Gucci Sunglasses Size and Fitting Guide Small – Regular – Large

Gucci manufactures more than leather bags. They are one of the manufacturers of designer glasses with a loyal customer fan base. A pair of glasses from Gucci is easily identified by the bold style that makes even a regular frame size appear like oversized sunglasses (skip straight to the Gucci Sunglasses Size Chart).

Gucci Sunglasses Size and Fitting Guide Small - Regular - Large
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Feminine styles are also popular, styles like cat-eye glasses and bold-framed glasses. Finally, there is the amazing logo of the interlocking letter G.

The character of the lineup makes the typical potential customer wonder why Gucci sunglasses are so expensive and if Gucci sunglasses are worth it in the first place.

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Gucci Sunglasses Size Chart

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  Lens Size (mm)Frame size (mm)Temple Size (mm)
Small49 – 5460 – 70110 – 130
Regular55 – 5771 – 80131 – 142
Large58 – 6380 – 90142 – 160

How to measure your Gucci Sunglasses size?

How do I know my size for Gucci Shades?

Complete Gucci sunglasses size how to measure
Complete Gucci sunglasses size how to measure

What is the most famous style of Gucci sunglasses?

Unlike their watch lineup, there is a wide variety of styles of sunglasses that are popular. Several icons of style throughout the decades are influenced by their personal style and always end up with a collection of designer sunglasses.

For women, the most-loved styles based on star rating are all polarized options of oversized shield styles of rectangular frame sunglasses. This is why whenever you see women wear Gucci, they usually have a large lens with an interesting color code. Not necessarily because the woman has a large eye size but usually because she loved that size.

Popular styles for women include the following:

  1. Gucci Horsebit is Oversized with a lens width of 62mm.
  2. Gucci Cateye GG0803S with a lens width of 58mm.
  3. Gucci Interlocking GG0954S003 with a size of 50-64mm.

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For men, there is a multitude of style sensibilities. Some men choose to stay modern with any of the newer tint models, some choose to go more personal with the custom exclusive offers, and others prefer the retro feel of the classic sunglasses.

A popular style for men includes the following:

  1. Gucci Web Navigator GG0200S001 with a lens width of 57mm.
  2. Gucci GG Lens GG0941S with a lens width of 60mm.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many different Gucci sunglasses models are there?

If we ignore color and size codes, there are 71 models of Gucci sunglasses. Then 60 older models are now sold under the tag of vintage. These are models mostly from the 70s, 80s, and 90s.

How many different Gucci sunglasses sizes are there?

There are three ranges of size for Gucci sunglasses: Small, Regular, and Large. The ranges have several different sizes based on lens width, frame size, and temple length measurements.

What’s the most famous Gucci sunglasses model?

The most famous models of Gucci sunglasses have usually been styles of classic aviator sunglasses. The GG0062S 03 Pilot is the item model number of the most popular Gucci sunglasses. The Pilot is an aviator-shaped sunglass with an eye size (lens width) of 57mm and a nose bridge (lens bridge) of 17 mm.

What is the most common Gucci sunglasses size?

The most common size is referred to as Regular. The Regular size has a lens size of 55 to 57mm and a temple length of 132 to 142mm. Bridge size is usually negligible due to Gucci’s frame refinement technology.

What is the biggest Gucci sunglasses size?

The biggest size of Gucci sunglasses is made with a lens width of 64mm and a temple length of 160mm.

What to look for when buying oversized Gucci sunglasses?

Gucci Oversized Sunglasses by Zoe

How to check the authenticity of Gucci sunglasses?

Every authentic Gucci comes with an identification number called the “model number. The model number is inside the left temple arm of the sunglasses. The number is written before the lens color code and frame measurements (size code).

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Gucci has great customer service and special services but how does one become a customer? They are one of the most counterfeit-prone brands. Buying from street vendors is the perfect way of ending up with fake sunglasses with a plastic frame.

We wish you well in your shades journey. To help others avoid any shady business, share the article and leave your thoughts behind in a comment.

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