Waist Size Chart for Men, Women and Kids

Choosing which clothes to buy, how much money to spend, where to buy certain items, and other decisions can be stressful enough while going clothes shopping. Imagine having to return something you purchased in the incorrect size (skip straight to the waist size chart).

Waist Size Chart for Men, Women and Kids size-charts.com
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In addition to being expensive, return shipping can also be a waste of time because, in most cases, clothing retailers will take the time to verify your purchase before refunding your money or sending you a different size if the item was the wrong size. Therefore, it is best to take accurate body measurements before buying anything to ensure you get the correct size.

Your waist size is one of the most crucial dimensions to take when ordering clothing online. The size of your waist impacts your jeans size, pant size, undergarment size, and even dress sizes. It is quite simple to determine your correct waist size; all you need is a tape measure and a waist correspond size chart to determine your accurate measurement.

waist size chart
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To help you determine your correct waist size and choose the appropriate clothing when buying online, this article includes standard size charts for men and women and answers to the most frequently asked questions about size waists on the internet.

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Table of Content of Waist Size

Waist Size Chart

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Men’s Waist Size Guide for Jeans and Pants

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International SizingWaist Size (inches)Waist Size (cm)

Men’s Waist Size Guide for Suits

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International SizingUS SizingEurope SizingWaist Size (inches)Waist Size (cm)

Men’s Waist Size Guide for Belts

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International SizingNumerical Belt SizeWaist Size (inches)Waist (cm)Length of Belt (inches)Length of Belt (cm)

Men’s Waist Size Chart for Underwear

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International SizingUS & UK SizingWaist Size (inches)Waist Size (cm)

Women’s Waist Size for Jeans, Skirts, and Pants (Alpha Size)

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International SizingUS SizingWaist Size (inches)Waist Size (cm)
L1230. 577.47

Women’s Plus Waist Size for Jeans, Skirts, and Pants

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International SizingUS SizingWaist Size (inches)Waist Size (cm)

Women’s Petite Waist Size for Jeans, Skirts, and Pants

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International SizingUS SizingWaist Size (inches)Waist Size (cm)
XS2P23. 559.69
S4P24. 562.23
S6P25. 564.77

Kid’s Waist Size Guide

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SizingHeight(in)Height(cm)Waist (in)Waist (cm)
PRE<18″<46cm12 – 14″30.5 – 35.6cm
NB18 – 21.5″46 – 55cm16″40.6cm
3M21.5 – 24″55 – 61cm17.5″44.5cm
6M24 – 27″61 – 69cm18.5″47cm
9M27 – 28.5″69 – 72cm19″48cm
12M28.5 – 30″72 – 76cm19.5″50cm
18M30 – 32″76 – 81cm20.25″51.5cm
24M32 – 34″81 – 86cm21″53.3cm
2T35 – 36.5″88 – 93cm21″53.3cm
3T36.5 – 39″93 – 98cm21.5″54.6cm
4T39 – 41.5″99 – 105cm22″55.8cm
4S40 – 42.5″102 – 108cm20″50.8cm
440 – 42.5″102 – 108cm22″55.8cm
4R40 – 42.5″102 – 108cm22″55.8cm
4H40 – 42.5″102 – 108cm24.5″62.2cm
4P40 – 42.5″102 – 108cm24.5″62.2cm
5T41.5 – 44″105 – 112cm22.5″57cm
5S42.5 – 45″108 – 114cm20.5″52cm
542.5 – 45″108 – 114cm22.5″57cm
5R42.5 – 45″108 – 114cm22.5″57cm
5H42.5 – 45″108 – 114cm25.5″64.8cm
5P42.5 – 45″108 – 114cm25.5″64.8cm
6S45 – 49″114 – 125cm21″53cm
645 – 49″114 – 125cm23″578cm
6R45 – 49″114 – 125cm23″578cm
6H45 – 49″114 – 125cm26″66cm
6P45 – 48″”114 – 121cm26″66cm
6-6X45 – 48″114 – 121cm23″66cm
749 – 51″125 – 130cm23.5″59.7cm
7R49 – 51″125 – 130cm23.5″59.7cm
7S49 – 51″125 – 130cm21.5″54.6cm
7H49 – 51″125 – 130cm26.75″68
7P49 – 51″125 – 130cm27.5″69.8cm
851 – 54″130 – 137cm24.5″62cm
8R51 – 54″130 – 137cm24.5″62cm
8S51 – 54″130 – 137cm22.5″57cm
8H51 – 54″130 – 137cm27.5″69.8cm
8P51 – 54″130 – 137cm28″71cm
1054 – 56″137 – 142cm25″63.5cm
10R54 – 56″137 – 142cm25″63.5cm
10S54 – 56″137 – 142cm23″58.4cm
10P54 – 56″137 – 142cm28.5″72.4cm
10H54 – 56″137 – 142cm29″73.6cm
10-1254 – 59.5″137 – 151cm23-24″58.-60.9cm
1256 – 59.5″142 – 151cm26″66cm
12R56 – 59.5″142 – 151cm26″66cm
12S56 – 59.5″142 – 151cm24″60.9cm
12H56 – 59.5″142 – 151cm30.5″77.5cm
12P56 – 59.5″142 – 151cm30.5″77.5cm
1459 – 63″150 – 160cm28″71cm
14R59 – 63″150 – 160cm28″71cm
14S59 – 63″150 – 160cm25″63.5cm
14H59 – 63″150 – 160cm32″81cm
14P59 – 63″150 – 160cm32″81cm

Learn more about how to measure your waist (video)

How to measure your waist circumference by MD Anderson Cancer Center

Frequently Asked Questions

What is My Normal Waist Size?

The narrowest spot between the base of your ribs (around your belly button) and your hips is your natural or actual waist size. Before buying any clothing item, especially one purchased online, it is crucial to know your natural waist size.

This is because you won’t be able to try the clothing on until after you’ve bought it, and return shipping can be costly, frustrating, and time-consuming.

Use a measuring tape to circle the narrowest area between the base of your ribs and your hips to determine your natural waist size. Use our waist size charts above to compare the outcome in inches or centimeters.

Is a 34-inch waist big?

For men, 34 inches is considered average size, not large. On the other hand, a 34-inch waist is typically considered a larger size for women. Accordingly, if your waist measures 34 inches, you should get a medium for men and an extra-large for women.

However, you should verify the sizing chart of each store to be sure because some run too big or too small.

Is 32 waist size normal?

Depending on the style of clothes, a male waist size 32 is either tiny or very small. On the other hand, women with a size 32 waist have a large waist.

Therefore, getting small (or extra-small) for men’s apparel or big for women’s clothing if you have a size 32-inch waist is preferable. In case they run large or small, it is still advised to consult the store’s sizing guide.

What are the average waist measurements for a woman?

Women’s average waist measurements are around 29.9 inches (76 cm). Men have a waist that is, on average, 35.4 inches wide (90 cm). This indicates that whereas most males have waist sizes of 35.4 inches worldwide, most women tend to have waist sizes of 29.9 inches.

The need for individual sizing arises when buying apparel.

Is Waist Size Necessary When Buying Dresses?

Most times, waist size is necessary when purchasing dresses, especially if the dress is form-fitting.

Are Waist measurements more Important than Hip Size?

Both waist size and hip size are important, however in cases where you get conflicting results on the size charts, always choose the larger size. 

What waist size is considered skinny?

Your body size often determines your waist size. Men with waists between 28 and 32 inches are frequently regarded as thin. They must always buy smaller sizes of jeans, pants, underwear, and suits because they have the tiniest waists.

However, women with waists between 23 and 29 inches are seen as slim. The greatest chart for slender women is the one for petite women because it includes ladies with smaller-than-average waist sizes.


We hope that our post on waist size charts was useful to you. Imagine having to send back an item that you bought in the wrong size. First, you will have to deal with customer service, and because clothes merchants typically verify your purchase before refunding your money or sending you a different size if the item was the wrong size, return shipping can be both costly and time-consuming.

In addition to being pricey. It is therefore best to accurately measure oneself before making any purchases.

The page above offers waist size charts for men and women as well as solutions to the most frequently asked issues on the internet to assist you in determining your precise waist size and selecting suitable clothing when shopping online.

In addition, a male waist size of 32 is either small or very small, whereas a woman’s size of 34 inches is sized as large. Remember that your natural or normal waist is the narrowest area between the base of your ribs and your hips. For men, a waist measurement of 34 inches is considered average size, not large. However, it is crucial always to verify the stores’ sizing conversions because some of them run large or small.

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