Babydoll Size Chart – Lingerie Sizing Guide

A Babydoll size Chart is useful for determining the correct sizes when shopping. A babydoll is a ladys’ dress that is short and sleeveless. Sylvia Pedlar invented types of dresses around 1942. It’s sometimes referred to as sexy chemise.

Sylvia didn’t actually like the name and never used it despite the fact that she was the inventor. The name babydoll was then popularized by the movie Baby Doll that was released in 1956. The Babydoll movie starred Carroll Baker who played the role of a nymphet. From here onwards, the name, style, and trend of babydolls shot up in popularity. They still remain popular today. 

The Modern Babydoll

The modern babydoll is highly considered adult apparel of erotic nature, normally categorized as a kind of lingerie. Most adult babydolls often show the woman’s legs in full, while some styles are intentionally designed to expose the breasts.

Of course, a good number of women love it this way, and the designers know this too well. Babydolls give a feeling of confidence, freedom, high self-esteem and generally make a woman feel great about herself. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Babydoll

Just like any other clothing you are going to buy, there are certain factors that will always help you to select the best babydoll based on your personal preferences, body type, and purpose. Here are some of the key factors to look out for when shopping for a babydoll or a chemise. 

1. Body shape and size

Body shape is the most critical factor to consider when choosing a babydoll. You definitely want lingerie that will accentuate your cute body, conceal any flaws and ultimately bring out the very best in you. Fortunately for babydolls, most designs can go comfortably with many body shapes.

For example, an all-one piece that is not so tight can fit most ladies with a tummy.  Lingeries made of sheer fabrics and hang freely will fit many slim women while those with opaque fabrics can still do magic for tummy women. 

2. Sleeves

It’s no secret that most women love sleeveless babydolls. When designed well, they can be stunningly alluring, sexy, and classy. But it’s also true that not all women fancy the sleeveless types. Some prefer not to expose their shoulders.

If you belong to this category, then the short sleeve types will do you well. If you are the type that does not fancy showing even your arms, then go for long sleeves. Semi-sleeves are not the very best as they can make you look indecisive or lost, so avoid them unless you are a diehard fan. If you have wide shoulders, then try Halterneck babydolls to give your shoulders that flattering appearance. 

3. Color

When it comes to clothing, color rules the game. Different colors evoke different feelings and imaginations. You want to choose a different color for different occasions, assuming you will be buying more than one lingerie of course. 

If you want to appear and feel slim, go for black. Light colors are great for boosting. Red does a great job if you want to feel and appear passionate, though it can attract a lot of attention. Our general advice is that you go for a color that makes you feel the maximum comfort. You want to ultimately feel good about yourself, flattered and sexy! After all, what is the purpose of a babydoll?

4. Fabrics

As you might know, different fabrics have different qualities. Some can be soft, some rigid, some itchy, rough, etc. A common type such as opaque lycra performs perfectly well when it comes to concealing general body flaws, chiffon, and sheer lycra is great at giving a sexy appearance while lace is nicely feminine. Whichever fabrics category you choose to go for, be sure to get crucial factors right, including waist size, bust measurement, hip measurement, thigh measurement, and waist measurement.

5. Bust size

The bust is one of those areas you must always give a lot of attention to.  Go for underwire-free babydolls if you have a small bust size. You can also boost the appearance of the bust by going for a babydoll that has rushes and ruffles in the area around the bust line.

Some babydolls come with built-in bras, so be sure to check and verify that they fit within your usual bra size. You can utilize a bra size chart provided by the company you are ordering from. Different companies produce a wide array of sizes to cater to different bust sizes, so you should not have a challenge finding the correct size for yourself. 

6. Panties

You might be surprised to learn that panties are also a critical factor to consider when deciding which babydoll lingerie to go for. If you are the daring type, then you will most likely consider wearing a babydoll without a panty. But if you are not the daring type, then choose panties that match well with the colors of your babydoll. Of course, the panty size must be the correct one. You can use the manufacturer’s panties size chart to make sure you are picking the correct sizes for your body. 

Other equally important factors to consider include band size, cup size, and dress size (you don’t want to end up with an oversize or undersize). Most importantly, please make good use of size charts including our lingerie size chart to get the correct size for yourself.  Depending on what you are buying, most companies these days have many types of charts including swimsuit size charts and pajama size charts. 

Finding Your Size With Babydoll Chart

Lingerie is one of those garments that come most close to your skin, always in contact, always in touch. Because of this direct contact with your skin, it’s very important that you find a size that is accurate to avoid irritation and discomfort. You might be surprised to learn that it is estimated that about 80% of women in America and in fact around the world are not aware of their lingerie size. The reason why most women have no idea of their sizes is that they don’t know how to measure, have never thought of being measured or it’s very long since they took measurements. 

If you are one of those who has no idea about your lingerie size and are looking forward to buying one soon, then you need to measure yourself right away, before you even start to shop. Knowing your measurements is the surest way to comfortably find that perfectly fitting lingerie. 

When measuring, ensure that the bra you are wearing at that moment is free of any additional padding. Otherwise, it is perfectly normal to take measurements with the bra on or off, it doesn’t make any big difference. You can use a stringed ruler if you don’t have a tape measure, though a tape measure is advisable. You will definitely need a notebook and a pen to record the measurements. 

Using the Babydoll Size Chart

It is perfectly understandable if you are finding it difficult to get the correct lingerie sizing for your lovely body. It can be totally exhausting with all the various size categories you need to understand, measure, and get it right. You can imagine having to crack your head with stuff like European lingerie size, exact lingerie size, international sizes, size in tops, size in bottoms, skirt size, etc.

This is enough to make you just want to appear in a lingerie shop, throw a few lingeries into the basket, and head to the cashier. Let’s not even get started with men looking to buy lingerie as gifts for their women. 

But stress not. In the current age of technology and innovative designs, you have all the resources at your disposal to help you find your lingerie measurements within the shortest time possible. Most companies now have taken care of this by providing charts and guides that you can easily maneuver to find the right size.

Babydoll size chart

This chart is only a guide that should help you to get an idea of the size that is most likely to fit you best. You can use your current dress or even bra size as a reference point when using this chart. Please refer to our guide on how to take measurements. Otherwise don’t worry, you are going to get your size. 

Babydoll SizeDress SizeHips

How to Measure your perfect babydoll size

Be sure to do all the measurements with the aid of your mirror as this is the only way to ensure your measurements are correct. Stand straight up in front of the mirror then take each piece of measurement right across each area. No gapping. And please don’t pull the tape measure too tight.

1. Waist size

Look for the smallest part of your abdomen then wrap the tape measure around this part. Try bending side to side to ensure the tape is properly aligned. 

2. Hip size

For the hip measurement, look for the fullest part of the hips. Then wrap the tape measure around this full area. 

3. Band size

The tape measure needs to be placed directly under the breasts and take the measurements all around the rib cage. The band measurement can be a little snugger. This is because this is the item that correlates with the elastic band of the bra which fits beneath your breasts. Though fractions are not bad, you can round off the number you get whenever you encounter fractions. 

Take the number you get, add five to get your band size which should be even by the way. So for example, if you get 31, add 5 to get 36 as your band size. Any odd number should be rounded upwards. For example, if you get 37 (after adding 5), then you should round it up to get 38 as your band size. 

4. Bust size

Locate the fullest part of your bust then wrap the tape measure around here. Take the measurements while ensuring the tape measure remains very straight at the backside. The tape measure should not fit so tightly though. Make it a bit loose and don’t apply any unnecessary pressure. Too much pressure will spoil the opportunity to get accurate measures.

5. Cup Size

The cup size is arrived at by using both the bust size and band size measurements. The formula is so simple: 

Cup size = Bust size -Band size

For example, if your bust size is 38 and your band size is 35, then your cup size will be:

Cup Size = 38-35 = 3

But hold on though. Your cup size will not be just 3. When it comes to naming or numbering cup sizes, the cup size number (for example the 3 above) is used to denote a cup with corresponding letters; starting from number 1 for letter A. So 1 corresponds to letter A  (if the difference between bust and band is 1 ),  2 for letter B (if the difference is 2), 3 for letter C (if the difference is 3 ), etc. Let’s say maybe the difference between bust size and band size is 1 inch. Since 1 corresponds to A in the alphabet, this will be named A Cup. If the difference is 2 inches, on the other hand, then this will be B Cup. A difference of 3 gives us a C Cup. See demonstration  below:

  • 1 inches difference: A Cup
  • 2 inches difference: B Cup
  • 3 inches difference: C Cup
  • 4 inches difference: D Cup
  • etc.

Plus Size Babydolls

When it comes to fashion, plus-size women might often tend to shy away from looking for sexy clothing like lingerie, probably out of the imagination that the market might not have options designed for them. This is obviously not true and you don’t have to worry at all whether you will be able to find the right size for you if you are plus size. The babydoll is considered one of the best lingerie styles when it comes to self-flattery, so you don’t want to miss out on this lovely experience, regardless of your body type. Luckily, the manufacturers and designers are on top of their game and they are always producing sizes for all types of bodies that can ever be imagined. 

M1034”- 37”27”- 30”38”- 41”
L1238”- 41”31”- 34”42”- 45”
1X14/1642”- 45”35”- 38”46”- 49”
2X18/2046”- 49”39”- 42”50”- 53”
3X22/2450”- 53”43”- 46”54”- 57”
4X2654”- 57”47”- 50”58”- 61”
5X2858”- 61”51”- 54”62”- 65”
6X3062”- 65”55”- 58”66”- 69”

* Please note: These measurements are only a guide

All the top lingerie companies have a wide range of plus-size babydolls or chemises, making it so easy to find one that will flow perfectly with your lovely body. Whether you want a babydoll that allows some extra exposure for that extra sizzle or you want one that offers some comfortable coverage, your tastes are well taken care of. You will always find the best babydolls that will match your mood, accentuate your sexy curves, and of course flatter you. Why not!


Lingerie is amazing to wear, and finding the correct size for yourself is one step closer to getting the right lingerie. The babydoll lingerie is one of the hottest lingerie trends. Nothing makes you feel so alive like lingerie, and the babydoll type goes a notch higher given their sizzling appearance and freedom.

Remember that different companies are always coming up with different designs, so be sure to compare widely before you go for your own top picks. Whether you are small size, medium, large, or even extra-large, you can be certain that you will be able to find perfectly fitting lingerie to ‘kill’ that look. Take your time though. Look around wisely and even when you don’t find your type in one store, go to the next one. You will eventually land your match. 

We hope you have enjoyed it. And since it is a girl thing to help a fellow girl, please do the needful and share this resource with your friends, colleagues, and even family members. A quick share on social media will go a long way. 

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