What is the Average Foot Size for Men?

Although there are no official figures on the average foot size for men in the US and other countries, sizes are mostly determined by statistics. And the United States, the European Union, and the United Kingdom have the most common shoe size measurements (skip straight to the Average Foot Size for Men Chart).

Average foot size for men: Most Common Male Foot Sizes

According to a 2014 report by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, men’s shoe sizes range from 9 to 12 worldwide on average. The typical average shoe size for males in the United States is considered to be approximately 10.5

Orthopaedic surgeons association

So, what is the average men’s foot size? These sizes are regularly classified into certain categories. As a result, some adult shoe brand categories are more popular among men and sell out more quickly than others. In the end, this illustrates the typical shoe size for males. As mentioned, there is no standard shoe size for men. Even though it’s accepted that men’s shoe sizes in 2014 range from 9 to 12, the correct size is 10.5 for men in America(American feet).

There can be a size difference depending on where you are on the planet. For instance, men’s typical shoe sizes in Europe (European Feet) will differ slightly from those in the US. Particularly in Europe, men’s shoe sizes commonly fall between 32 and 50, which is equivalent to the 0.5 to 15.5 size range in the US. Although the average shoe size for men in the United States is around 10, it is between 42 and 43 in European nations.

Choosing a good foot size for men will guide you when shopping for the correct and most comfortable shoes. Your feet can sustain your body weight on a stable platform when your shoes fit your feet comfortably and are neither too tight nor too loose. We will walk dysfunctionally and against our natural gait if we are wearing shoes that are too big.

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Table of Content of Average Foot Size

Average Foot Size for Men Chart

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US SIZESEURO SIZESUK SIZESFoot Length (in)NarrowMediumWide
6395.59.2 in 23.5 cm3.3 in 8.4 cm3.5 in 8.8 cm3.6 in 9.3 cm
6.53969.5 in 24.1 cm3.3 in 8.5 cm3.5 in 9.0 cm3.7 in 9.5 cm
7406.59.6 in 24.4 cm3.4 in 8.7 cm3.6 in 9.2 cm3.8 in 9.6 cm
7.540-4179.7 in 24.7 cm3.5 in 8.8 cm3.6 in 9.3 cm3.8 in 9.8 cm
8417.59.938 in 25.24 cm3.5625 in 9.05 cm3.75 in 9.525 cm3.938 in 10.00 cm
8.541-42810.1 in 25.7 cm3.6 in 9.2 cm3.8 in 9.6 cm4 in 10.1 cm
9428.510.2 in 26.0 cm3.6 in 9.3 cm3.8 in 9.8 cm4.0 in 10.32 cm
9.542-43910.4 in 26.5 cm3.7 in 9.5 cm3.9 in 10.0 cm4.1 in 10.5 cm
10439.510.5 in 26.8 cm3.8 in 9.6 cm4 in 10.1 cm4.1 in 10.6 cm
10.543-441010.7 in 27.3 cm3.8 in 9.8 cm4.1 in 10.3 cm4.2 in 10.7 cm
114410.510.9 in 27.7 cm3.9 in 10.00 cm4.1 in 10.4 cm4.3 in 10.9 cm
11.544-451111.1 in 28.2 cm4 in 10.1 cm4.1 in 10.6 cm4.3 in 11.1 cm
124511.511.2 in 28.5 cm4.0 in 10.3 cm4.2 in 10.7 cm4.4 in 11.2 cm
134612.511.5 in 29.3 cm4.1 in 10.4 cm4.3 in 10.9 cm4.5 in 11.4 cm
144713.512.1 in 30.9 cm4.1 in 10.6 cm4.3 in 11.1 cm4.5 in 11.5 cm
154814.512.1 in 30.8 cmN/LN/LN/L
164915.512.5 in 31.7 cmN/LN/LN/L

Men’s Footwear Size Conversion Chart

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Foot LengthU.S. Men’s Shoe Size
9 5/16 in 23.65 cm6
9 1/2 in 24.13 cm6.5
9 11/16 in 24.61 cm7
9 13/16 in 24.92 cm7.5
10 in 25.4 cm8
10 3/16 in 25.88 cm8.5
10 5/16 in 26.19 cm9
10 1/2 in 26.67 cm9.5
10 11/16 in 27.15 cm10
10 13/16 in 27.46 cm10.5
11 in 27.94 cm11
11 3/16 in 28.42 cm11.5
11 5/16 in 28.73 cm12
11 1/2 in 29.21 cm12.5
11 11/16 in 29.69 cm13
11 13/16 in 30 cm13.5
12 in 30.48 cm14
12 3/16 in 30.96 cm14.5
12 5/16 in 31.27 cm15

How to choose the right average foot size for men

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Your feet are the most important, and possibly the only, key determinant of your shoe size. Like many other characteristics, including average height, foot size is mostly inherited genetically. Our shoe size and height have a well-established link.

Correlation Between Height And Foot Length

Our feet provide the framework for the rest of our body and are essential for maintaining proper balance even after weight gain. They prevent us from toppling over since they are formed of tendons, ligaments, and muscles. A larger base is necessary to support your body weight and ensure stability if you are tall. Therefore, the median shoe size for tall people is greater. The human foot plays vital in the human body. Thus, foot health should be a key factor.

The ratio of height to the foot is unclear. You will have 6.6 inches of height for every inch of foot length if the ratio is “normal” (6.6:1). This is a reasonable approximation, though. People typically wear larger or smaller shoes than the ratio’s result. Two more elements that affect bone length and health are lifestyle and food. For instance, studies show that growing taller can be aided by consuming foods strong in vitamins, proteins, and other necessary elements from a young age. Your foot size may change because of this.

This shows the importance of avoiding the wrong size for a slight inch tall. Ideal shoe size goes in hand with standard foot size. Some ways are ideal for measuring your foot, such as 3D foot scanning technology, which aids in analyzing foot length. A foot scanner helps check differences in foot dimensions either shorter feet or larger feet.

Check out this video to learn how to determine shoe size for men

What Is the Average Shoe Size for Men? by Tita TV

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average foot size for a 16-year-old male?

The average 16-year-old has an actual shoe size of 7.5.

2. What is the average foot size for 6 feet tall men?

The average foot size for men standing 6 feet tall is usually 11.5. However, this does not apply to everybody. Alternatively, adjust the spectrum to take or give an inch. As a result, the average range will be anything between 11 and 12.5.

3. What is the average size of a foot in America?

There is no exactly average foot size for males in the US. Despite this, the typical male aged 20 and up is 5 feet 10.9 inches tall and typically wears a 10.5 shoe size. Over, 6 feet 2-inch tall men often wear shoe sizes 11 to 12. For males who are shorter than 5 feet 5 inches, the average foot size ranges from 7 to 9.

4. What is the average foot Size For Men Worldwide?

Around the world, men’s feet typically range in size from nine to twelve. Of course, it depends a lot on the country. People are typically shorter in places where food is scarce, which affects the standard foot size.

5. What Is The Smallest Size In Men’s feet?

Even though guys with smaller feet can always buy shoes in children’s sizes, the smallest size offered by most male shoe companies is often size 5. Shoes with unisex sizing are a good choice because they typically come in a wider range of smaller styles that also fit size for women’s feet.

6. Is Size 11 Feet Big For A Man?

A man’s shoe size of 11 is not that uncommon. Discovering a size 11 in the men’s shoe section is prevalent, and a lot of shoe stores offer sizes up to a size 12. Big shoe sizes usually start at 12—footwear larger than this is uncommon. Adidas and Nike are two famous shoe brands that provide larger sizes, with the former offering a size 20.


It is normal to want to find the average foot size for men, even if you are looking for a gift or checking to see whether your feet are regular. For instance, in the United States, the average adult shoe size for a 5 feet 10.5-inch guy is approx. size 10.5. Remember, a 1-Inch difference can cause foot pain in case of the unfitting shoes.

Remember that this is just a rough estimate and that men’s accurate shoe sizes vary widely. In addition, several factors, your height measurements being the most significant, affect the length of your feet. As a result, guys with comparable heights may have vastly different shoe sizes. Many shoe manufacturers or designers have men with the biggest and wider feet in mind. Many target customers, American customers, Asian customers, or European customers, their foot size will, thus manufacturers are very kind in the country they are selling their product.

Foot size and height are generally inversely correlated in men, particularly after puberty. Compared to shorter or average-height males, taller men typically have bigger feet. Of course, factors like age, activity, and weight can influence this.

As men mature, their feet and shoe sizes frequently increase. A variety of things causes this, including weight gain and the gradual wear and tear that feet endure. With time, the foot’s ligaments and tendons weaken, flattening the arch and enlarging the feet. Men may also need a larger size shoe due to foot issues, including bunions and hammer toes.

I hope you enjoyed my information about the average foot size for men. Leave a comment in the comment section if you have any queries about our article. Thank You!

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