Ariat Boots size chart for men, women and kids

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Do you want to know what size you should get for all of your equestrian gear and accessories? You’ll require Ariat boots size charts.

Some of the most popular Ariat boots on the market are the Ariat Fat Baby boots, Ariat Paddock Boots, Ariat Dixon Western Boots, Ariat Workhog Boots, Ariat Groundbreaker Boots, Ariat Spitfire boots, Childs Storm Western boots, Youth Wildflower Western Boots, and many more.

Ariat boots sizing charts for men, women, and children are explored in detail in this article. The article also serves as a size guide with instructions on how and what to measure when getting a pair of boots from Ariat.

Ariat boot size
Ariat boot size

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Do Ariat come in different widths?

Yes they do: learn all about different shoes and boot widths here

Men’s Ariat Boots Size Chart Based on Foot Length

SizingFoot Length (in, cm)Standard Calf Width (in, cm)Full Calf Width (in, cm)
79.5β€³ 24.4cm13.75β€³ 35cm14.75β€³ 37cm
7.59.75β€³ 24.8cm14β€³ 36cm15β€³ 38cm
89.88’’ 25.2cm14.13’’ 36cm15.13’’ 38cm
8.510.06’’ 25.6cm14.38’’ 37cm15.38’’ 39cm
910.5’’ 26.2cm14.5’’ 37cm15.5’’ 39cm
9.510.38’’ 26.4cm14.75’’ 37cm15.75’’’’ 40cm
1010.5’’ 27cm14.88’’ 38cm Β 15.88’’ 40cm
10.510.75’’ 27.4cm––
1110.88’’ 27.8cm15.25’’ 39cm16.25’’ 41cm
11.511.06’’ 28.2cm––
1211.5β€³ 28.6cm––
1311.56β€³ 29.4cm––
1411.88β€³ 30.5cm––
1512.25β€³ 31.5cm––

Ariat Men’s Boots Sizing Chart by Calf Length and Calf Width

SizingBoots Type (width/length)
Short & Slim (in, cm)Short & Regular (in, cm)Medium & Slim (in, cm)Medium and Regular (in, cm)Medium & Full (in, cm)Tall & Slim (in, cm)Tall & Regular (in, cm)
713’’/18’’ 33.5cm/46cm Β 14’’/18’’ 36cm/46cm13’’/19.3’’ 33.5cm/49cm14’’/19.3’’ 25cm/49cm15’’/19.5’’ 38.5cm/49cm13’’/20.5’’ 33.5cm/52.5cm14’’/20.5’’ 36cm/52cm
813.5’’/18.5’’ 34.5cm/47cm14.25’’/18.25’’ 36.5cm/47cm13.5’’/19.8’’ 34.5cm/50.5cm14.5’’/19.8’’ 37cm/50.5cm15.5’’/19.8’’ 39.5cm/50.5cm13.5’’/21’’ 34.5cm/53.5cm14.5’’/21’’ 37cm/53.5cm
913.8’’/18.8’’ 35cm/48cm14.8’’/18.8’’ 37.5cm/48cm13.8’’/20’’ 35cm/51cm14.8’’/20’’ 37.5cm/51cm15.8’’/20’’ 40.5cm/51cm Β 13.8’’/21.3’’ 35cm/54cm14.8’’/21.3’’ 37.5cm/54cm
1014’’/19.5 36cm/49cm15’’/19.5’’ 38.5cm/49cm14’’/20.5’’ 36cm/52.5cm15’’/20.5’’ 38.5cm/52.5cm16’’/20.5’’ 41cm/52.5cm14’’/21.8’’ 36cm/55.5cm15’’/21.8 38.5cm/55.5cm
1114.5’’/19.8’’ 37cm/50.5cm15.5’’/19.8’’ 39.5cm/50.5cm14.5’’/21’’ 37cm/53.5cm15.5’’/21’’ 39.5cm/53.5cm16.5’’/21’’ 42cm/53.5cm Β 14.5’’/22.25’’ 37cm/57cm Β 15.5’’/22.25’’ 39.5cm/57cm
1215’’/20’’ 38.5cm/51cm16’’/20’’ 41cm/51cm15’’/21.5’’ 38.5cm/54cm16’’/21.5’’ 41cm/54cm Β 17’’/21.5’’ 43.5cm/54cm15’’/22.5’’ 38.5cm/57.5cm16’’/22.5’’ 41cm/57.5cm
1315.5’’/20.3’’ 39.5cm/51.5cm16.5’’/20.3’’ 42cm/51.5cm Β 15.5’’/21.5’’ 39.5cm/55cm Β 16.5’’/21.5’’ 42cm/55cm17.5’’/21.5’’ 44.5cm/55cm15.5’’/22.8’’ 39.5cm/58cm16.5’’/22.8’’ 42cm/58cm

Women’s Ariat Boots Size Chart Based on Foot Length

SizingFoot Length (in, cm)Standard calf width (in, cm)Full Calf width (in, cm)
5.58.5’’ 22cm13.25’’ 34cm14.25’’ 36cm
68.94’’ 23cm13.38’’ 34cm14.38’’ 37cm
6.59.06’’ 23cm13.63’’ 35cm14.63’’ 37cm
79.25’’ 24cm13.75’’ 35cm14.75’’ 38cm
7.59.38’’ 24cm14’’ 36cm15’’ 38cm
89.6’’ 24cm14.13’’ 36cm15.13’’ 39cm
8.59.8’’ 25cm14.38’’ 37cm15.38’’ 39cm
99.88’’ 25cm14.5’’ 37cm15.5’’ 39cm
9.510.06’’ 26cm14.75’’ 38cm15.75’’ 40cm
1010.25’’ 26cm14.88’’ 38cm15.88’’ 40cm
10.510.38’’ 26cm15.25’’ 39cm16.25’’ 41cm
1110.56β€³ 27cm––

Ariat Women’s Boots Sizing Chart based on Shoe Type

Ariat Short Boots Size Chart

SizingShort Boots (Foot width/ Foot Length)
Short Slim (in, cm)Short Regular (in, cm)Short Full (in, cm)Short Wide (in, cm)
5.5-612.5’’/16.5’’ 32cm/42cm13’’/16.5’’ 34cm/42cm13.5’’/16.5’’ 35cm/42cm14.5’’/16.5’’ 39cm/42cm
6.5-712.5’’/17’’ 32cm/44cm13.5’’/17’’ 35cm/44cm14’’/17’’ 36cm/44cm15’’/17’’ 39cm/44cm
7.5-813’’/17.5’’ 34cm/44cm13.5’’/17.5’’ 35cm/44cm14.5’’/17.5’’ 37cm/44cm15.5’’/17.5’’ 40cm/45cm
8.5-913.5’’/17.8’’ 35cm/46cm14’’/17.8’’ 36cm/46cm15’’/17.5’’ 39cm/46cm15.5’’/17.5’’ 41cm/46cm
9.5-1013.5’’/18’’ 35cm/46cm14.5’’/18’’ 37cm/46cm15.5’’/18’’ 40cm/46cm16’’/18’’ 41cm/46cm
11–15’’/18.5’’ 39cm/47cm–16.5’’/18.5’’ 42cm/47cm

Ariat Medium Boots Size Chart

SizingMedium Boots (Foot width/ Foot Length)
Med Xtra Xtra Slim (in, cm)Med Xtra Slim (in, cm)Med Slim (in, cm)Med Regular (in, cm)Med Full (in, cm)Med Wide (in, cm)Med Xtra Wide (in, cm)
5.5-6–11.5’’/17.5’’ 29cm/44cm12.5’’/17.5’’ 32cm/44cm13’’/17.5’’ 34cm/55cm13.5’’/17.5’’ 35cm/44cm14.5’’/17.5’’ 37cm/44cm–
6.5-711.5’’/17.8’’ 28cm/46cm11.8’’/17.8’’ 30cm/46cm12.5’’/17.8’’ 32cm/46cm13.5’’/17.8’’ 35cm/46cm14’’/17.8’’ 36cm/46cm15’’/17.8’’ 30.5cm/45.5cm–
7.5-811.5’’/18’’ 29cm/46cm12.5’’/18’’ 32cm/46cm13’’/18’’ 34cm/46cm14’’/19.3’’ 25cm/49cm14.5’’/18’’ 37cm/46cm15.5’’/18’’ 39.5cm/46cm16.5’’/18’’ 42cm/46cm
8.5-912’’/18.5’’ 31cm/47cm12.5’’/18.5’’ 33cm/47cm13.5’’/18.5’’ 35cm/47cm14.5’’/19.8’’ 37cm/51cm15’’/18.5’’ 39cm/47cm15.5/18.5’’ 40.5cm/47cm16.8’’/18.5’’ 43cm/47cm
9.5-1012.5’’/19’’ 32cm/49cm13’’/19’’ 34cm/49cm13.5’’/19’’ 34cm/49cm14.5’’/19’’ 37cm/49cm15.5’’/19’’ 40cm/49cm16’’/19’’ 41cm/48.5cm17’’/19’’ 44cm/48.5’’
11––14’’/19.5’’ 36/49cm15’’/19.5’’ 39cm/49cm15.5’’/19.3’’ 41cm/49cm16.5’’/19.5’’ 41cm/48.5cm17.5’’/19.3’’ 45cm/49cm

Ariat Tall Boot Size Chart

SizingTall Boots (Foot Width/Foot Length)
Tall Xtra Xtra Slim (in, cm)Tall Xtra Slim (in, cm)Tall Slim (in, cm)Tall Regular (in, cm)Tall Full (in, cm)Tall Wide (in, cm)
5.5-6–12.5’’/18.5’’ 32cm/47cm12.5’’/18.5’’ 34cm/47cm13’’/18.5 35cm/47cm13.5’’/18.5’’ 35cm/47cm14.5’’/18.5’’ 37cm/47cm
6.5-7–12.5’’/19’’ 32cm/49cm12.5’’/19’’ 32cm/49cm13.5’’/19’’ 35cm/49cm14’’/19’’ 36cm/49cm15’’/19’’ 39cm/49cm
7.5-812.3’’/19.3’’ 32cm/49cm13’’/19.5’’ 34cm/49cm13’’/19.5’’ 34cm/49cm14’’/20.5’’ 35cm/49cm14.5’’/19.5’’ 37cm/49cm15.5’’/19.5’’ 40cm/49cm
8.5-912.8’’/19.8’’ 33cm/51cm13.5’’/19.8’’ 35cm/51cm13.5’’/19.8’’ 35cm/51cm14.5’’/21’’ 36cm/51cm15’’/19.8’’ 39cm/51cm15.8’’/19.8’’ 41cm/51cm
9.5-1013’’/20 34cm/51cm13.8’’/20’’ 35cm/51cm13.8’’/20’’ 35cm/51cm14.8’’/21.3’’ 38cm/52cm15.5’’/20’’ 40cm/51cm16’’/20’’ 41cm/51cm
11–14’’/20.5’’ 36cm/53cm14’’/20.5 39cm/53cm15’’/20.5’’ 39cm/53cm15.8’’/20.5 41cm/53cm16.5’’/20.5’’ 42cm/53cm

Kid’s Ariat Boot Size Chart Based on Foot Length

Kids shoe size by age you can learn all about it here

SizingFoot Length (in, cm)
85.69’’ 14.6cm
8.55.81’’ 14.8cm
96’’ 15.4cm
9.56.16’’ 15.8cm
106.38’’ 16.4cm
10.56.5’’ 16.6cm
116.69’’ 17cm
11.56.88’’ 17.6cm
127’’ 17.8cm
12.57.19’’ 18.4cm
137.38’’ 18.8cm
13.57.5’’ 19.2cm
17.69’’ 19.6cm
1.57.88’’ 20.2cm
28’’ 20.4cm
2.58.19’’ 21cm
38.38’’ 21.4cm
3.58.5’’ 21.6cm
48.69’’ 22.2cm
4.58.88’’ 22.6cm
59β€³ 23cm
5.59.19β€³ 23.4cm
69.38β€³ 24cm

How to Choose the Right Ariat Boot Size

When selecting Ariat boots, it is critical to obtain correct measures, which may be accomplished by utilizing a measuring tape to obtain the various relevant measurements. The following are the relevant areas that must be addressed:

Foot Length

Sit in a straight chair with your knees bent at a 90Β° angle to the floor to measure foot length. After that, have someone measure the length of your foot from the longest toe (typically the big toe) to the sole.

Place your foot on a sheet of paper and accurately outline it with a pen or a marker if no one else is available to help. Next, measure from the largest toe to the sole with a measuring tape.

Calf Width

Allow the person to wrap the measuring tape around the largest circumference of your calf while you remain seated, ensuring that the measuring tape is parallel to the ground. When purchasing lengthy work boots, this measurement is extremely crucial.

If your calves fall into that category, use the standard calf width on the size chart; otherwise, use the full calf width if your calves are wider.

Calf Length or Calf Height

Have the person measure leg height, from the back of the knee to the soles of your feet while you’re still sitting. To avoid making mistakes, make sure the measuring tape is kept straight.

For extra comfort, add a half-inch of space to each leg measurement.

Ariat Boots Conversion Charts

In a conversion chart, the appropriate size tags of products from countries other than the United States are shown. Ariat boots are slightly larger than other brands’ boots in general; as a result, a conversion chart should be consulted before purchasing one in your country.

Men’s Ariat Boots Conversion Chart

United StatesUnited KingdomJapanEurope

Women’s Ariat Boots Conversion Chart

United StatesUnited KingdomJapanEurope

Kid’s Ariat Boots Conversion Chart

United StatesUnited KingdomJapanEurope

Ariat sizing explained

Ariat boots sizes by Double C Saddlery


The most well-known Ariat product is its high-quality, long-lasting shoes, which have outperformed competitors by offering customers boots designed for ease, protection, and longevity, as seen by hundreds of positive reviews. Special features are also incorporated to improve the user experience with the boots.

The following page is a comprehensive guide to selecting well fitting boot size for men, women, and children.

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