Call It Spring Size Chart for Men and Women

Like culture, modern fashion adapts to new changes every day. In modern times, Call It Spring is an exemplary brand that strives to add a personal touch to the fashion sense of a modern man and woman (skip straight to the Call It Spring Size Charts).

The Call It Spring size chart is helpful for customers who intend to purchase comfortable items like shoes that fit their exact sizes.

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call it spring size chart – Image Source: Walmart

If you have any questions concerning heel sizes, men’s shoe sizes, women’s shoe sizes, loungewear, belt, scarves, hats, gloves, and other accessory sizes, worry no longer because this size chart guide is here to clear all your doubts. 

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Call IT Spring size charts

Here are some essential Call It Spring Size charts to get you started.

Call It Spring shoe size charts

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For example, the Call It Spring size chart about shoes provides specific information for different shoe sizes in inches and centimeters. Also, the Call It Spring size charts convert standard sizes in the UK, US, and European sizes.

Shoe sizes in each of the three standard classifications vary. This implies that the Call It Spring size chart against the UK should show different measurements from the UK size chart.

Quick Note: In the size chart, shoe sizes for women differ from similar shoe sizes for men. Therefore, a size seven men’s shoe, for example, is not the same size as a size seven women’s shoe. Always make sure that you check the specific guide, if it’s a men’s or women’s chart to identify the right size.

Women’s shoes sizes

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The women’s shoe size chart starts from size 5 US to size 11 US. A size 7 women’s shoe in US size is a size 4.5 in UK size and a size 37.5 in standard European size. The same shoe is 9.3 inches long or 23.8 centimeters.

Despite their smaller sizes, women’s shoes are available in multiple designs, such as heels, flats, and boots. The Call It Spring size chart considered this versatility and has included the Call It Spring size chart above the knee for above-knee shoes and then the Call It Spring size chart against heels for heels.

Call It Spring size chart for above-knee shoes

Shoes in this category are available from small sizes 3 or 4 to large sizes 7. The shaft heights on these shoes range between 45 to 65 centimeters. Notably, size charts for above-knee shoes change depending on the shoe model.

Some designs have block heels, while others are flat. If you want to pick the best above-knee shoe size, please ensure you review the size chart for above-knee shoes and select a size larger than your normal size if you have a wider foot.

Call It Spring size chart heels

The Call It Spring size chart above the heel guides customers on the perfect size options. As a purchasing rule, you should always go for larger heels, especially if the heels are more than an inch high.

This is because feet tend to slip downwards in heels, thus requiring extra space to prevent your toes and front feet from touching the ground. We always advise buyers to choose a half-inch larger if the heels are two to four inches high.

If the heels are four to six inches in height, please consider picking one size larger than your foot size. Make sure to go for an extra one-and-a-half size larger than your shoe size if you plan to purchase higher heels that are more than six inches tall.


Call it spring Men’s shoes size

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Most men’s shoes tend to be bigger than women’s shoes. Even their classification starts from larger sizes. Men’s shoes in the size chart range from sizes 7 US to size 14 US. The lowest shoe size in the men’s chart, the size 7 US men’s shoe, is a size 6 in UK size and a size 39 in European size.

The shoe is also 10.1 inches long, equal to 25.6 centimeters. This shoe is perfect for feet measuring 24.7 centimeters.

On the other hand, the biggest shoe on the chart, size 14 US, is a size 13 UK and a size 47 European size. This shoe measures 11.6 inches long, the same as 29.4 centimeters.


Call It Spring sweatshorts size chart

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SizeNatural Waist Low Hips Full Length 
XS28 37  31
S29 39  32
M31 42  33
L32 44  34
XL34 46  35

Call It Spring hoodies size chart

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SizeBust Bottom Sleeve Length 

Zipped Hoodie Size Chart

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 Bust Bottom Sleeve Length 
XS43  33 21
S44  35 21
M46  36 22
L47  38 22
XL49  39 22

Sleeveless Hoodie size chart

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SizeBust Bottom 

Call It Spring leggings and joggers size charts

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Leggings size chart

SizeNatural Waist Low Hips Full Length 

Call it Spring Joggers size chart

 Natural Waist Low Hips Side Seam Length 

Call it Spring Biker Shorts size chart

 Natural Waist Low Hips Full Length 

How to know your size and pick the right shoe size

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Measuring your feet at home is a simple process that can be done with a piece of paper, pencil, and ruler. After placing your foot on the paper, use the pencil to outline your entire feet and then take note of the total measurements.

While determining your length, you can also wear the socks you intend to dress in your shoes to account for the extra measurement. However, you don’t need to account for the extra length of your shoes because the size chart considers the extra shoe size during modeling and provides precise measurements according to your feet size.

After knowing your shoe size, finding the right shoe becomes a piece of cake. All you need to do is compare your dimensions on the Call It Spring size chart to available shoes in stock in online stores, and the shoe of your choice is a click and a delivery away.

Check out this Call It Spring Shopping guide (video)


Call It Spring size chart for loungewear

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The loungewear size chart offers clothing dimensions in inches. While most loungewear sizes begin with extra small sizes, most others are available, from small to extra-large sizes. Other categories for loungewear sizes are small, medium, and large sizes.

The Call It Spring size chart for loungewear indicates cloth sizes according to the type of cloth and the standard areas for measurement. For example, the Large (L) hoodie measures 48 inches around the bust, 40 inches at the bottom, and has 44-inch long sleeves.

Many loungewear designs include sweatshirts, sleeveless hoodies, zipped hoodies, biker shorts, joggers, and leggings. Call It Spring has listed accurate size charts for each loungewear, depending on how they are worn. Please ensure to check out the right size for your loungewear to get the perfect fit.

Does Call It Spring offer belts?

Yes, Call It Spring provides belts for men and women.

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Women’s belts

Women’s belts are available in chain belts, elastic belts, and hip belts. Belt sizes depend on the body parts sustaining them. Small (S) and medium (M) chain belts measure 31 to 33 inches, while medium and large chain belts measure 34 to 37 inches.

Elastic belts are available from small to extra-extra-large (XXL) belts. The Small (S) belt designs measure 28 inches long, while XXL belts measure 36 inches long.

Hip belts are also produced in different size categories, from small designs measuring 31 inches long to XXL designs measuring 39 inches long.

Men’s belts

The smallest men’s belt is the extra small (XS) design, measuring 32 inches, and the largest in the size chart is the extra-extra-large (XXL), which measures 42 inches. For specific dimensions such as S, L, M, and XL, make sure to refer to the size chart for men’s belts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Call It Spring sizes for scarves, gloves, and hats?

The sizes for these items are also available for men and women. The sizing is done according to the head, neck, and hand circumferences. Customers can find scarves, gloves, and hats in small, medium, and large sizes. For women, small to medium hats and scarves measure 21 to 22 inches, while large designs measure 22.8 to 24 inches.

Men’s sizes are slightly larger, with small to medium accessories measuring 22.8 to 23.6 inches and large sizes measuring 23.6 to 24.6 inches.

What is the Call It Spring size chart after 5t?

The Call It Spring sizing includes cloth sizes after 5T, starting from sizes 6 to 8, 10, 12, and 14. 5T size clothes are often extra small (XS) and appropriate for a person, most likely a kid, measuring between 107 and 119 centimeters in height.

The chest size for 5T ranges between 23 to 25 inches, and the average waist size is 22 inches. Size 6 and 6X follow 5T Sizes and are small (S) sizes, with chest and waist measurements fairly more than those of size 5T.

The main contrast in cloth sizes is evident in height. Size 14, for example, is equal to a European size (height) of 151 to 157 centimeters.

Is Call It Spring sizes true to size?

Yes, Call It Spring sizes are true to size as the company designs its sizes according to standard UK, US, and European sizes.

Do Call It Spring run big or small?

Call It Spring shoes are big or small depending on the shoe size and according to their accurate size charts. If you doubt or fall between two shoe sizes, always go for the bigger one.

Furthermore, Call It Spring caters to all sizes, big and small. The company also rolled out proper sizes for shoes, clothes, and fashion accessories, from extra small to small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra-extra-large sizes to accommodate all shoe sizes.

What is Call It Spring size 5?

Call It Spring Size 5 is the smallest women’s shoe size in the size chart, the same as a size 2 UK and a size 35 in European Size.

Do Call It Spring shoes run wide?

Call It Spring shoes are wide enough to accommodate all shoe sizes. If your feet are fairly wide, it is advisable to pick bigger shoes than your feet size. By taking this option, you’ll find the most comfortable shoe according to your size.


When shopping for Call IT Spring items, nothing makes your buying experience easier and more convenient than Call It Spring size charts. The brand guarantees absolute convenience for purchasers, particularly with the various size charts that offer guidelines for choosing the right shoe and cloth sizes.

As you upgrade your fashion accessories, always stick to this Call It Spring size chart, as it is the ultimate size guide for all your future wardrobe needs, be it shoes, handbags, clothes, or belts.

Call It Spring offers efficient after-sale services for their customers. The company oversees most purchases online and ensures prompt deliveries to the addresses registered for the orders. The company also values customer care and offers quick feedback on queries.

The best thing about Call It Spring is their accommodative return policies on products. You, therefore, don’t need to worry if you order a larger or smaller shoe or cloth size because Call It Spring provides convenient avenues to address your needs and guarantee satisfaction.

Alright, we hope this guide will help you get a perfect size. Do you have any questions or concerns? Please ask them in the comments. 

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