Military Boots Size Chart: Should You Size Up or Down?

Military boots are foot wears which are worn by soldiers during combat or combat training, as opposed to during parades and other ceremonial duties. They make modern combat boots to combine traction, ankle support, and foot protection appropriate for a harsh environment. Military boots comprise leather, which is tough and waterproof leather (skip straight to the Men’s Military Boots size chart).

Nowadays, a lot of combat boots combine innovations from everyday hiking boots, like Gore-Tex nylon side panels that increase comfort and ventilation. The boots also are suitable for certain climates and conditions, such as jungle boots, desert boots, cold weather boots, and specific uses, such as tanker boots and jump boots.

Military boots may all appear to be the same, but you need to have the correct equipment when you have a difficult job to complete. By selecting the boot, you may work efficiently without worrying about your feet. Selecting the incorrect boot might cause injuries, unneeded back and leg fatigue, and general discomfort.

Military combat boots must adhere to rigorous requirements. Army soldiers need footwear that complies with AR 670-1, whereas Air Force personnel need boots that comply with AFI. To be appropriate for your particular unit or position, you might also need to have certain features or colors.

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Table of Content of Military Boots Size Charts

Men’s Military Boots size chart

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Heel to Toe
USA SizeEU SizeUK SizeRegular Width
for this Size
Wide Width
for this Size
9.31 in 23.65 cm  63953 8/16 in 8.89 cm3 14/16 in 9.7 cm
9.5 in 24.13 cm6 1/239.55 1/23 9/16 in 9.05 cm3 15/16 in 10 cm
9.69 in 24.61 cm74063 10/16 in 9.21 cm4 in 10.1 cm
9.81 in 24.92 cm7 1/240.56 1/23 11/16 in 9.37 cm4 1/16 in 10.3 cm
10 in 25.4 cm84173 12/16 in 9.5 cm4 2/16 in 10.4 cm
10.19 in 25.88 cm8 1/241.57 1/23 13/16 in 9.6 cm4 3/16 in 10.6 cm
10.31 in 26.19 cm94283 14/16 in 9.7 cm4 4/16 in 10.7 cm
10.5 in 26.67 cm9 1/242.5.8 1/23 15/16 in 10 cm4 5/16 in 10.9 cm
10.69 in 27.15 cm104394 in 10.16 cm4 6/16 in 11.1 cm
10.81 in 27.46 cm10 1/243.59 1/24 1/16 in 10.3 cm4 7/16 in 11.2 cm
11 in 27.94 cm1144104 2/16 in 10.4 cm4 8/16 in 11.4 cm
11.19 in 28.42 cm11 1/244.510 1/24 3/16 in 10.6 cm4 9/16 in 11.2 cm
11.31 in 28.73 cm1245114 4/16 in 10.7 cm4 10/16 11.7 cm
11.5 in 29.21 cm12 1/245.511 1/24 5/16 in 10.9 cm4 11/16 in 11 29/32 cm
11.69 in 29.69 cm1346124 6/16 in 11.1 cm4 12/16 in 12 5/77 cm
11.81 in 30 cm13 1/246.512 1/24 7/16 in 11.2 cm4 13/16 in 12 17/76 cm
12 in 30.48 cm1447134 8/16 in 11.3cm4 14/16 in 12 13/34 cm
12.19 in 30.96 cm14 1/247.513 1/24 9/16 in 11.4 cm4 15/16 in 12 46/85 cm
12.31 in 31.27 cm1548144 10/16 in 11.75 in 12 7/10 cm

Women’s Military Boots Size Chart

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Heel to Toe
USA SizeEU SizeUK sizeRegular Width
for this Size
Wide Width
for this Size
8.69 in 22.07 cm53843 3/16 in 8 5/52 cm3 9/16 in 9 2/41 cm
8.81 in 22.38 cm5 1/238.54 1/23 4/16 in 8 13/51 cm3 10/16 in 9 11/53 cm
9 in 22.86 cm63953 5/16 in 8 12/29 cm3 11/16 in 9 26/71 cm
9.19 in 23.34 cm6 1/239.55 1/23 6/16 in 8 4/7 cm3 12/16 in 9 21/40 cm
9.31 in 23.65 cm74063 7/16 in 8 68/93 cm3 1/16
9.5 in 24.13 cm7 1/241.56 1/23 8/16 in 8 81/91 cm3 14/16 9 16/19 cm
9.69 in 24.61 cm84273 9/16 in 9 2/41 cm3 15/16 in 10 cm
9.81 in 24.92 cm8 1/242.57 1/23 10/16 in 9 11/53 cm4 in 10 4/25 cm
10 in 25.4 cm94383 11/16 in 9 26/71 cm4 1/16 in 10 29/91 cm
10.19 in 25.88 cm9 1/243.58 1/23 12/16 in 9 21/40 cm4 2/16 in 10.48 cm
10.31 in 26.19 cm104493 13/16 in 9 67/98 cm4 3/16 in 10.6 cm
10.5 in 26.67 cm10 1/244.59 1/23 14/16 in 9 16/19 cm4 4/16 in 10.8 cm
10.69 in 27.15 cm1145103 15/16 in 10 cm4 5/16 in 10.9 cm
10.81 in 27.46 cm11 1/245.510 1/24 in 10 4/25 cm4 6/16 i 11.1 cm
11 in 27.94 cm1246114 1/16 in 10 29/91 cm4 7/16 in 11.2 cm

Big Kid Military Boot size chart

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US sizesEuro sizesUK sizesinchescentimeters

Little Kid Military Boot Conversions size chart (4 – 7 years)

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US sizesEuro sizesUK sizesinchescentimeters

Toddler Military Boot conversions size chart (9 months – 4 years)

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US SizesEuro sizesUK sizesinchescentimeters

Infant military boot conversions size chart (0-9 months)

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US SizesEuro sizesUK sizesinchescentimeters

How to choose the right Military Boot size

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When learning how to take care of your feet, the type of boots you wear is quite important. Every time you put on a pair of shoes, allow adequate blood to flow to your feet. If this is not the case, you can develop blisters on your feet and other foot issues. Always wear the proper footwear to avoid such issues. You must learn how to buy shoes to get the greatest ones. Here are some buying tips:

Know Your Exact Shoe Size

Knowing your precise shoe size before considering purchasing any pair of shoes is critical. You must keep this in mind every time you head out to buy shoes. They typically produce shoes in sizes. You must buy a pair of shoes that are appropriate for your feet. If you’re unsure about your specific size, you can ask a reputable retailer for help. Avoid purchasing oversized or ridiculously tight shoes.

Re-energize Your Feet Regularly
Most combat boots include a unique insole that helps with ventilation and perspiration while also enhancing comfort. The insole will conform to the wearer’s foot and offer internal support to fend against weariness, blisters, and other issues associated with long-wearing shoes. In order to prevent socked feet from slipping about inside the shoe, they also made the insole to provide traction inside the boot.
Pick Comfortable Shoes
Once you know your exact size, you should only choose comfortable shoes. You must refrain from purchasing shoes with stiletto heels or any other style with a heel height of up to 3 inches. When you put them on, they hurt your feet. Extremely pointy-toed shoes should also be avoided because they can seriously damage you by easily pinching your toes. Avoid wearing flat shoes at all costs if you suffer from Achilles tendon and Arch issues. When you wear them all the time, your feet might quickly become flattened.

Go for quality Shoes Made of Nice Leather
You should invest in good shoes made of high-quality leather in order to safeguard your feet. To purchase the greatest shoes, you must invest some money. You can choose from a variety of high-quality leather shoe options, including Italian and designer styles. We must avoid rubber shoes at all costs. They may cause foot blisters.

Pick Quality Athletic Shoes
You should have great athletic shoes if you enjoy taking part in sports and other physical activities. When purchasing them, you must exercise caution. You should choose models with soft leather components and decent traction. To protect your feet, try some of the well-known athletic shoe brands.

Learn more about Military Boots (video)

Choosing Military Boots by Train Like You Fight

Frequently asked questions

1. Do military boots run big?

Most Military Boots run ½ size larger than your normal running shoe size.

2. How should a military boot fit?

They should never feel too tight; they must give your feet a snugly feel across the width of the boot. Fine-tune the laces on the various areas of the shoes, especially around the bend of the ankle, to gain the ideal fit in order to prevent blisters from sliding. Also prevents foot swells and foot pain, enhancing your foot health.

3. How do I know my military boot size?

Measure the diameter of your foot by wrapping a measuring tape or thread around the largest section of it, which is the bunion joint. Because of differences in foot size, carry out this procedure on both feet.

4. Is your boot size the same as your shoe size?

Your boot size will often not be the same as your shoe size, though for some people it will be.

5. Should you get boots a size bigger?

You should not try sizing up in conventional boot sizes since the boot will be excessively long and result in blisters, chafing, and heel slippage even if larger boots match the breadth of your foot.

6. What boots do the US military use?

The standard-issue boot is the Bates Waterproof USMC combat boot.

7. Why are military boots high?

Military boots are high, typically a minimum of 8 inches tall, because it will prevent debris, water, mud, or any other foreign objects from entering the boot and causing any discomfort.


Your tactical boot should be able to last for an extended period if you got your true size of the foot when purchasing your boots. If not, any store has a return policy for their purchased product from their customer. The aim is to enhance customer service and they try to offer boot-fitting advice to their shopper.

Overall, you should only buy cozy shoes in your precise size. You should only get them from trustworthy suppliers. Make sure you’re working with a reputable online shoe dealer if you’re buying something online. If you’re unsure, there’s no reason to move forward. If you’re unsure about your shoe size, you may always ask a helpful salesperson.

The boot industry has a variety of boot braids which you can purchase your boot from. Always know which boot type works best with your outfit. Use our boot sizing tips from this helpful article to ensure your outfit goal is achieved.

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