Average Woman’s Ring Size: How to find my ring Size

The average women’s rings are the common ring sizes that match most finger sizes, including slender ones. Whether you are looking for a wedding ring or a surprise proposal ring, you can find one that will thrill your partner (skip straight to the average woman’s ring size charts).

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Why is a good woman’s ring size important?

A good woman’s ring size is essential as it fits comfortably without squeezing your fingers. It also allows you to enjoy your style preferences as it has exclusive features.

Whether your loved one has slim hands or thick fingers, you can use the body weight size chart to find their true size. Below is more info on how to find the ideal ring size for you or your loved one.

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Average Woman’s Ring Size Chart

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Average Woman’s Ring Sizing Chart

Hand SizeFinger SizingUS Ring SizeGreat BritainFranceSwitzerlandGermany
Tiny handsThin fingers4 – 57 – J1/2 46 1/2 – 496 1/2 – 915 – 15 3/4
Thicker fingers5.5 – 6.5K 1/2 – M 1/250 1/4 – 52 3/410 1/4 – 12 3/416 1/4 – 17 
Average handsThin fingers5.5 – 6.5K 1/2 – M 1/250 1/4 – 52 3/410 1/4 – 12 3/416 1/4 – 17
Thicker fingers6. 5 – 7.5M 1/2 – P52 3/4 – 55 1/412 3/4 – 15 1/417 – 17 3/4
Big handsThin fingers6.5 – 7.5M 1/2 – P52 3/4 – 55 1/412 3/4 – 15 1/417 – 17 3/4
Thicker fingers8 – 9Q – S56 1/2 – 5916 1/2 – 1918 – 19

Average Woman’s Ring Size by Height and Weight

HeightWeight of womenUS Ring Size
5 ft 3 in and below 1.6 m and belowAround 130 lbs Around 58.9 kgs5
Below average4 – 4.5
Above average5.5 – 6
5 ft 4 into 5 ft 6 in 1.62 to 1.67 mAround 140 lbs Around 63.6 kgs6
Below average4.5 – 5.5
Above average6.5 – 7.5
5 ft 7 into 5 ft 9 in 1.7 to 1.75 mAround 150 lbs Around 150 kg7
Below average5.5 – 6.5
Above average7.5 – 8
5 ft 10 in and above 1.8 m and aboveAround 160 lbs Around 72.6 kgs7 – 8
Below average6 – 7
Above average8 – 9

Average Woman’s Ring Size Conversion Chart

SizeUS & CanadaGreat Britain JapanFrance Switzerland Germany
44.1 mm 4.4 cm3F444414
45.4 mm 4.5 cm3 1/2G545 1/45 1/414 1/2
46.7 mm 4.7 cm4H 1/2746 1/26 1/215
48.0 mm 4.8 cma 4 1/2I 1/2847 3/47 3/415 1/2
49.2 mm 4.9 cm5J 1/2 949915 3/4 
50.5 mm 5.1 cm5 1/2K 1/21050 1/410 1/416 1/4
51.8 mm 5.2 cm6L 1/21251 1/211 1/216 1/2
53.1 mm 5.3 cm6 1/2M 1/21352 3/412 3/417
54.3 mm 5.4 cm7O14541417 1/4
55.6 mm 5.6 cm7 1/2P1555 1/415 1/43/4
56.9 mm 5.7 cm8Q1656 1/216 1/218
58.2 mm 5.8 cm8 1/21757 3/417 3/418 1/2
59.4 mm 5.9 cm9S18591919
60.7 mm 6.1 cm9 1/2–-1960 1/420 1/419 1/2
62.0 mm 6.2 cm10T 1/22061 1/221 1/220
63.3 mm 6.3 cm10 1/2U 1/22262 3/422 3/420 1/2
64.5 mm 6.5 cm11V 1/223642420 3/4
65.8 mm 6.6 cm11 1/2W 1/22465 1/425 1/421
67.1 mm 6.7 cm122566 1/226 1/221 1/4
68.3 mm 6.8 cm12 1/2Z2667 3/427 3/421 3/4
69.6 mm 6.9 cm13 –-276929 22 

How To Choose the Right Average Woman’s Ring Size

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The right average woman’s ring size should address the following factors;

1. Fits Comfortably

The right ring size should fit comfortably to avoid hurting your finger. While buying a ring for someone else can be difficult, comparing their average height or average weight with the engagement ring sizing is considered an accurate method of finding the perfect engagement ring.

2. Complements their Style

The right woman’s ring size enhances their style or taste in fashion. It has exclusive parts that complement your loved one’s sense of style. So, whether they prefer a lustrous or sparkling piece of jewelry, your ring choice should address this.

3. Suitable for Occasion

What occasion are you planning for?

Are you looking for engagement or wedding jewelry?

If you want to propose to your loved one, you should ensure the engagement ring’s color, features, and style match the event.

4. Affordability

The jewelry industry offers exclusive options, including white and yellow gold rings. Some of these jewelry options can be expensive, straining you financially. Fortunately, you can always get cheaper options depending on your budget. Here are some of the Etsy shop offers you can explore.

5. Durability

While it’s crucial to evaluate the price of the ring, you need to ensure that the piece of jewelry you get for you or your loved one is long-lasting. This will allow you to enjoy long-term service or preserve it to go down the family line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the average ring size for a woman?

The average woman’s ring size is 6. However, if you plan to surprise a partner with slender fingers, you should choose size 4 or 4 1/2.

Is ring size related to a woman’s height?

Yes, there is a correlation between height and ring size in women. Most manufacturers’ ring size charts refer to the weight and height, matching them to the average ring size for women.

What is the average ring size of a 14-year-old female?

The average ring size for a 14-year-old female is 4 to 5, depending on their hands.

Can I measure My Partner’s Ring Size?

You can tie a string around your partner and measure the string size. This will give you the correct size ring.

What Should I Do If My Ring Does Not Fit Due to Weight Gain?

If the average size of your ring does not fit you anymore due to weight gain, you can consult a professional jeweler for adjustment services. They will help you alter your ring to fit perfectly again!

Do Online Jewelry Shops Offer Ring Finger Sizing?

You can leverage the online ring sizer if you are trying to find the perfect size for you or your loved one online.

What If I Get the Ring Size Wrong?

Most Jewelry shops offer resizing options or exchange services to ensure you get an enhanced customer experience. So, any time you buy the wrong ring size, feel free to contact the company’s customer care for help.


The diversity of body sizes can make it challenging to find the exact ring size for your partner. But thanks to the average women’s ring size chart, explores the different weights and heights vs. ring sizes to help you get the exact female ring sizes.

Whether you need small, medium, or large rings, these charts help you secure the exact size for your fingers. And suppose you find it challenging to choose a top-quality option for your companion, don’t hesitate to ask for help in the comments below.

Our professionals will help you get accurate sizing without much hassle!

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