Qalo Ring size chart for men and women – Ring size for active people

Silicon Rings are jewelry for active people. Qalo Ring size is slightly different compared to normal ring sizes. All questions answered in the below qalo size charts. Understanding all about ring size systems, you can read it here

Are QALO rings true to size? The Classic QALO rings run about a half size snug. So round UP in any of those rings. Example: traditional size 9 OR 9.5 rounds up to size 10. Qalo rings made of Q2X or the Athletics Perforated rings run more true to size.

QALO is an American jewelry company with headquarters in California. It primarily produces wedding band, engagement rings and commitment rings made from silicone rather than traditional metal. QALO is an acronym for “Quality Athletics Love Outdoors.” QALO silicone rings are designed to be more comfortable and safer than the metal bands of traditional wedding rings. They are marketed towards active individuals and outdoor enthusiasts with an active lifestyle and certain professionals who can’t wear a metallic ring all the time. Advantages of a qalo ring over a traditional metallic ring are many. 

1. QALO silicone rings wrap naturally around the skin, grip well, and repel sweat and water. They are less slippery when wet and don’t move around like metal. 

2. Silicone doesn’t conduct heat and electricity like metal. QALO is safe in situations where exposure to electricity might occur.

3. Silicone is a radically durable material. The rings are a hybrid between synthetic rubber and plastic polymer and they don’t chip at the edges or bend at the tip or scratch on the surface like metal does. Qalo always remain unaffected by household chemicals.

4. Traditional wedding ring sizes have a broader price range than qalo. A qalo that is an accurate-sized ring is cheap to own and this is one of their greatest advantages. A typical one costs about 20 to 40 dollars while a custom made ring costs about 50 to 80 dollars.

The World Of Qalo

At the time of this writing, silicon wedding bands has become one of the more popular styles over traditional rings and hard-metal rings. Attention on silicon rings was born by a community of customers who want affordable rings. They need cheaper rings without a compromise in style. Durable, long-lasting rings with traditional wedding rings sizing. 

The two largest producers of these halo styles of collections of rings (Qalo Rings and Enso rings) are both on the list of the 500 fastest-growing private companies. They provide a wide range of flat silhouette comfort fit rings with an aesthetic engraving of several elegant designs. These customizable designs offer a broader range of customized rings than metal wedding rings. The extensive range of affordable, high-quality options moves from slim options to custom options of a broader design. Although some people claim that the expensive rings that make up the classic band engagement ring collections have a sturdier design. However, the color options qalo stackable rings makes every delicate style a possibility. They are made from 25-40 grades of silicone and therefore protect the finger from damage at the point of contact. In fact, the grade of silicone can be easily varied at the engraving facility; and exact grades can be mixed together for an exact finger despite the range of sizes.

How To Choose The Right Qalo Ring Size

Wearing the wrong ring size damages your finger and if you wear it for long enough, it will affect the functioning of your hand. This could lead to further damages beyond the finger that is carrying the ring. Some people focus on resizing, but resizing can damage the ring as it weakens the metal. 

Qalo rings on the other hand can not be resized and therefore the wrong size is a complete throw off. There is only one affordable option when dealing with qalo rings. Measure your finger and buy the correct size silicone ring right off the bat. Silicon ring sizing is pretty similar to that of traditional rings. To measure a finger for the right qalo ring size, you will need a ruler, a strip of paper or a piece of string and a pen or pencil

1. Wrap the strip of paper (or string) around the base of the finger that you plan to wear the ring on

2. Mark the point where the ends meet and the paper overlaps with the pen (or pencil).

3. Measure the strip of paper with a ruler. Always use millimeters, never measure your size in inches.

4. The measurement you have now is the “circumference”. Divide this circumference by 3.142 and you will get the diameter of your current ring size

5. Pick the closest measurement on the ring size guide below to find your ring size.

Alternatively, you can use a flexible measuring tape. 

1.Wrap the measuring tape tightly around the exact finger that will wear the ring.

2. Note the two numbers on the point where the flexible tape measure a overlaps once it goes one circuit round your finger.

3. Subtract the smaller number from the larger number and you have the circumference.

4. Divide the circumference by 3.142 and you have the diameter.

5. Check the charts for the nearest measurement to yours.

Read a full how to measure your ring size post here

Qalo Ring Size Chart For Women

Silicone ring sizing for women is quite straight forward. The band needs to easily slide down without fretting and hold on to the finger meanwhile not be too tight as it holds the finger.

Diameter (Millimeters)US Ring SizeUK Ring SizeQalo Ring Size

Qalo Ring Size Chart For Men

Men can afford rings that are not exactly their size. As long as the ring falls within the spectrum of sizes that the man can wear, qalo rings are good to go. Fingers can swell such that the thickest parts when completely swollen are as much as five times the size of the thinnest parts when not swollen. Men use their hands more actively that women and therefore have to consider finger swells more often. Wearing the right size ring will expand slightly to accommodate the swell, while wearing a slightly larger size (the next size up) will be firmly loose on the normal fingers and snug around the swollen ones.

Diameter (Millimeters)US Ring SizeUK Ring SizeQalo Ring Size

What’s the difference in Qalo Ring widths?


Fine rings are 2-2.5mm wide. Our most delicate style.


Narrow rings are 5-7mm wide. A versatile width.


Wide rings are 8-10mm wide. The most common width for larger hands.

Qalo Ring sizing explained

Qalo Ring size chart and size conversion
Qalo Ring size chart and size conversion


Contact details, privacy policy and customer ratings of qalo rings are readily available globally. Qalo rings can be bought from anywhere in the world with domestic shipping taking just 1-2 business days while international shipping takes about a week.

Leave a comment and we wish you a luxurious shopping of the bold rings that Qalo has to offer.

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