What Size is a 42 Inch TV? 42 TV Dimensions in CM & Inches

One of the smaller sizes in popular TVs is a 42-in TV. When buying a 42-inch TV, consider the room size, the viewing distance, and the 42″ Tv dimensions. When a manufacturer describes a TV as 42 inches, they refer to the diagonal measurement of the screen’s size with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

What size is a 42-inch TV? How big in cm & inches

The diagonal measurement of the screen is 42 inches. This length is 106.7 centimeters when expressed in centimeters. The screen measures 37 inches or 93.0 cm in width and 21 inches or 52.3 cm in height if the aspect ratio is 16: 9.

A 42-inch TV is a very versatile TV-screen size used in kitchens, bedrooms or smaller rooms. An average 42″ TV screen is 37″ wide, 21″ high and 2″ thick.

TV-spec guide

The measurements for a 42-inch TV with a 16: 9 aspect ratio are displayed in the image below.

Why is it important to know the dimensions of a 42″ TV?

If you overlook the screen’s dimensions, you can find yourself with a TV that doesn’t fit in the space you have set aside. In numerous circumstances, it may also be too big or little for your room. Knowing how big a 42-inch could be, it may be important to evaluate several TV models.

This dimension is a pretty common TV screen size, so we explain how much height, width, and depth the TV has. Based on our overall Tv-Screen sizes page we got many questions like “what size is a 42 inch TV?”. So we dug some deeper into the most popular smaller TV sizes like the 42-inch

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What Size is a 42 inch TV Quick read

  • Many 42-inch TVs come in different dimensions. Check the specs of the brand of the model you want to buy
  • A 42″ TV average dimension in inches is 48 inches wide, 27 inches tall, and 2 inches thick.
  • A 42″ TV average dimension in centimeters is 122 cm wide, 69 cm tall and 6 cm high
  • The area required on your wall for the 42-inch television is 1293-inch2 or 8.400 cm² or 0.84m²
  • Typically a 42-inch TV weighs between 25 pounds – 11 kgs and 50 pounds or 23 kg, depending on the brand and price level of the screen.
  • The viewing distance to a 42-Inch TV must be at least 9.4 feet or 2.9 meters. A minimum room size must be 12 by 12 feet.
42 Inch TV, Screen Size: 42 Inch
42 inch Monitor

Size Chart of 42″ TV Screen Dimensions

Many Big screen TVs are either wall-mounted or placed on a tv stand. If using a tv stand, you will also need to consider its size. The 3 dimensions you need to know when measuring tv size: The width, height, and depth or thickness

How to measure TV dimensions?

Use a tape ruler to take dimensions. A tip is to cut the dimensions out of cardboard to simulate the impact of a 42-inch TV.

  • TV width: is measured from side to side.
  • TV height: is measured from top to bottom
  • TV depth: is the thickness of the tv from front to back.
  • Diagonal: The distance of the upper right corner to the lower left corner of the TV
How to Measure Your TVs 42-Inch Screen Size by Hak Nuk Man

42 Inch Tv comparison Chart vs Other Sizes

A complete Screen Dimensions comparison table from 32″ up to 85″ TV screens, by width, Height and area. (in inches and centimeters) Below are the dimensions of the 42 inch tv, specified in inches, cm and mm.

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70.9 cm
39.9 cm
438 in²
0.283 m²
88.6 cm
49.8 cm
684 in²
0.441 m²
93.5 cm
53.6 cm
791 in²
0.511 m²
110.7 cm
62.2 cm
1068 in²
0.689 m²
121.7 cm
68.6 cm
1293 in²
0.835 m²
132.8 cm
74.7 cm
1538 in²
0.992 m²
144 cm
81 cm
1809 in²
1.166 m²
154.9 cm
87.1 cm
2092 in²
1.349 m²
166.1 cm
93.5 cm
2407 in²
1.553 m²
177 cm
99.6 cm
2732 in²
1.763 m²
188.2 cm
105.9 cm
3090 in²
1.993 m²
ideal viewing distance for a 42" TV
ideal viewing distance for a 42″ TV

Viewing Distance size chart for a 42 inch TV

The Ideal viewing distance of a 42″ TV depends on your room, the viewing angle, and the number of people you’re with. For a 42″ inch TV you should maintain a viewing distance of about 3.6 to 5.4 feet.

TV Screen SizeViewing Distance for 4K
40″3.3 – 5 feet
42″3.6 – 5.4 feet
50″4.2 – 6.3 feet
55″4.6 – 6.9 feet
60″5 – 7.5 feet
65″5.4 – 8.1 feet
70″5.8 – 8.75 feet
75″6.3 – 9.4 feet
80″6.7 – 10 feet
85″7.1 – 10.6 feet

A 42-inch size TV dimensions and spec review (video)

42 inch LED TV by Smart Zone

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FAQ the size of a 42″ TV

How big of a room do you need for a 42 inch TV?

The distance you sit from your tv determines the minimum room size for a 42-inch TV. You should plan to sit about 7 feet (or 2.13 meters) away from a 4K tv of this size.  Your room size must be suitable for tv of this size. A room of 10 by 10 feet is the bare minimum for a 42-inch TV

Your distance will influence the perceived picture quality. Consider a larger television if you have a spacious room and want to sit farther away than is suggested.

How heavy is a 42 inch TV?

A 42-inch TV weighs between 25 and 50 pounds with its stand, but it differs depending on the type or brand. A TV of this size is not too heavy to mount on a wall, however, the wall that you are planning on mounting your TV on, may not be strong enough to hold it.

How much bigger is 42-inch vs 60-inch TV?

The difference between a 42-inch 16×9 display vs a 60-inch 16×9 display is as follows: A 42″ TV screen measures 48 inches in width and 36.77 inches in height and covers an area of 1292 inches². A 50″ TV is 52.3 inches wide, 29.42 inches high, and covers an area of 1.538 inches².

Stats42 inch TV 16×960 inch TV 16×9
Width47.94 inches52.29 inches
Height26.96 inches29.42 inches
Area1292.58 inches²1538.28 inches²
As a 4:3 Display44.94 inches49.03 inches
As a 16:9 Display55.00 inches60.00 inches
As a 2.35:1 Display52.10 inches56.83 inches

How much bigger is a 42″ vs 55″ TV?

The difference between a 75-inch 16×9 display vs a 55-inch 16×9 display is as follows: A 75″ TV is 65.37 inches wide, 36.77 inches high, and covers an area of 2.400 inches². A 55″ TV screen measures 48 inches in width and 36.77 inches in height and covers an area of 1292 inches².

Stats42 inch 16×955 inch 16×9
Width47.94 inches65.37 inches
Height26.96 inches36.77 inches
Area1292.58 inches²2403.56 inches²
As a 4:3 Display44.94 inches61.28 inches
As a 16:9 Display55.00 inches75.00 inches
As a 2.35:1 Display52.10 inches71.04 inches

Is a 42″ TV good for a living room?

Generally, a size 42″ TV screen is a good size for a normal living room. You can consider to go up for a 60″ or 65″ TV Screen. Don’t go to 75″ TVs as these are only good for a big living room. A 42-inch TV works fine with the right resolution, the viewing distance and the number of people you have watching the television.

How far should You sit from a 42-inch tv?

For a 42-inch tv with a height of 38.5 inches, you should sit 115.5 inches or 9.6 feet away from the tv.

The advised minimum viewing distance for a high-definition 42″ TV should be 3 times the height. 

Can I use a 42-inch TV as a monitor?

Yes, with a minimum viewing distance of bout 3.5 feet, a 42″ TV screen can work as monitor for your PC. All is explained in this video

Is this 42″ OLED TV the Perfect Monitor? by Jorge Powell


A 42-inch TV is one of the most popular TV models because of it versatile dimensions. Many people like the screen’s size and quality but forget the TV’s dimensions. When you mount or install a 42-Inch TV screen that is 48 inches wide, 29 inches tall, and 2 inches thick, it’s not necessary to check the size of the room, but check the viewing distance. You should consider sizing your television if your viewing distance exceeds 7 feet. Check the TV dimensions by brand, as they can vary by model.

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