Amazon Kindle Size by Model : What Size are Kindles?

The kindle size varies a bit by type of kindle. The Kindle weighs 5.56 (158 gr) ounces and has dimensions of 6.2″ x 4.3″ x 0.32″ (157.8 x 108.6 x 8 mm). It is smaller and lighter than the normal edition of the Kindle Paperwhite, which measures 6.9 x 4.9 x 0.32 inches (174 x 125 x 8.1 mm) and weighs 7.23 ounces (205g). This guide will explain the different Kindle e-readers (Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Oasis, or Kindle Fire). Precisely, we shall focus on Amazon Kindle types size. 

Amazon kindle size: What is the best kindle size for me?

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What is Amazon Kindle? 

Amazon Kindle refers to gadgets designed and distributed by Amazon and is used as Kindle e-readers. The e-readers have smaller to larger screens, longer battery life, screen resolution, and different sizes.  

Why is it good to check Amazon Kindle Size? 

Ideally, Kindle e-readers are meant to make reading easier for both kids and adults. Choosing the correct size of Kindle digital devices with extra storage will make reading easier. A perfect size Kindle will ensure a great reading experience and help you increase your reading daily.

Always ensure you are comfortable with the screen display of the Kindle e-book reader. Amazon Kindle has made reading digital content easier than ever before. 

Amazon Kindles generations and dimensions
Amazon Kindles generations and dimensions

Amazon Kindle Size Chart  

In fact, this Amazon Kindle Comparison Chart contains current and previous generations of Amazon Tablets and e-book readers. Ideally, this is to help you choose the best Kindle. 

In the size chart, we have the latest tablets Kindle Paperwhite, Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″, and Kindle Fire HDX all this in the fifth and fourth generation Kindle. We also have past generations of Kindle; Kindle DX Graphite, 2nd and 3rd generation, Kindle Touch, Kindle Oasis and more. 

We have the Kindle type height, width, screen size dimensions in inches and millimeters and weight in ounces and grams. The screen display size varies from a larger 6.8-inch display to a 9.7-Inch display.

Kindle Type Height in inches and mmWidth in inches and mmDepth in inches and mm Weight in oz and g   Screen Size in inches and mm 
Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition (11th Gen)174 mm (6.85 Inches)125 mm (4.92 Inches)8.1 mm (0.31889 inches)207 g (7.30 oz)172.72 mm (6.79 Inches) (6,8 Inches)
Kindle Paperwhite 4 (10th Gen)167 mm (6.57 Inches)116 mm (4.56 Inches)8.18 mm (0.32204 Inches)182 g (6.41 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm)
Kindle (8th Gen)6.29 Inches (160 mm)115 mm (4.52 Inches)9.1 mm (0.35826 Inches)161 g (5.67 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm) 
Kindle Oasis (8Gen)143 mm (5.62 mm)122 mm (4.80 Inches)8.5 mm (0.33464 Inches)131 g (4.62 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm)
Kindle Voyage (7Gen)162 mm (6.37 Inches)115 mm (4.52 Inches)7.6 mm (0.29921 Inches)180 g (6.34 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm)
Kindle Fire HDX 8.9″231 mm (9.09 Inches)158 mm (6.22 Inches)7.8 mm (0.30708 Inches)374 g (13.19 oz)8.9 Inches  (226.06 mm)
Kindle Fire HDX 7″186 mm (7.32 Inches)128 mm (5.03 Inches)9 mm (0.35433 Inches)303 g (10.68 oz)7 Inches (177.8 mm)
Kindle Paperwhite 2 (6Gen)169 mm (6.65 inches)117 mm (4.60 Inches)9.1 mm (0.35826 Inches)206 g (7.26 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm)
Kindle Fire HD 8.9″240 mm (9.44 Inches)164 mm (6.45 Inches)8.8 mm (0.34645 Inches)567 g (20.00 oz)8.9 Inches (226.06 mm)
Kindle Paperwhite (5Gen)169 mm (6.65 Inches)117 mm (4.60 Inches)9.1 mm (0.35826 Inches)213 g (7.51 oz)6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle Paperwhite (5Gen) 3G169 mm (6.65 Inches)117 mm (4.60 Inches)9.1 mm (0.35826 Inches)222 g (7.83 oz)6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle Fire HD 7193 mm (7.59 Inches)137 mm (5.39 Inches)10.3 mm (0.40551 Inches)395 g (13.93 oz)7 Inches  (177.8 mm)
Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ 4G240 mm (9.44 Inches)164 mm (6.45 Inches)8.8 mm (0.34645 Inches)575 g (20.28 oz)8.9 Inches  (226.06 mm)
Kindle Fire 2 189 mm (7.44 Inches)120 mm (4.72 Inches)11.5 mm (0.45275 Inches)400 g (14.10 oz)7 Inches (177.8 mm)
Kindle Fire 190 mm (7.48 Inches) 120 mm (4.72 Inches)11.4 mm (0.44881 Inches)413 g (14.56 oz)7 Inches  (226.06 mm)
Kindle Touch 2 (5Gen)6.5 Inches4.5 Inches 0.4 Inches 6 oz6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle (5Gen)166 mm (6.53 Inches)114 mm (4.48 Inches)8.7 mm (0.34251 Inches)169.7 g (5.98 oz)6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle (4Gen)166 mm (6.53 Inches)114 mm (4.48 Inches)8.7 mm (0.34251 Inches)170 g (5.99 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm)
Kindle Touch (4Gen) WiFi172 mm (6.77 Inches)120 mm (4.72 Inches)10.1 mm (0.39763 Inches)213 g (7.51 oz)6 Inches (152.4 mm)
Kindle Touch (4Gen) 3G172 mm (6.77 Inches)120 mm (4.72 Inches) 10.1 mm (0.39763 Inches)220 g (7.76 oz)6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle Keyboard (3Gen) WiFi + 3G190 mm (7.48 Inches)123 mm (4.84 Inches) 8.5 mm (0.33464 Inches)247 g (8.71 oz)6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle Keyboard (3Gen) WiFi190 mm (7.48 Inches)123 mm (4.84 Inches) 8.5 mm (0.33464 Inches)8.5 oz 6 Inches  (152.4 mm)
Kindle DX (2Gen) Graphite264 mm (10.39 Inches)183 mm (7.20 Inches)9.7 mm (0.38188 Inches)540 g (19.04 oz)9.7 Inches (246.38 mm)
Kindle DX (2Gen) White264 mm (10.39 Inches)183 mm (7.20 Inches)9.7 mm (0.38188 Inches)540 g (19.04 oz)9.7 Inches (246.38 mm)
Kindle (2Gen)203 mm (7.99 Inches)135 mm (5.31 Inches)9.14 mm (0.35984 Inches)290 g (10.22 oz)6 Inches  (152.4 mm)

Kindles sizing explained (video)

Amazon Kindle sizes explained by Tech Spurt

How to Choose the Right Kindle Size?

Choosing the right Kindle size isn’t always easy. However, there are a few factors that you need to consider before deciding on the type of Kindle to purchase from the Kindle store. 

Storage size. 

If you have thousands of books and audio books to study, you need that extra storage. Amazon Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite storage space range from 4 GB to 32 GB. If the kindle e-book reader has an allowance for expandable storage, that could be a great exclusive feature. Select the Kindle that suits you best. 

Screen display size. 

The inch screen display size range from a 6-inch screen to a 9.7-inch screen for Kindle Keyboard (3Gen) WiFi + 3G and Kindle DX (2Gen) Graphite respectively. The 6-inch screen works perfectly for kids and requires a kid-friendly cover to protect the Kindle from breaking. For adults or persons with eyesight problems, the larger screen display works perfectly. 

Screen resolution. 

In fact, there is a wide range of screen resolutions to choose from. For example, Kindle Paperwhite’s (2021) screen resolution is 1600 * 1200 px or (294 pixels per inch) and Kindle’s (2021) screen resolution is 1448 * 1072 px or (6-inch, 300 ppi-screen). 

Amazon Kindle dimensions vs usage, storage, battery life, screen resolution and much more
Amazon Kindle dimensions vs usage, storage, battery life, screen resolution and much more

Frequently asked questions about Kindle E-readers size (faq)

What’s important aside from the Kindle Size?

Ideally, it is difficult to determine the best Kindle size for yourself. You are solely responsible for selecting the Kindle e-book that works for you. However, here are a few other factors to consider. 

1. Battery-life 

2. Built-in speakers capability

3. Water resistance 

4. Bluetooth feature. 

There are other exclusive features such as wireless charging, warm light, extended battery life, color and fabric covers. 

Are kindles all the same size?

Yes, all three generations of paperwhite have exactly the same size with the same button layout. Useful for cases as any paperwhite case fits all paperwhites, past and present. The 6-inch measurement refers to screen size only, measured on the diagonal from one corner to the opposite corner.

What is the difference in size between a kindle oasis and a kindle fire

The Amazon Kindle Oasis is the lightest and most portable model, weighing just 194 grams with a 6-inch display. The Amazon Kindle Fire is a much larger device measuring 190 mm x 120 mm x 11.3 mm and weighs 395 grams with a 7-inch display.

What’s the average file size of a Kindle ebook

A Kindle ebook normally has a file size of between 1 and 5 megabytes. This changes according to the book’s length and the formatting style employed. For instance, an ebook containing numerous photographs or graphics will be larger than one without any. The precise file size also depends on your Kindle model, as some models have smaller storage capacities than others.


To wrap up, we have different Kindle e-readers with different sizes. We have a detailed Amazon Kindle size chart above. It is not always advisable to purchase a Kindle device without conducting size research. Desist from choosing the cheapest option without considering the feature that the Kindle device comes along with. Kindle device sales on international markets and black market online are rampant. Use our Kindle size chart to learn more. 

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