit your normal size if you purchase a few sizes smaller than your real size.

And they have a much shorter tongue due to the compact design.

Are Gazelle shoes unisex?

Yes. Gazelle is designed for most men’s and women’s foot sizes. The only difference between the men’s and women’s gazelle is the size difference.

The women’s size is generally smaller than the men’s. Therefore men’s gazelle comes in a larger size than women’s.

These size exchanges are effected to make room for the structure of the female foot. For more details, you can check the Adidas shoe size chart and size guide above.

What is a women’s size 6 in Men’s Adidas?

Size 6 is in the medium size range for Adidas gazelle. You’ll usually find it in the 9.5 inches foot measurement or 23.5 cm.

How wide do Adidas Gazelle run?

Adidas Gazelle runs small in most cases. They have a narrower midsole and smaller tongues than most Adidas designs. The aim is to give the buyer a smart look, just like the one you get when you put on a pair of running shoes.

If you are buying from outside the US, you may find gazelle that fits your ideal foot size. However, US buyers may need to size up to get your perfect size.


Adidas is known for its quality and durability. But you’ll only derive pleasure from using this brand, especially the Gazelle line if you buy the size that fits.

Remember that Adidas Gazelle are narrower than most Adidas products you’ll find on the market. Therefore, it should influence your buying decision.

You may have to go a size larger to get the best fit. However, if you buy the wrong size. Most Adidas stores have a great return policy.

Although the return shipping may cost an additional fee. It is why you need to ensure you know what you’re buying before placing your order or contacting sellers.

If you have questions, leave them in the comment section. Also, share the article with others and spread the knowledge.

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