Figleaves Size Charts

Figleaves is an online lingerie company, established in 1998 by Daniel Nabarro. The company was first founded in the United Kingdom and was the foremost internet retailer to specialize in lingerie, targeting a female-only market. The brand’s popularity however spread beyond the UK to the United States by 2002 and then began to gain international recognition across the globe. In 2010, the company was acquired by N Brown Group, its website was later shut down in 2021 and absorbed into (skip straight to the Figleaves Size charts).

Figleaves Size Charts
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The brand offers an array of ladies’ underwear, bikinis, loungewear, and swimsuits known for being classy, while being highly affordable and of high quality. All products come in different styles allowing each look to be unique. Some of their products come in sexy lace, flirty florals, and sexy two-piece or one-piece swimwear allowing women to pick their ideal choice.

In addition, products come in various sizes (bust sizes) ranging from extra small to extra-large sizes. It is important to pick the right size when placing your order to avoid having to return or exchange an already purchased product. Besides, fitting lingerie is very important as wrong-sized lingerie, especially the wrong bra size, can cause back pain or some other discomfort.

This article contains the Figleaves size chart as well as answers to some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about Figleaves sizes; thus, this article will serve as a guide towards picking the right Figleaves size for you.

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Figleaves Size Charts Table of Contents

Figleaves Size Charts

Figleaves Swimsuit, Bikini, and loungewear Sizing Chart

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Figleaves SizingNumeric sizeBust (in)Bust (cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)Hip (in)Hip (cm)
XS628 – 3271.1 – 81.322 – 2555.9 – 63.532 – 3581.3 – 88.9
S833 – 3583.8 – 88.926 – 2866.0 – 71.136 – 3891.4 – 96.5
M1036 – 3891.4 – 96.529 – 3173.7 – 78.739 – 4199.1 – 104.1
L1239 – 4099.1 – 101.632 – 3481.3 – 86.442 – 43106.7 – 109.2
XL1441 – 43104.1 – 109.235 – 3788.9 – 9444 – 46111.8 – 116.8
2XL1644 – 46111.8 – 116.838 – 4096.5 – 101.647 – 49119.4 – 124.5

Figleaves Bra Size Charts

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Band sizeCup Volume
3030B30C30C½30D32D½30E30E½30F 30G      
36   36A36A½36B36C36C½36D36E36F36G35G36H  
38     38A38A½38B38B½38C38D38E38F38G38H38I
40       40A40A½40B40C40D40E40F40G40H
42          42B42C42D42E42F42G
44           44B44C44D44E44F

Figleaves Band Size Chart

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Rib CageBand Size

Figleaves Cup Sizing Chart

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Difference Between Bust & BandCup Size

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are Figleaves brand bras true to size?

Yes, Figleaves runs true to size although there have been some complaints about some of their designs running a little small. To be sure, always take accurate body measurements and compare them with the sizing charts above to determine your accurate Figleaves sizing (especially your accurate bra size).

Does Figleaves run big?

No, Figleaves essentially run true to size and sometimes small, depending on the design. It is important to always take accurate body measurements, however, before placing an order for your Figleaves product.

Does Figleaves still sell Underwear?

Yes, Figleaves does still sell a mix of swimsuits, underwear, swimsuits, and loungewear.

Does Figleaves have plus sizes?

Yes, Figleaves has plus-size products. Depending on the design you might be able to find plus-size Figleaves products. In other words, while Figleaves does not specialize in plus-sized clothing, they do have some designs targeted at plus-sized customers. 

What’s the smallest Figleaves size?

The smallest Figleaves size is a US 8 in bikinis, swimsuits, loungewear, and nightwear. For a bra, the smallest Figleaves size is a size 30B.

What are the size types in Figleaves?

For nightwear, swimsuits, and loungewear bikinis, Figleaves sizes include XS, S, M, L, XL, and XXL. For bras, however, Figleaves has the conventional bra numeric and sizing letters ranging from 30B to 44F. It is important to pick the right bra size whose cup comfortably accommodates the breast tissue; this is even more important for people with fuller busts who will require larger cup sizes.

Taking accurate body measurements is the only way to know your breast size and true bra size, thus, is important 


Figleaves is an online lingerie retailer known for offering an assortment of underwear and swimsuit sets for women. Although the company has been absorbed and its website shut down, the brand continues to offer some of the highest quality underwear and swimsuits. This article above contained the Figleaves size chart to assist in picking the right size, it also contained answers to some of the internet’s most frequently asked questions about Figleaves.

Remember that although the company’s website has officially shut down, they still produce items that can be found on famous online retailer sites such as ASOS, Next, and Belle Lingerie. Figleaves essentially runs true to sizer for most of their designs, with size-types ranging from XS to XXL for nightwear, loungewear, swimsuits, and bikinis, and size types ranging from 30B to 44F for bras. They also produce underwear targeted at plus-sized customers.

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