Cami And Shorts Set size Chart And Sizing Guide

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From the conservative corset and dress of the Victorian era to the free and modernist designs of the 1920s and liberal styles of the 1960s, women have consistently found methods to wear comfortable and fashionable attire. The new fashion trend that most women find seductive and comfortable is the cami and shorts set (skip straight to the cami and shorts set size chart and sizing table).

The outfit consists of a camisole with adjustable straps and a short with an elastic waist, typically printed in the same pattern and worn for casual occasions, often paired with a jean jacket.

The cami and shorts set size chart is intended to assist you in selecting the appropriate cami and short set size.

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Cami and short size chart by Cari-Cami

For the perfect fit, find below the size charts for cami and shorts in inches and centimeters, with all the necessary zones to measure.

Cami and Shorts Set Size Chart

Letter SizingBust SizeHem SizeWaist SizeHip Size
XS22-26” 56-66cm26-30” 66-76cm22-26” 56-66cm30-34” 76-86cm
S26-30’’ 66-76cm30-34’’ 76-86cm26-30’’ 66-76cm34-38’’ 86-96cm
M30-34’’ 76-86cm34-36’’ 86-96cm30-34’’ 76-86cm38-42’’ 96-106cm
L34-38’’ 86-96cm36-42’’ 96-106cm34-38’’ 86-96cm42-46’’ 106-116cm
XL38-42’’ 96-106cm42-46’’ 106-116cm38-42’’ 96-106cm46-50’’ 116-126cm
2XL42-46’’ 106-116cm46-50’’ 116-126cm42-46’’ 106-116cm50-54’’ 126-136cm
3XL46-50’’ 116-126cm50-54’’ 126-136cm46-50’’ 116-126cm54-58’’ 136-146cm
4XL50-54’’ 126-136cm54-58’’ 136-146cm50-54’’ 126-136cm58-62’’ 146-156cm
5XL54-58’’ 136-146cm58-62’’ 146-156cm54-58’’ 136-146cm62-66’’ 156-166cm
6XL58-60’’ 146-156cm62-66’’ 156-166cm58-62’’ 146-156cm66-70’’ 166-176cm

What to Measure Before Shopping for a Cami and Short Set

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Proper sizing is essential when buying a cami and short set to ensure that it is not too tight or loose but fitting enough to provide comfort and be sexy. To measure yourself for a camisole and short set, you will need the following

  • A measuring tape
  • A full-length mirror
  • A well-fitting camisole belonging to you
  • A well-fitting pants

The body measurement for a cami and short set includes the bust, hem, waist, and hips.

The Bust Measurement OR Chest Size

Place the measuring tape around your back at band level to measure your size bust and measure the fullest part of your chest. Keep the measuring tape parallel to the ground to avoid errors during measurement. 

Take a deep breath in and out and ensure the tape is comfortably resting on your body; not too tight, but not falling off. Round up the number to the nearest whole number in inches.

The Hem Size

You can measure the hem size in one of two ways. First, you can measure the circumference of the hem of a camisole you already own. This way, you know what size you are expecting.

Second, you can get your hem size by taking the measuring tape around the area just above your waist and your shirt length. Keep the tape level horizontal to avoid errors and take a deep breath in and out. Ensure that the tape is not too tight around you.

Since hems camisoles are often loose, you can add 2 inches to the measurement and round up to the nearest whole number.

The Waist Size

Measure around your body in the position where your pants are typically worn. Place your measuring tape parallel to the ground. Another option is to measure the waistband of a pair of well-fitting pants to get your usual size.

The Hips Size

Remove your outerwear, place your feet together, and wrap a soft measuring tape over the broadest area of your hips straight and snugly. The place where the end of the tape meets the remaining length is your hip measurement.  You might need a full-length mirror to get the most accurate measurements.

Faq about Cami and shorts size

How to Style a Cami?

Camisoles are loose-fitting garments with adjustable shoulder straps worn by women as sexy pajamas or outing tops. Camisoles have become a mainstay in any woman’s wardrobe; while some wear them as sexy pajama sets, others wear them out. However, most women still don’t know how to style them properly. This section will show you how to style your camisole correctly and incorrectly.

1. With What Should You Pair Your Camisole?

Camisoles are fantastic since they can be worn for practically any occasion. Pair your camisole with a pencil or A-line skirt for a professional look. This appearance is often feminine, sexy, and refined, and it may be worn to work throughout the day and on a date later that night. Pair a brightly colored cami with an A-line skirt for a weekend look.

You may also go for a boho style by wearing your camisole with a flowy maxi skirt. This styling method is ideal for going grocery shopping or having a relaxing day out since the two pieces are comfortable. You can also dress up your camisole by wearing it with a pair of jeans or pants and heels for a night out on the town. Pair your camisole with a short skirt or conservative pants for a club look.

When you’re not layering, always wear a loose camisole and only combine solid-colored camisoles with patterned skirts or pants. Never pair your camisole with sweatpants or silk skirts or pants.

2. How Should You Layer Your Camisole?

Layering is another fantastic way to style your cami. Layering is putting on several layers of clothing to keep you warm and comfortable during the day. A slimming effect can be achieved by wearing a tight cami under a sweater. Make sure you get a cami that is neutral in color.

Pair your cami with a blazer for a more professional look. Make sure the cami covers your cleavage and reaches past your waistline for added comfort.

Wearing your camisole over a shirt for a fashionable look or underneath a revealing top are two other options to layer it.

3. What Type of Accessories Should You Wear With A Camisole?

Accessories are just as vital as the dress; they not only tailor it to your taste and preferences, but they also add to the overall style. To obtain a finished look, pair your cami with a bold necklace.

Because the camisoles expose so much skin, layering numerous necklaces together is a terrific way to accessorize. This style creates a seductive appearance, ideal for a night out with friends or a romantic date. Use the camisole with a choker or scarf for an edgy vibe for a more casual approach.

4. What Type of Bra Should You Wear With A Camisole?

Many women struggle to find the right bra to wear with a camisole because the cami is often exposed. You can get greater support by wearing a bra with attractive straps, but this is only appropriate for casual occasions where revealing bra straps aren’t a concern. Wear a strapless bra or a bandeau for invisible support; alternatively, go bra-less and wear a camisole with built-in support. If none of the options above is suitable for you, you can wear a standard bra and layer with a blazer.

Wear a White camisole and how to find the cami and shorts set size explained (video)

Camisoles Can Change Your Wardrobe | 5 Ways to Style a Cami! by Busbee Style


We hope you found this cami and shorts set size chart helpful. Remember that the proper size for your cami and short combination is crucial for a good fit. Additionally, this article includes various styling suggestions for your cami.

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