Gucci Bra Size Charts and Fitting Guide

But what is a Gucci bra? And why is a good Gucci bra size important?

Gucci has invested years of research and development towards coming up with designs of high-end bra that gives the best look to ladies of all age group.

Gucci Bra Size Charts and Fitting Guide
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Interestingly, Gucci bra is designed to provide every lady with an eye-popping display of elegance just like a reality star: especially Tulle Lingerie. Below is a collection of Gucci bra size charts and guides to help you select the ideal bra size that fits your personality and style. 

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Fashion is no longer about how people see us, it also involves how you feel about yourself. Choosing the ideal Gucci bra size gives you the ultimate feeling of confidence and comfort. It also helps you project your best self for the world to see.

Table of Content of Gucci Bra Size Chart

Gucci Bra Size Chart

The chart below presents a detailed guide to help you determine the ideal Gucci bra size for your body type.


Gucci Bra Size Chart (the United States measuring at Home)

Underbust (in inches)Band Size Difference (in inches)Cup Size
27-2828 0AA
29-3030 1A
31-3232 2B
33-3434 3C
35-3636 4D
37-3838 5DD
39-4040 6DDD
41-4242 7G
43-4444 8H
45-4646 9I
47-4848 10J
49-5050 11K
51-5252 12L
53-5454 13M
55-5656 14N
57-5858 15O

Gucci Bra Size Chart (the United Kingdom measuring at Home)

Underbust (in inches)Band Size Difference (in inches)Cup Size
27-2828 0AA
29-3030 1A
31-3232 2B
33-3434 3C
35-3636 4D
37-3838 5DD
39-4040 6E
41-4242 7F
43-4444 8FF
45-4646 9G
47-4848 10GG
49-5050 11H
51-5252 12HH
53-5454 13J
55-5656 14JJ
57-5858 15K

How to Choose The Right Gucci Bra Size

Before choosing your Gucci bra size, it is vital to keep the band size and cup size in mind. Measuring these two sizes helps you identify the bra that fits perfectly. The tips below provide suggestions that would help you determine your band size and cup size

How to Determine the Best Gucci Bra Size for You

There is a Gucci bra size for every body type. Following these tips would help you decide the one that’s best for you. A full body measurements post is here

1) Try on the bra and raise your arms
The essence of this step is to check how the band fits with your rib. IF the band shifts freely with the movement of your arms, the bra may not be ideal for you.

2) Check how the cup size fits your bust
When trying the bra on, check to see how the cup fits the bust, if you notice that there is spillage in front or the sides of the bra, the bra may not be ideal for you. You may have to go a cup higher. Likewise, if you notice some wrinkles on the cup, it may be a sign that the cup is a little too big for you. Always look for a cup size that fits perfectly with your buts, covering the contour of the breast without any form of spillage. 

3) Ensure the strap sits well
A bra with a strap that constantly slips off your shoulder is not ideal for your body type. Likewise, it is not also ideal for the bra strap to dig into your shoulder. However, most Gucci bra comes with adjustable straps. 

How to Measure Your Band Size

You’ll need to wear your best-fitting bra to get this step done. An unpadded bra is best for this step. In case you are unable to identify the best-fitting bra, use any bra of your preferred size.

Wrap a tape measure (tape rule) around your rib cage, just below your bust. Ensure to pull it firm but not too tight. Note the number on the measure. Round up the number to the nearest whole number if it falls in-between. 

When measuring, ensure that the tape measure is parallel to the floor. The number you get in this step forms your band size. Repeat the same step, and move the tape measure over the bust to get the cup size. 

However, for the cup size, ensure that the tape rule is not too tight when taking the measurement to avoid buying a smaller cup size. 

Use the size chart provided above to determine your ideal band and cup size. Remember to round up the measurement to the nearest whole number. Also, remember to take the overbust measurement in the fullest part of the bust. 

However, if you are looking to give Gucci bra out as a gift, it is best to have the recipient follow the steps too. Tulle Lingerie makes a perfect gift to give to loved ones.

What Does a b c d mean in the Gucci bra size chart?

The alphabet in notation in Gucci bra size is used to denote the difference between the measurement of the band size and overbust. It is not only found in the Gucci brand, all major brands including Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, etc.,  make use of the notation to help customers determine their ideal bra size. The alphabet is used to determine the cup size of the Gucci bra.

Are there larger sizes of Gucci bra than DDD?

Yes. The Gucci bra sizes are designed to conform to the demand of regions and countries where they are sold.

What’s the size of the b75 Gucci bra?

A b75 Gucci bra size is in the range of small to extra small. The b denotes the difference between the band size and the cup size while the 75 denotes the band size (using the cm measurement). Other sizes include Bra size 34B, B75, 77A etc.

Gucci Bra sizing explained

Gucci Bra sizing by Flora Law


Unlike getting the size for shoes, figuring out Gucci bra size could be a little technical. However, following the techniques above helps you determine your size.  If you have questions or difficulties, point them out in the comment below. Also, remember to share the content with friends that would find it valuable.

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