Under Armour Tactical Boots Size Chart

Under Armour is a popular brand that makes sports equipment, footwear, and clothing. It’s well known for its athletic attire but also makes some of the best tactical boots on the market (skip straight to the Under Armour Tactical Boots Size Chart).

If you are looking for a versatile combat boot that survives harsh environments and provides great foot support while looking stylish, Under Armour has your back.

This brand offers a wide variety of footwear, from law enforcement boots to hiking boots. It can be tricky to choose the right boot size when ordering online. That’s why we’ll cover how you can pick the best Under Armour tactical boots in this post.

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Under Armour Tactical Boots Table of Contents

Under Armour Tactical Boots Size Chart

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US Men SizeUS Women SizeFoot Length (Inches)Foot Length (CM)Euro SizeUK Size
3.558¾ in22 cm35.52.5
45.58⅞ in22.5 cm363
4.569⅛ in23 cm36.53.5
56.59¼ in23.5 cm37.54
5.579⅞ in25 cm406
67.510 in25.5 cm40.56.5
6.5810⅛ in26 cm417
78.59⅞ in25 cm406
7.5910 in25.5 cm40.56.5
89.510⅛ in26 cm417
8.51010⅜ in26.5 cm427.5
910.510⅝ in27 cm42.58
9.51110¾ in27.5 cm438.5
1011.511 in28 cm449
10.51211⅛ in28.5 cm44.59.5
1112.511⅜ in29 cm4510
11.51311⅝ in29.5 cm45.510.5
1213.511¾ in30 cm4611
12.51412 in30.5 cm4711.5
1314.512⅛ in31 cm47.512
13.51512¼ in31.5 cm4812.5
1415.512⅝ in32 cm48.513
14.51612⅞ in32.5 cm4913.5
1516.513 in33 cm49.514
15.51713⅛ in33.5 cm5014.5
1617.513¼ in34 cm50.515

How to Choose the Right Tactical Boots Size from Under Armour

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Like when choosing regular shoes, finding the right boot size requires your foot length measurement. This is the distance from your heel to your large toe.

It’s best to measure your feet during the day because the higher temperatures can cause your feet to swell. As such, this will ensure you choose army boots that will accommodate the swelling.

Ideally, you should wear combat boots with thick socks. In that case, you should measure your feet with the socks on to ensure a good fit. In addition to the variety of sizes in length, boots come in different widths. Your foot width is the distance across the foot from the ball of your foot to the joint of your small toe.

If the boot width is narrower than what you need, you’ll feel pressure on the sides of your feet. When you wear the boots, your toes shouldn’t touch the front. There should be enough room to wiggle your toes; otherwise, you’ll feel cramped as you walk.

Another way to assess fit is the heel area which shouldn’t slip as you move.

Check out this comparison video: Valsetz Vs. Stellar Tac

Under Armour Valsetz vs Under Armour Stellar Tac by Ultimate Survival Gear

Why are Under Armour Tactical Boots the Best for You?

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Under Armour isn’t the only brand that offers tactical boots. So, what makes Under Armour service boots better than other options?

1. Boot Design

Under Armour, boots come in a sporty and stylish design that can be fancy enough for a runway if that’s what you are going for. For instance, the best-rated Under Armour Tactical Boot, Armour Valsetz, doesn’t look like a standard pair of black police boots.

These amazing boots feature medial side zippers that reduce the effort of slipping the boots on and off your feet. According to customer reviews, zipper malfunction isn’t an issue for Under Armour tactical boots.

There are pull hoops on the heel and tongue of each boot so that you can put the boots on with ease. You’ll also get ample foot protection from the moulded toe cap at the front.

In terms of weight, Under Armour has the lightest boots you can wear without compromising durability and foot safety. They feel like high-end running shoes with ankle support and comfort, allowing you to wear them for hours without your feet killing you.

If you work long shifts where you are mostly on your feet, these are the boots you need.

2. Anti-Slip Outsoles

Under Armour military boots come with high-traction rubber lug outsoles. The rubber material in the boot sole is excellent for resisting slippage when walking in wet environments.

So, even if you have to walk on slippery river rocks, these boots will give you the best chance of moving without losing your balance.

The low-profile rubber lug sole is also non-conductive so it will reduce the chances of electrocution. Under Armour lighter-duty boots are great for every type of terrain, including deserts, jungles, or snow.

The soles are also built to last, ensuring they’ll endure years of use without quickly wearing thin.

3. Breathability

Unlike most combat boots which don’t allow air in and out, UA boots feature a lightweight upper made from synthetic leather or nylon.

The leather or nylon textile upper is designed to let air through so your feet don’t feel suffocated inside the boots. This is great news for those with sweaty feet since it means you can now maintain dry feet without hassle.

The breathable boot also pulls moisture away from your foot to keep you more comfortable while you stand or walk.

4. Water-Resistant Boots

Another benefit of choosing Under Amour boots is the water-resistant uppers. If there’s potential water exposure in your expedition and you wish to keep your feet dry, then these boots will do the trick.

They feature a high construction quality that prevents water from quickly seeping through. Unfortunately, they are not completely waterproof, but they can hold off enough water for you to walk through puddles without soaking your feet.

The boots also provide a quick-dry minimalist design that reduces the time they require to dry after exposure to moisture.

5. Comfortable Boots

If you are looking for a pair of boots, that’s comfortable to wear without reducing functionality, Under Armour has that. The foam midsole inside the boots is designed to absorb the shock created as you walk, run, or stand. As a result, you won’t feel tired as quickly as you would with standard combat boots.

Additionally, the moulded ortholite midsole is designed to adjust to the shape of your foot. This ensures you get enough arch support to stay on your feet even if they are flat. With reduced foot fatigue, you’ll have the energy to spare for your responsibilities, allowing you to increase your productivity.

In addition to superior comfort, these insoles feature anti-odour technology. The anti-microbial ortholite midsole prevents the introduction and growth of microbes that cause foot odours. So, no more smelly feet or socks even after wearing the boots for more than 8 hours straight.

Another aspect that makes a comfortable combat boot is its height. If you want enough ankle support, your boots should reach 7 to 10 inches of height to ensure your ankles are reinforced.

Learn more about Under Armour tactical boots (video)

UNDER ARMOUR Valsetz RTS Side-Zip Tactical Style #1257847 by The Boot Guy

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are Under Armour tactical boots true to size?

Yes, they are. Unlike most footwear brands, Under Armour boots are true to size.

2. Does Under Armour tactical boots run big?

No, they don’t. They come in the same size as your regular shoes, so there’s no need to size them up or down.

3. Should Under Armour tactical boots be tight?

They shouldn’t be so tight that they apply painful pressure on the sides of your feet.

4. How many inches are tactical boots?

Tactical boots should be about 8 inches high to ensure they provide maximum ankle support.

5. Is my Under Armour boot size the same as my shoe size?

Yes, it is. Since Under Armour boots are made using American sizing standards, you can choose your regular shoe size for the boots.

6. How can I know if my boots are too big?

If your heel keeps slipping inside the boots, they are larger than what you require.

7. Should combat boots fit tight or loose?

They should provide a snug fit that you can tighten by tying the laces.


It’s no surprise that you consider Under Armour as the boot of choice. The brand provides numerous options that can exceed your expectations in terms of comfort and support.

Under Armour tactical boots are among the best you can find, thanks to their lightweight construction and high durability. Since they are sized according to American standards, you can use your regular shoe size to find a fitting pair of boots.

If you have questions about Under Armour tactical boot sizes, leave them below.

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