Male Blazer Size Chart : How do I know my men’s suit jacket size ?

You know your suit jacket size (blazer) with your chest measurement in inches. Wrap a measuring tape around the fullest part of your chest (under your armpits). If you measure 42 inches around your chest, your Jacket chest size is 42, and your male blazer size is 40 as well. The length of your jacket is indicated by the letter following the jacket size (both body and sleeve).

Male Blazer (men’s suit jacket) size chart: How do I know my blazer size for men?

Choose the correct male blazer for your outfit, it’s an important part of understanding suit sizes. Read through our male blazer size chart and Suit jackets for men size guide. A blazer is a  type or style of jacket that is worn by men, it has a tailored body fit and can be single or double-breasted.

A male blazer should fit well across the shoulders with no extra fabric pulling at the seams (larger size can ruin your outfit). The sleeves should end just past your wrist bone with about half an inch to an inch of shirt cuff showing beneath. The body of the blazer should be close-fitting but not tight, with no pulling across the chest or stomach. 

When it comes to men’s clothing, a blazer is one of the most useful pieces. Whether you’re going to a formal occasion or going out and just want to wear something different from your day-to-day apparel and wish to complement it with your pair of pants, a good blazer will never fail you. However, before buying one make sure that you know what size fits best and is perfect for your body type. 

How to Pick the Best Blazer for You?

How do i know my Blazer size as a man?

Your blazer size will be perfect if you feel comfortable and it will support your range of motion because, as a man, you tend to move more often.

The best way to find your jacket size is by measuring yourself, make sure that you take all measurements in inches (if you like, you may take it in cm) and if possible have someone else do it for accurate sizing. Make sure you wear a dress shirt when doing this because it will allow the tailor working on your blazer or suit to better understand where the shoulder seams should fall.

How to measure men’s jacket blazer size?

When taking the measurement, take note of the following body dimensions, the only thing you need is a measuring tape and preferably a mirror:

Chest Size

Measure around the fullest part of your chest, keeping the tape parallel to the ground

Sleeve Length

Measure from the center back of your neck to your wrist bone with your arm hanging naturally by your side

Shoulder Width

Measure from one shoulder tip to another across your back

Pant Waist Size

Measure the height where you typically wear your pants, right below your waist (approximately 1 inch below your belly button). Keep ideally one finger between your body and the measuring tape.

Jacket Length

Measure from the base of neck (where the spine meets your skull) to where you want the jacket to end, usually just below the hipbone

Now that you have all your measurements, compare them with the size chart (regular sizes for men) below to find your perfect blazer size. Choose the closest measurements to your actual body measurement (make sure to use the tape measure correctly).

How to take body measurements and Measure the correct size of Blazer? (video)

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Male Blazer And Jacket Size Chart

Body Length73.662976.23078.743181.283283.823386.3634
Chest Width101.640106.6842111.7644116.8446121.924812750
Shoulder Width44.4517.545.721846.9918.548.261949.5319.550.820
Sleeve Length58.422360.962463.52564.7725.566.042667.3126.5

Male Suit Jacket Size Chart

An easy-to-use body size to formalwear sizes overview.

Body Length73.662976.23078.743181.283283.823386.3634
Chest Width101.640106.6842111.7644116.8446121.924812750
Shoulder Width44.4517.545.721846.9918.548.261949.5319.550.820
Sleeve Length58.422360.962463.52564.7725.566.042667.3126.5

Suit Jacket Size conversion for Male Blazer

Discover a Male Blazer Average Size conversion chart in the most common international sizes, from alfa sizing, to European suit sizes. This chart will help you understand the many sizes you’ll find on the size label. (mainly situated in the jacket collar)

Alfa SizesUS SizesUK SizesFrench SizesItalian SizesGerman Sizes

What does a size 48 R blazer mean

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Male Blazer Length size chart – men’s jacket length

Based on your body height, find out what jacket length you need. Use the Male Jacket Length Chart below in inches and centimeters:

Men Height FeetMen Height in CMBlazer Jacket size needed
5’7” and less-> 170 cmShort (S)
5’7” – 6’0”170 – 183 cmRegular (R)
6’0” and more183 ->Tall / Long (T,L)
  • Tall/Long size indicates a sleeve length which is about 1 1/2” (3.8 cm) longer, and jacket/coat body is also about 1 1/2” (3.8 cm) longer than regular length. 
  • Short size indicates about 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter sleeve length and about 1 inch (2.5 cm) shorter jacket/coat body length.

What Are The Types of Male Blazer?

In the selection of blazers, you’ll first need to decide what style will suit you best. There are two main styles: single-breasted and double-breasted.

Single-breasted blazers have one row of buttons (the popular ones are golden buttons) and are the most versatile style. Most contemporary tailored jackets are single-breasted, perhaps because this style is easier to wear and suits almost all shapes and sizes. They are sleek, modern, and stylish. 

Double-breasted blazers have two rows of buttons and are more formal than single-breasted jackets. Modern double-breasted jackets are narrow at the waist and are usually longer than the single-breasted ones. Double-breasted ones are classic, vintage, and elegant.


No wardrobe is complete without a casual blazer as it is primal apparel. A blazer can be dressed up or down and is an essential component of any man’s closet. It symbolizes sophistication and offers a chance to showcase a personal style.

A blazer should be chosen – not simply for its superior fit or luxurious touch – but also for the fabric from which it was crafted and is made fit for comfort. Always remember that you have the freedom to choose as they come in dynamic sizes and standard sizes.

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