Lips Size Chart – A Complete Guide

The size of your lips primarily determines the shape of your lips, and lip sizes vary from small to large.  The lips size chart below shows different types of lip shapes that exist.

The lip is primarily made up of muscle that is covered in skin. It has no bones, making it malleable and capable of making various facial emotions such as smiling. The cupid’s bow, vermilion borders, oral commissures, and philtrum are all part of the lip anatomy.

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Lips sizes with easy to understand pictures
Lips sizes with easy to understand pictures by researchgate

Lips size chart

You can measure your upper and lower lips by drawing a line from your nose to your chin as a reference point. This illustration can be used as a guide.

Lip SizeUpper Lip length (mm)Lower Lip Length (mm, in)Common Lip Shapes
XS<3.5<2.2Thin lips
S3.5-3.72.2-2.5Downward-turned lips, Bow shaped lips
M3.7-4.02.6-5.0Round lips, wide lips, heart-shaped lips
L4.0-4.54.5 -5.5Full lips
XL>4.5>5.5Heavy lower lips, heavy upper lips

How to Identify Your Lip Shape

Full Lips

Because of the cupid’s bow on the top lip and the well-rounded bottom lip, the full lips are said to be ideally balanced. The upper and lower lips usually do not meet, and the lower lip protrudes.

Marilyn Monroe, the iconic actress, popularized this lip shape in the 1950s, and it has only grown in popularity since then.

Although full lips are generally considered beautiful, many people use makeup to enhance their beauty and bring little attention to their lips. Nude lip colors, especially those that match the complexion nicely, help draw less attention. Others try to add contour to their lips to make them appear fuller.

Wide Lips

Wide lips are characterized by a smile that extends to both sides of the ear. They are a little longer and occasionally quite plump. This type of lip is frequently accompanied by a lovely, enticing grin.

Most people with this lip shape attempt to add some pout. This can be done with two different hues of lipstick: one darker and one lighter. The lighter shade is applied first, followed by the darker shade, which may be applied with a small lip brush.

Overlining the lips often make them appear fuller, and highlighting other parts of the face with foundation, powder, eye makeup such as mascara also draws less attention to the pout and brings more focus to the rest of your face.

Heart-Shaped Lips

A prominent cupid bow characterizes the heart-shaped lips, the dip found above the upper lip. This lip shape also often features a sharp lip bottom.

People with heart-shaped lips try to make the lip look more prominent by adding some highlighter or using a white pencil on the cupid’s bow.

Heavy Upper Lips

The upper lip is significantly fuller than the lower lip, and the cupid’s bow is less defined with this lip form.

A lip liner is the best way to enhance this lip. It should be applied with a brush along the edge of the lips.

Round Lips

Round lips have almost the same width and height. The edges are also rounded to give the perceived round shape of the lips. They are usually full as well. However, do not look to find a cupid’s bow; chances are you won’t find any.

If you have this lip shape, you might want to add some width to your pout. Apply lip liner on the outer edges of your lips right up to the corners. Avoid using dark shades as they can make your lips look smaller.

Thin Lips

Just as the name states, thin lips usually have less volume in both the upper and lower lip, making them look slim.

To make thin lips appear fuller, you should line your lips with lip liner. You can also fill the lip with a liquid lip color.

Lips come in a variety of shapes, depending on the size of the lips. You can use this picture to figure out what shape your lips are.

How to change the lip shape and lips size

Lip sizes and shapes are determined majorly by genetics. Meaning you don’t have much control as regards what you get. However, you might need to change your lip’s shape. Luckily there are several options you can consider to get this done.

  • Makeup

This is the most non-invasive way to accentuate your lips when done right. You can do this by trying out various colors and shades of lip products to get the exact blend that gives you the lip shape you desire.

Foundation: There are two types of foundation; dry foundation and liquid foundation. Using a flat foundation brush, gently apply the foundation across your lip when applying it to your face. This technique is best for people looking to draw attention away from the lips, such as people with full lips. Make sure you use a brush for foundation, aka makeup sponges-particularly sponge makeup blenders.

Powder: Dry powder comes as loose powders or compact powders. Loose powders are often used to set the makeup to last longer. You can apply either one using powder brushes, gently across the lips after applying foundation. 

Powders can also be used to contour or highlight the face, which can completely transform the facial structure and enhance the natural shape of the lips.

Eye Makeup: Eye makeup up such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, etc., are often used to draw attention

Brow Product: You can get any brow shape you want using brow products. People with smaller lips, such as thin lips, go for more glamourous brow shapes to draw attention away from the lips.

Lip Products: This includes lipsticks and lip liners such as matte lip liner, colored liner, and feathering lip liner. These products can be used to give the lips any shape wanted. Getting a lip stud or a labret lip ring can also help enhance your lips’ general look.

Tips to Consider When Using Makeup Products

  • It is important to note that excessive exposure to makeup products can lead to various health problems. The chemical makeup contains concentrated products and ingredients that can be toxic to the body in the long run.
  • Ensure that you keep all your makeup equipment clean. This equipment includes your blend products and all types of makeup brushes. Dirty makeup brushes can become exposed to germs; thus, wash your blenders and brush in soapy water, if possible, using antibacterial soap or bar soap and rinse in cool water, preferably after every use.
  • Always check the dates for makeup expiration. Expired makeup can cause dangerous skin problems.
  • Always remove makeup before going to bed. 

This option can be temporary or permanent, depending on preference. Existing body tissues are used to achieve desired results and reduce potential reactions. Antologen implants use collagen gotten from a different area of the body. This implant usually lasts about six months. Fat implants are also done using a process called liposuction. For permanent implants, patients can opt for a SMAS implant. Facial tissues are used in this procedure.

  • Lip fillers 

With this option, synthetic materials are used. They are injected into the lip to help make the lip fuller. You can opt for either temporary or permanent fillers. Temporary fillers technically last 6 – 12 months, while semi-temporary fillers last between one and two years.

  • Lip Surgery 

This option can be invasive and is primarily permanent. It is used to enhance the volume and lip size. However, it can be costly and sometimes prone to side effects.

Changing lip size explained

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Special Lip care Tips after reading the lips size chart


At least once a week, it would help if you exfoliated your lips. Lips also accumulate dead skin cells, just like normal skin, making them look dull and dry.  Exfoliating helps remove these impurities and keep your lips healthy. You can exfoliate using a lips scrub, a washcloth or your toothbrush. Scrub gently to remove dead skin.

Moisturize your lips

The lips tend to get chapped and dried, especially during cold weather. Due to the lip’s makeup of the thin skin layer, moisture is lost much more quickly compared to the rest of the body. There is a need to keep moisture locked in the skin to reduce dryness.

One way of doing this is by applying Vaseline to keep the lip hydrated. Vaseline protects the lips from drying out by forming a protective layer on them.

Use Lip Balm

Another quick and handy way to take care of your lips is using lip balm. It can perform the function of hydrating your lips as well as protecting them from the sun’s harmful UV rays. A great option to go for is an ointment-based lip balm that has a Sun Protection Factor of at least 15

Lip balms are also relatively easy to use and can be carried along anywhere you go. Apply lip balm in 2-hour intervals for maximum protection all day long. Lip balms that contain menthol or camphor should be avoided as these ingredients tend to dry out the lips.

Avoid licking your lips

Contrary to popular belief, licking the lips does not moisturize them. Instead, it dries it out even more. When you lick your lips, the saliva offers just a temporary relief, and when it dries, it takes the lips’ moisture with it. This habit does more harm than good.

Use lip balm instead of your tongue.

Stay hydrated

Keeling your internal body hydrated is an excellent way to take care of the external body; just like your skin, the lips need to be well hydrated. The rule of thumb is to drink at least eight glasses of water each day. Doing this will help regulate moisture in the lip area and reduce dryness. Keep a water bottle handy wherever you go and avoid dehydrating liquids like alcohol.

Breathe through your nose

We tend to breathe through our mouths sometimes, whether consciously or unconsciously. However, doing this can dry out your lips. Ensure you breathe through your nose as much as needed. If you have a cold, you might need to breathe through your mouth sometimes. In this case, ensure you keep your lips moisturized.

Apply lip products with the right ingredients

Essentially you want to apply beauty products that keep your skin moisturized and hydrated. However, some lip products contain ingredients that can dry out the lip. When purchasing lip products, look out for those that contain ingredients such as castor seed oil, mineral oil, shea butter, titanium oxide, zinc oxide, ceramics, and dimethicone, as experts have recommended these ingredients for good lip hygiene.

Avoid touching the lips with metallic objects

Touching them with metallic objects can irritate the lips, especially if you have sensitive lips. Metallic objects like paper clips, pen caps, etc., should be kept away from the lip. Also, you should keep jewelry away from your sensitive lips.

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Conclusion on lips size chart

To arm your cute smile to the fullest, you need to know your lip shape and how to enhance it. This article has all the information you need regarding lip shapes, caring for the lips, and enhancing its beauty.

We hope the article has well informed you. However, if you have further inquired, let us know in the comment section and make sure you share it with others as well. 

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