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One of the most popular jewelry brands is by far Pandora. As rings are a big part of their collection we handle the Pandora ring sizes and conversion table below. Whether you already know your size and are looking for a few tips, or you have no idea where to start, this expert Ring size guide for Pandora jewelry will help you find the perfect size every time! Easily convert your finger circumference into US, UK, EU sizes. Learn how to measure your ring size at home.

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Pandora Ring Sizes Chart

Pandora ring sizing by circumference

Pandora CircumferenceEuropeanUSUK
44 mm443f1/2
46 mm463.75h
48 mm484.5h1/2 – i1/2
50 mm505j-k
52 mm526l – l1/2
54 mm547m1/2 – n1/2
56 mm567.5o – p
58 mm588.5p1/2 – q1/2
60 mm609r1/2 – s
62 mm6210t1/2
64 mm6410.5v

Pandora ring sizes chart and conversion by diameter

Ring DiameterEuropeanUSUK
14 mm443f1/2
14.6 mm463.75h
15.3 mm484.5h1/2 – i1/2
16 mm505j-k
16.5 mm526l – l1/2
17.2 mm547m1/2 – n1/2
17.8 mm567.5o – p
18.5 mm588.5p1/2 – q1/2
19 mm609r1/2 – s
19.8 mm6210t1/2
20.4 mm6410.5v

The impact of the Ring Profile and Ring Width

Pandora offers an extensive choice in many rings and in different widths. The profile shape and width have a major influence on the size of the ring. Time to highlight this as well in this Pandora Ring Sizes Chart.

Rings that have a convex profile on the inside slide much easier on the finger than rings that are straight on the inside.

Ring Width Size Chart and conversion guide

Pandora Rings for men and women come in many widths.
Below is a chart that shows common ring widths in millimeters converted to inches.
If you have a ruler close to you, it is easy to visualize how wide the ring you are about to order will be. Width in rings does matter for comfort and wearing of the ring: Narrow rings are easier to put on and take off than wide rings.

Cartier Ring Band Size Chart Converting millimeters to inches

Conversion Ring Width MMConversion Ring Width Inches
2 mm0.07″
4 mm0.15″
6 mm0.23″
8 mm0.31″
10 mm0.39″
12 mm0.47″
14 mm0.55″
16 mm0.62″
18 mm0.70″
20 mm0.78″
mm to inches ring width size conversion table

If you don’t happen to have a ruler nearby, you can use something simple like a coin that is round and simulates the width of a ring. Like a 5¢ US nickel. The thickness of a nickel is 2 mm thick.

FINE Ring Width
Fine rings are 2-3 mm wide.
Narrow rings are 5-7mm wide.
WIDE Ring Width
Wide rings are 8-10mm wide. Most used for larger hands.

How do I measure my Pandora ring size I need?

You have found the Pandora Ring you want, and you would like to buy it.
How do you know if the ring fits properly? In the below “how to measure your ring?” section you will find some easy ways how to determine your Pandora ring size.

Below you will find three common ways to measure your ring size right at home.
Ring sizes are displayed in different ways. In the above ring size charts, we have added both Inner Diameters as Ring Circumference in millimeters and inches which you can convert to the size. Other brands choose to use the inner circumference as the size. Sometimes the American ring size is also used. It’s not difficult in itself, but a bit confusing every now and then. We almost always use the inner diameter, because it is the easiest to determine yourself.

How do I know my Pandora Ring Size?

Time needed: 2 minutes.

Determining your ring size can be done in a number of easy ways. Let’s look into some ways

  1. Ring size and temperature: Take ring measurement of your fingers on different times of the day

    If you are going to measure your ring size, you have to take into account one important detail: your fingers expand with heat.
    This can happen on hot days in the summer, but also in a warm room.
    It is advisable to measure your ring size at different times of the day. For example, do this in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Then take the average of all measurement moments to find the ideal size for your Pandora ring.

  2. Measure the diameter with a ring

    The easiest way to determine a ring size is on the basis of a ring that fits you well and is comfortable. This way is also useful if, for example, you want to surprise someone with a ring and you do not want to ask them about their size. You can then easily ‘borrow’ a ring to measure.
    Measure ring size with a ruler
    Take the matching ring and place it centered on the measurement units of a ruler. Place the inside of the ring at 0 cm and read the number of millimeters on the other inside. This is the inner diameter ring size. We use the diameter ring size the most. You can look up in the table which circumference ring size belongs to that.

  3. Measure the circumference without the ring

    If a suitable ring is not available, it is best to estimate the diameter of the ring by using a ribbon or string.
    Measure ring size with a ribbon or string
    Loosely wrap the ribbon or string around the finger on which the ring will be worn and cut it where the ribbon meets. Measure the piece that remains with a ruler in millimeters. The length of the ribbon is the circumference of your finger and therefore the circumference ring size you need. You can easily look up the diameter ring size in the table above.
    Measure the ring size with paper, scissors and pencil
    You can also cut a strip of paper to wrap around your finger for this method. You can then simply mark the size with a pencil or pen. Measure the length along a ruler. You measure the circumference ring size that you need.
    Measure the ring size with a paper strip and pencil

  4. Use a tape measure

    This is not a very accurate method, but it is easy and fast. The advantage is that a measuring tape is nice and wide, so you measure over a somewhat larger part of the finger. Proceed as follows: Wrap the measuring tape around the finger and read the number of millimeters where the tape meets again. The length you now have is the inner circumference of the ring. You now know the circumference ring size of the finger. You can look up the diameter of the ring size in the table above.

  5. Consider your knuckle Size.

    when you have large knuckles, you should order half a size bigger than what your finger ring size measurement alone shows, otherwise it will be very unlikely you can slide your ring into the right place.

  6. Use a Caliper of go to a jeweler

  7. Check your Pandora Ring measurements in the above Ring Size Charts

Pandora Ring Sizing explained

Pandora Ring Sizes: how to measure your ring size at home? by Christian Jewelry

Convert Ring size Diameter and Ring Size Circumference into US Ring sizes

You will find a size chart below to find the ring size. On the left is a list of diameters in millimeters. If you know the diameter, you can look up the corresponding circumference size to the right of it. In the middle you will find the circumference size in millimeters. If you know the circumference size of the finger, you can look up the diameter size to the left of it.

Diameter ring size (mm)Circumference ring size (mm)US ring size
Ring Diameter and Ring Circumference to US Ring Size Converter

You can easily convert your ring size using this table. For example, if you know your US size or UK size, or you know the diameter of your ring size, you can read in the table which ring size you should choose in shopping for your ring, wedding ring, engagement ring, etc…

When converting your ring size, the same applies to measuring the ring size: if you do not arrive at a standard size as indicated in the ring size table, then choose the nearest (larger) size.

Picture in this post is the triple Pandora ring and can be found here

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