Bolero Jacket Size Chart And Fit Guide for Women

Be confidently beautiful and strut in style with a bolero jacket! Bolero is a type of jacket that covers your arms, upper torso, and back, depending on size. There’s long sleeves style, and there are short sleeves that are casual in design (skip straight to Bolero Jacket Size Chart).

It is popular on formal and religious occasions where modesty is required. It covers bare skin, looks great in trendy dresses, and can even draw attention away from problem areas, like heavy upper arms. 

Choosing the correct size can be hard sometimes. Don’t worry! This bolero jacket size chart will help you choose the right fit.

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Summary of Bolero Jacket Sizing Chart

How to Pick Your Perfect Fit Bolero Jacket?

How do I know my Bolero Jacket size?

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Your bolero jacket size will be perfect if you feel comfortable and it does not restrict your shoulder to perform basic movements and cope with unforeseen, unusual activities. You must measure yourself properly (you may use a tape measure).  Actual body measurement is essential for getting the best fitting bolero coat. 

Check the bolero jacket chart below to guide you in choosing your perfect size. Choose the closest measurements to your body measurement (make sure to use the tape measure correctly).

Women’s Bolero Jacket size chart

US size 2 to 4 size Bolero Jacket size conversion

MeasurementUK 6/US 2/EU 34UK 8/US 4/EU 36
Bust measure33.5-37.5 inch/85-95 cm35.5-39.5 inch/90-100 cm
Waist Measure27.5-31.5 inch/70-80 cm29.5-33.5 inch/75-85 cm
Middle Back Length15.3 inch/39 cm15.7 inch/40 cm
Sleeve Length (from the neck)25.2 inch/64 cm25.8 inch/65.5 cm
Sleeve Bicep13.4 inch/34 cm13.8 inch/ 35 cm

US 6 to 8 Bolero Jacket size conversion

MeasurementUK 10/US 6/EU 38UK 12/US 8/EU 40
Bust measure95-105 cm/37.5-41.5 inch100-110 cm/39.5-43.5 inch
Waist Measure80-90 cm/31.5-35.5 inch85-95 cm/33.5-37.5 inch
Middle Back Length41 cm/ 16.1 inch42 cm/16.5 inch
Sleeve Length (from the neck)67 cm/26.4 inch68.5 cm/27 inch
Sleeve Bicep36 cm/14.2 inch37 cm/ 14.6 inch

US size 10 to 12 size Bolero Jacket size conversion

MeasurementUK 14/US 10/EU 42UK 16/US 12/EU 44
Bust measure105-115 cm/41.5-45.5 inch110-120 cm/43.5-47.5 inch
Waist Measure90-100 cm/35.5-39.5 inch95-105 cm/37.5-41.5 inch
Middle Back Length43 cm/16.9 inch44 cm/17.3 inch
Sleeve Length (from the neck)70 cm/27.6 inch71.5 cm/28.2 inch
Sleeve Bicep38 cm/15 inch39 cm/15.3 inch

US 14 to 16 Bolero Jacket size conversion

MeasurementUK 18/US 14/EU 46UK 20/US 16/EU 48
Bust measure115-125 cm/45.5-49.5 inch120-130 cm/47.5-51.4 inch
Waist Measure100-110 cm/39.5-43.5 inch105-115 cm/41.5-45.5 inch
Middle Back Length45 cm/17.7 inch46 cm/18.1 inch
Sleeve Length (from the neck)73 cm/28.7 inch74.5 cm/29.3 inch
Sleeve Bicep40 cm/15.7 inch41 cm/16.1 inch

International Size convertor for Bolero Jackets

UK Size810121416
US Size4681012
European Size3638404244
Italian Size4042444648
Bust Measurement81cm/32″86cm/34″91.5cm /36″96.5cm/38″101cm/40″
Back Length Measurement41cm/16″41cm/16″41cm/16″41cm/16″41cm/16″

Plus-sized bolero jacket sizing chart

Bolero Jacket Plus size chart
Bolero Jacket Plus size chart

What Are The Types of Bolero Jackets?

Bolero jackets are usually worn with different types of dresses. They can be short bolero jackets, long bolero jackets, bolero jackets with sleeves and some even have a slit. But what you need to decide first is your body type.

Wear a fitted dress with a short bolero jacket on top of it if you have a small waistline or wear them if you wear tight clothes because it will make your waist look smaller. It depends on your preference.

Long Sleeve Bolero Jacket

A long sleeve bolero jacket is good if you want to cover your arms because they are long and it will also make your body look longer. It’s a great option for tall people because the length of their body is already considered too lengthy for them not to add anything else.

A long sleeve bolero jacket can also be worn with a dress that has a tight bottom part or if you want to accentuate the length of your legs.

Neckline Bolero Jacket

Neckline bolero jackets are usually worn on different types of collars but can also be worn on dresses with sheer fabric because it will help cover some parts of your body like very short dresses.

Neckline bolero jackets can be a sexy option, especially on V-necklines. It doesn’t make you look larger as if it gives perfect size because the opening is very narrow. It’s a good choice for those who want to cover parts of their body that they don’t like or even show off some parts they love.

Waistline Bolero Jacket

If you want to cover up your back, the waistline bolero jacket is ideal for you. It will definitely draw attention to your waistline even if it’s not that thin or small. They are especially great for formal events that have semi-formal or casual themes.

Note: Neckline bolero jackets and waistline bolero jackets are usually made of the same materials like satin, lace, and silk. They can also be combined with different fabrics like fake fur or even the finest leather-like Lambskin leather. Lambskin leather is smoother and softer than many other types of leather that’s why neckline bolero jackets can be a good combination.

Ways How to Style Bolero Jackets explained (video)

3 Ways to Style Bolero Jackets- Diya Style Edit by DIYA Online


The main thing about bolero jackets is that they can completely transform your look especially if you don’t want to show off too much skin on special occasions.

It’s an overall great choice for people who want to appear elegant or formal. Different types of fabrics are available and there are different variations you can choose your own preferred style of bolero jacket that will suit your outfit and body type perfectly.

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