Sexy Lingerie Plus Size Chart for Women

Plus size lingerie has always been a hard-to-find item in stores because plus size women are less likely to be able to find their size in stores. The plus-size lines are usually only mixed in with the standard sizes, which means that plus-size women have to deal with trying to find their size among the other sizes and then carrying the clothes into the dressing room. So how on Earth do you find sexy lingerie plus size options (skip straight to the sexy lingerie plus size chart)?

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That’s why we prepared this easy-to-understand sexy lingerie plus size chart for you!

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How do you choose sexy lingerie plus size? 

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Choosing sexy plus-size lingerie is a process. Finding lingerie that fits well and compliments your body is the first step. Here’s sexy lingerie plus size chart you can use based on your height and weight. 

Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg) Weight (lbs/kg)

Note: Brands have different measurements set out for them. These are only guidelines, and they will vary depending on each brand. Check the body measurements for each product before deciding to purchase. 

Measuring the Bra Size

Using a tape measure, wrap it below the breast here you will get the band size or the band measurement, then use the same measuring tape measure around the breast to get the bust size.  Read a full detailed plus bra sizing how to here

To get the bra size minus the band size from the bust size. The result will be the cup size. The bra size will be your band size + cup size. It is also important to consider the division between the chest or from breast to breast. 

1 inch or 2.54 cm = A Cup2 Inch or 5.08 cm  – B Cup3 Inch or 7.62 cm = C Cup4 Inch or 10.16 cm= D Cup
5 Inch or 12.7 cm= DD Cup6 Inch or 15.24 cm = DDD Cup7 Inch or 17.78 cm = F Cup8 Inch or 20.32 cm = G Cup
9 Inch or 22.86 cm = H Cup10 Inch or 25.4 cm= I Cup 11 Inch or 27.94 cm = J Cup12 Inch or 30.48 cm = K Cup

After determining your size, find a lingerie type that will offer the body coverage you need. From there, you can choose a color and fabric type.  The wrap style is a great choice if you are looking for something more conservative, as it drapes nicely on the body.

The first step is always a challenging task. Finding clothes that fit perfectly is difficult because all people are built differently. Some are taller than others, some have broader shoulders, and some are smaller. This also means that waistlines vary in height and circumference, which makes it hard to find clothes that fit well.

Feeling confused yet? No need to worry. 

Read on for the easy-to-understand sexy lingerie plus size chart of each lingerie type. 

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Sexy Lingerie Plus Size Chart 

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Nowadays, more and more plus-size lines are being introduced into stores and online.

These infinite options allow plus-size women to choose from different lingerie pieces, such as corsets, chemises, bodysuits, bustiers, babydolls, teddies, and more. Here’s a look at the common lingerie pieces and their size charts that will guide you in choosing the lingerie that perfectly fits your body. 

Babydoll and Chemise Plus Size Chart

Babydoll plus size lingerie is a lingerie garment created to provide the look, feel, and comfort of a nightgown or negligee. The garment is typically composed of a long-sleeved, floor-length chemise with spaghetti straps, often made of lace, chiffon, silk, velvet, satin, or cotton. A babydoll often has a low-cut front with the back being at or near the mid-back. 

Please refer to the Babydoll and Chemise bust and waist sizing chart below for a measurement guide:

SizeBust (IN/CM)Waist (IN/CM)Length (IN/CM)
XL34.3 – 38/87-9732.3/8225/64
2XL36 – 42/91-10733/8425.4/65
3XL39.4 – 44/100-11234.6/8826/66
4XL42.5 – 48/108-12236.7/9326.4/67
5XL46.4 – 52/118-13238.8/9926.8/68

Corsets and Bustier Plus Size Chart

Corsets and bustiers are a must-have for any woman with curves. The bustier is the perfect undergarment to accentuate your natural waist and center your upper body. Corsets and bustiers are made of stretchy materials like lace, mesh, or satin that hug the body for a beautifully contoured look. 

Check the Corsets and Bustier corsets sizing chart below for the measurements of each size:

SizeBust (IN/CM)Waist (IN/CM)Hips (IN/CM)

Bodysuits and Teddies Plus Size Chart

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Bodysuits are foundation garments that support and shape the torso, usually featuring elasticized armholes and leg openings. This type of lingerie is an ideal undergarment for women with large breasts or full-figured women, who may find it difficult to fit into bras or find the right size. Bodysuits are typically worn under clothing for a smooth silhouette but are also enjoyed as outerwear in some cases.

Teddies lingerie should be not too revealing or tight. It should not be too low-cut or show too much cleavage. It should not be too tight or show any panty lines. It should not be too short and should not show any underwear lines.

Here’s a sizing conversion chart with measurements for bodysuits and teddies: 

SizeBust (IN/CM)Waist (IN/CM)Hips (IN/CM)

Pro tip:  If you are not sure of your size, I would err on the side of caution and go with the larger size. It is better to be too large than too small and be uncomfortable around your body. A larger size means that the underwear will be more secure and feel more comfortable.

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In order to purchase the perfect-fitting plus-size lingerie, you’ll need to know how to measure yourself properly according to the size chart. Compare your body measurements to the size charts and you’ll find your perfect lingerie in no time.

Did this article help explain how to choose lingerie using size charts?

What are you waiting for? Purchase and flaunt that sexy curves. 

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