Printable Ring Size Chart and Measuring Tips

When you’re shopping for rings, it’s important to get the correct size. Sizes vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, and even from style to style. So how can you be sure you’re getting the right size? (skip straight to the Printable Ring Size Chart).

Printable Ring Size Chart and Measuring Tips
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The best way to determine your ring size is to go to a jeweler and have them measure your finger. However, if you don’t have time or don’t live near a jeweler, you can measure your ring size at home with a printable ring size chart.

In this post, we’ll provide a printable ring size chart and show you how to measure your ring size.

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Table of Content of Printable Ring Size Chart

What is a printable ring size chart?

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A printable ring size chart is a handy tool for measuring your ring size at home.

Printable ring size charts can be found online, and you have to input your measurements to get a precise reading. This is a convenient option if you’re shopping for rings online and want to ensure you’re getting the right size.

See the printable chart below:

Free Printable Ring size Chart - Ring Sizer Online
Free Printable Ring size Chart – Ring Sizer Online

To be sure about the measurements this chart will give you, please print it at 100%. The ring size should cover the circle in such a manner that the circle touches the inside part of your ring. 

Printable Ring Size Chart

US printable ring size chart

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US sizeInside diameter Inside circumference 
Printable Ring Sizer
Printable Ring Sizer

International Printable Ring Size Chart

Ring Diameter (MM)Ring Diameter (inches)United KingdomFranceGermanyJapanSwitzerland
22.20.872Z + 169222729¼
22.60.888Z + 1.57122.631

How to Measure Your Ring Size

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  1. Wrap a piece of paper or string around your finger.
  2. Measure the length. This is your inside circumference.
  3. Then use the chart above to find your size.

Always download a printable size chart to find your perfect fit! This will help you measure your ring size at home and avoid any unnecessary trips to the jeweler, most of the time. The jeweler should be the last resort.

Simply print out the PDF, cut out the ring’s outline, and follow the instructions to find your size. We recommend rounding up to the next whole size if you’re between sizes.

How to use the printable ring size chart

Here’s how to find your perfect ring size:

  1. Download the ring size chart by clicking on the link below.
  2. Print the ring size chart. Ensure the print is set to actual size (100%), not shrink to fit.
  3. Cut out the ring size chart and carefully measure your finger. The black line on the ring size chart should be aligned with the base of your finger, and the arrow should be pointing to your finger’s thickness measurement.
  4. Match up your measurement with the closest size on the ring size chart. If your measurement is in between two sizes, we recommend choosing the larger size.
  5. Keep in mind that ring width can also affect fit, so if you’re choosing a wider ring, we recommend going up a half size from your measured finger size.
  6. That’s it! You now have your perfect ring size. Enjoy shopping for that perfect ring!

Why Ring Size Is Important

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Rings come in all shapes and sizes, but did you know that not all rings fit all fingers? That’s why it’s important to know your ring size before you go ring shopping.

A ring size chart is a perfect tool for finding your size. You can print one out and take it with you when you go shopping, or use it to measure your finger at home.

There are a few different ways to measure your ring size, but the most common is to use a string or a strip of paper and wrap it around your finger. Measure where the ring would sit when worn, and not too tightly or too loosely.

Once you have your size, you can use it to find the perfect fit for you. Rings come in half sizes, so if you’re between sizes, we recommend going for the smaller size.

Ring Size Chart for Women and Men (Printable PDF Version)
Ring Size Chart for Women and Men (Printable PDF Version) by threadcurve

Tips For Proper Measurement

When measuring your finger for a ring size, it’s important to ensure it is as accurate as possible. Here are a few tips to help you get the most accurate measurement:

  • Ensure the measuring tape is snug, but not too tight when measuring your finger.
  • Try to measure your finger at the end of the day, when it’s at its largest size.
  • Measure in millimeters for the most accurate reading.

If you’re still having trouble determining your ring size, or you live outside of the United States and need a conversion chart, a printable ring size chart will come in handy. You can print it out and take it with you when you go to pick out your perfect ring!

What to Do if You Can’t Find Your Size

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If you can’t find your size on the ring size chart, don’t worry! You can do a few things to get your perfect ring size.

One option is to go to a local jeweler and have them measure your finger. This is the most accurate way to find your size, as different manufacturers have different sizing scales.

Another option is to use a ring that currently fits you and measure it using a ruler. This won’t be as accurate as having a jeweler measure your finger, but it’s a great way to get an estimate.

You can always order a ring size kit from a recognized brand online if all else fails. This kit includes a metal ring sizer that will help you find your exact size.

How accurate are printable ring size charts?

Many people wonder if printable ring size charts are accurate.

The answer is, yes! Ring size charts are accurate to within a half size. This means that if your ring size is 7.5, your ring will measure between a 7 and an 8 on the ring size chart.

However, it’s important to note that not all ring sizes are created equal. Some rings are made in half sizes, while others are made in whole sizes only. If you’re between sizes, it’s always best to go with the larger size to ensure a comfortable fit.

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Important steps to assure the most accurate measurement

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Here are a few tips to make sure your ring size measurement is as accurate as possible:

  • Ensure the tape measure is snug, but not too tight when measuring.
  • Round your measurement up to the nearest whole number. This will be your ring size.
  • If you’re between sizes, we recommend going for the larger size.

Once you’ve determined your ring size, you can use a printable ring size chart to find the best fit for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you download the full-size printable ring sizer chart?

Yes, you can! Once you have your measurements, find the corresponding size on the chart and use a ruler or measuring tape to measure the circumference of your finger. Remember that men and women have different fittings. So if you want to buy a ring for men, use a printable ring size chart men. 

It’s also important to note that ring sizes can vary depending on the country, so be sure to measure in the correct unit of measurement. For US ring sizes, use inches and make sure it is a printable ring size chart in the US. For UK ring sizes, use millimeters and be sure it is a printable ring size chart UK.

Once you have your measurement, find the corresponding size on the chart and you’re ready to shop!

Are all ring size charts the same?

Ring size charts can differ depending on the brand or retailer. For example, if you are looking to buy a pandora ring the pandora printable ring size chart will help a great deal! 

Print out the ring size chart on a standard piece of paper. Cut out the ring sizer and cut on the solid line. Put the ring sizer on your finger and make sure it’s snug enough that it can’t move around.

Look at the number indicated by the red line and find that measurement on the chart. That number is your ring size! You’ll need a ruler or a tape measure to get an accurate measurement. Wrap the tape measure or ruler around the base of your fingers where you would wear your ring. Make sure to measure in millimeters for the most accurate reading.

How to Measure Your Ring Size at Home

Measuring your ring size at home is simple and only takes a few minutes. All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and a ruler or tape measure.

First, cut a strip of paper about 1-inch wide and 6-inches long. Wrap the paper snugly around the base of your ring finger. Make sure the paper is parallel to the floor and that it isn’t too tight or too loose.

Using a pen, mark the spot where the paper meets itself. Do this for the other fingers as well. You can then use a ruler or tape measure to get the circumference of your ring finger in millimeters. This number is your ring size!


Whether buying a ring as a surprise gift or for your fingers, getting the size right is important. As we have seen, a  printable ring size chart makes it easy to measure your finger and find the perfect fitting ring. With this handy guide, you can shop with confidence and find the perfect ring for yourself or your loved ones. Finally, whatever chart you use, always ensure it is an accurate printable ring size chart. 

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