Necklace Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Adults and Children

What is the standard necklace size? Necklaces at the standard (or princess) length, are typically 45cm or 18-inch; this size is the most popular and will work in most scenarios. This is likely your go-to length if you’re looking for a necklace or pendant daily. (skip straight to the Necklace Size Chart).

Necklace Size Chart and Fitting Guide for Adults and Children
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The term “necklace” refers to jewelry worn around the neck. Necklaces are said to be one of the first forms of human adornment. Because they are often fashioned of expensive metals and stones, they are frequently used for ceremonial, religious pendants, magical, or burial purposes. They symbolize wealth and rank

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Necklaces Table of Content

Variety of Necklaces

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  • Lavalier necklace: This chain-type necklace ends in one large pendant or tassel. Sometimes there may be additional smaller pendants dangling from the main stone.
  • Festoon necklace: this kind of necklace is often wrongly identified but should have swags or drapes of chain, beads, or metal parts forming the design
  • Sautoir necklace: This is a very long style necklace usually made of pearls, beads, or chains
  • Choker necklace: This is a short-length necklace that is worn closely around the neck
  • Bib necklace: This is constructed with a substantial band that is wider at the front and tapers towards the back
  • Collar necklace: This is a necklace that lies flat to the body rather than a more free-style hanging necklace
  • Chain necklaces: These are generally made of durable materials such as gold, silver, or stainless steel.

Other necklaces include; a pendant necklace, a triple strand which comprises three strands, a fringed necklace, a graduated necklace, and a book necklace.

necklace size chart
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Different types of necklace lengths

Choker necklaces

Typically between 35 and 41 centimeters (14 to 16 inches) long. A highly common length for choker necklaces is 16 inches. It sits exactly against the clavicle and is flattering to most women.

Princess necklaces

The most standard necklace size, measures 18 inches ( 46 cm long). They are both longer and shorter than chokers and matinee necklaces. With any pendant or focal point just below the collarbone, the princess necklace is a universally flattering style.

Matinee necklaces.

A matinee necklace typically measures 22 inches (56 cm), resting just below the collarbone and above or to the center of the bust. This necklace can be worn alone or combined with other necklaces of a shorter length. High necklines and matinee necklaces go well together.

Opera necklaces

A long necklace ranges from 28 to 36 inches (71 to 91 cm). They rest just above the waist and below the bust. They are adaptable products because, if desired, they can be double-looped around the neck to function as a choker.

Rope necklaces

Typically measure 36 inches (91 cm) or more in length. They can be cinched just below the center of the chest or around to sit on.

As a result, it’s crucial to think about how the necklace’s length will look on your body. It’s crucial to think about your neck, height, body type, and facial shape when choosing the right chain length for your necklace.

Necklace Size Chart

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Children’s Necklace Length Chart

1 Year8-1220.32-30.48
1-4 years10-1225.4-30.48
5-8 years12-1530.48-38.1
8-13 years14-1635.56-40.64
Teens 14+16+40.64+

Necklace length based on women’s body size chart

 Child/Teen Small Medium Large 
Body sizeInchesCmInchesCmInchesCmInchesCm
Collar size1538.11640.641845.722050.8
Choker size1640.641845.722050.82460.96
Princess size1845.722050.82460.963076.2
Matinee size2050.82460.962871.123383.82
Opera size2563.52768.583076.2N/LN/L
Rope sizeN/LN/L3076.2N/LN/LN/LN/L

Men’s Standard Necklace Size Chart

Collar  Necklace1845.72
Choker Necklace2050.8
Princess Necklace2255.88
Matinee Necklace2460.96
Opera Necklace3076.2
Rope Necklace3691.44

How to choose the right necklace size and the best necklace size for you

The correct necklace may be the focal point of a woman’s body and can really pull any outfit together. As a result, it’s crucial to think about how the necklace’s length will look on your body. It’s crucial to think about things like your neck, height, body type, and facial shape when choosing the right chain length for your necklace.

  • Neck Size. Before buying any necklace, especially a choker, take the time to measure your neck if feasible. The simplest way to measure your neck is to gently wrap a soft measuring tape around your neck gently. Add two inches to your neck measurement for a comfortable length for chokers, normally 16 inches; add four inches to your neck measurement for a wonderful length for a pendant or name necklace, which is usually strung on an 18-inch chain for ladies. Chokers are best suited to people with long necks, while those with short necks should avoid them.
  • Height. When choosing the perfect necklace chain to flatter your body shape, keep in mind your height. 16 to 20-inch necklace lengths look best on women under 5 feet 4inch. A long necklace can be overwhelming on a petite frame. Women between the heights of 5 feet 4inch and 5 feet 7inch can wear any length of the necklace. Taller women with a height of 5 feet 7 inches or above can wear any length necklace. Longer chain-style necklaces, which emphasize a tall frame, look best on taller ladies.
  • Body Type. When it comes to necklaces, keep in mind that people’s eyes will naturally stop at the point where your necklace stops, so avoid necklaces that terminate there if you don’t want them to. A long thin chain or long layered chain would look excellent on a woman with a smaller bust. Full-figured women should avoid necklaces that sit below the breast line since they will not hang properly. Instead, choose a necklace that sits somewhat higher on the body, such as one that is an 18 – to 22-inch necklace
  • Face Shape. Aside from being an adornment, necklaces also serve to frame your face. Like a body type, a necklace can help you enhance your strongest facial features and change how people see your face.

    Women with round faces should avoid short necklaces or chokers since they will enhance the roundness of their faces.

    Oval-shaped faces may wear practically any shape, length, or type of necklace, so they can take advantage of any necklace fad.

    Persons with long faces who want to broaden and soften the curve of their faces should wear shorter necklaces. Necklaces that are short and circular will not increase in length. Look for choker and princess necklaces that are 16inch to 18inch long.

Learn more about how to select the right necklace size (video)

How to select a Necklace Length for a woman by Dazzling Paws Jewelry

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the standard necklace size?

Necklaces at the standard (or princess) length, typically 45cm or 18-inch, are the most popular and will work in most scenarios. This is likely your go-to length if you’re looking for a necklace or pendant to wear daily.

What is a size 16 necklace?

One of the more common necklaces is a “choker.” A 16-inch necklace that fits like a choker sits just above the collarbone. This is one of the most popular women’s necklace lengths and is excellent for tiny frames.

What is the average necklace size for a woman?

The most frequent chain length for women’s necklaces is 18 inches. This size is appropriate for a lady of medium height and weight.

Is a 24-inch necklace/chain too long?

20-24 Inch Medium Chain Length

This is the most popular chain length among customers. A 20–24-inch chain is usually worn between the first and second buttons on a collared shirt.

Where does a 20-inch chain fall?

A 20-inch necklace falls a few inches below the collarbone, ideal for women who prefer breathing room with chains. With a higher neckline, this length chain looks best.

The 20-inch chain is the most popular length for men’s necklaces, and it will most likely lie between the first and second buttons on a man’s shirt or at the collarbone. This necklace’s length allows it to be worn inside and outside a shirt.


Purchasing a new necklace is thrilling, but before making a decision, consider the pendant’s appearance and the length of the chain. It’s important to think about chain or necklace length in terms of aspects other than your dress and personal style.

Necklaces or chains are available in five various lengths for ladies and four different lengths for men, according to industry standards. When worn correctly, jewelry can draw attention to your best qualities while drawing attention away from those you’d prefer to hide. Our chains do not contain the pendant’s size; while choosing a chain, keep in mind that the pendant’s size should be between 1-2 inches.

Chain lengths are used to calculate necklace lengths. While there are a few typical necklace lengths, you should consider your own dimensions and other considerations when choosing the appropriate necklace size. To measure a necklace, use a ruler or tape measure to estimate the chain length. Use that measurement to see if the necklace is perfect for you or someone you care about.

It’s important to note that the style and alterations gave to a necklace determine its meaning. Necklaces are an amazing representation of love and any sentiment someone would want to keep close to their heart because of where they are worn. With a range of engraving possibilities to suit your style, giving a necklace a customized meaning is simple. Necklaces are a terrific way to create heartfelt jewelry that can be appreciated for years, whether commemorating a birth, love, commitment, or friendship. All the best as you go shopping for the perfect necklace that fits your body type, dress code, style, and taste.

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