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What are the Samsung Phone Dimensions? The Samsung Galaxy Size Chart lists all Galaxy models by year of release and series in easy understand tables. For example The Samsung Galaxy S22 has a height of 5.75” (146 mm), a width of 2.78” (70.6 mm), a depth of .3” (7.6 mm), and weighs 5.89 oz (167 g). The screen size resolution is 6.1″ (154.9 mm) diagonal with a resolution of 2340 x 1080 px at 425 ppi. You will also discover that a an S22 is smaller than the S10 where both models have the same screen resolution. In the S22 there’s a + model and an Ultra model.

Samsung Galaxy size chart: What is the size of a Samsung phone?

iPhone 14 vs. Samsung Galaxy S22 compared: The iPhone 14 and the Galaxy S22 feature similarly sized displays — both are 6.1-inch OLED panels, with the iPhone 14’s resolution (2532 x 1170) a bit sharper than the S22’s (2340 x 1080)

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Samsung Galaxy Screen Sizes

Samsung has released multiple series of smartphones that often overlap each other until some have become obsolete. What sets many different lines and models apart and makes the phones different is the screen sizes of each phone. Let’s take a look at the Samsung Galaxy Size Chart.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Sizes Table of Content

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How to Measure Samsung Galaxy Screen Sizes

Screen sizes of a phone are measured diagonally, and it’s always in inches. When measuring the screen size of a smartphone, take a diagonal measurement from the screen’s top left corner to its lower right corner.

Samsung Galaxy Screen Size Chart

This consists of screen sizes of different Samsung models, and the focus is on the latest version of each model.

S-Series Samsung Screen Size Chart

S212.80 in (7.21cm)0.31 in (0.78cm)5.97 in (15.17cm)6.0 oz (169g)6.2 in1080 by2400 (421 ppi)
S21+2.98 in (7.56cm)0.31 in (0.78cm)6.36 in (16.15cm)7.1 oz (200g)6.7 in1080 by 2400 (394 ppi)
S21 Ultra2.98 in (7.56cm)0.35 in (0.89cm)6.50 in (16.51cm)8.0 oz (227g)6.8 in1440 by 3200 (515 ppi)
S10 5G3.04 in (7.71cm)0.31 in (0.79 cm)6.40 in (16.26cm)7.0 oz (198g)6.7 in3040 by 1440 (505 ppi)
S10 Lite2.98 in (7.56cm)0.32 in (0.81cm)6.40 in (16.25cm)6.6 oz (186g)6.7 in2400 by 1080  (394 ppi)
Samsung Galaxy S-Series Screen Size Chart

Note-Series Samsung Screen Size Chart

Note 202.96 in (7.52cm)  0.33 in (0.83cm)6.36 in (16.16cm)6.8 oz (192-194g)6.7 in2400 by 1080  (393 ppi)
Note 20 ultra3.04 in (7.72cm)0.32 in (0.81cm)6.49 in (16.48cm)7.3 oz (208g)6.9 in3088 by 1440 (495ppi)
Note 10 and Note 10+ 5G3.04 in (7.72cm)0.31 in (0.79cm)6.39 in (16.23cm)6.98 oz (198g)6.8 in2280 by 1080 (498 ppi)
Note 10 Lite3.00 in (7.61cm)0.34 in (0.87cm)6.44 in (16.37cm)7.02 oz (199g)6.3 in2400 by 1038 (401 ppi)
Samsung Galaxy Note-Series Screen Size Chart

Z-Series Samsung Screen Size Chart

FoldUnfolded4.64in (11.79cm)0.27 in (0.69cm)6.33 in (16.09cm)9.3 oz (263 g)7.3 in1536 by 2152 (362ppi)
Folded2.48 in (6.29cm)0.61 in (1.55cm) 6.33 in (16.09cm)
FlipUnfolded2.90 in (7.36 cm)0.28 in (0.72cm)6.59 in (16.73cm)6.5 oz (183g)6.7 in  1080 by 2636 (425ppi)
Folded2.90 in (7.36 cm)0.68 in (1.73cm)3.44 in (8.74cm)
Fold2Unfolded5.05 in (12.82cm)0.27 in (0.69cm)6.27 in (15.92cm)9.9 oz (282g)7.6 in2208 by 1768 (373ppi)
Folded2.7 in (0.68cm)0.66in (1.68cm) 6.27 in (15.92cm)
Fold3Unfolded 5.04 in (12.81 cm)0.25 in
(0.64 cm)
6.23 in (15.82cm)9.6 oz
(271 g)
7.6 in2208 by 1768 (374ppi)
Folded2.64 in
(6.71 cm)
0.63 in
(1.6 cm)
6.23 in
(15.82 cm)
Z-Series Samsung Screen Size Chart

A-Series Samsung Screen Size Chart

Series WidthLengthHeightWeightTouchscreenResolutions
A022.99 in (7.59cm)0.36 in (0.91cm)6.46 in (1.64cm)7.27 oz (206g)6.5 in720 by 1600
AO2s2.99 in (7.59cm)0.36 in (0.91cm)6.46 in (16.4cm)6.91 oz (196g)6.5 in720 by 1600
A122.98 in (7.58cm)0.35 in (0.89cm)6.46 in (16.4cm)7.23 oz (205g)6.5 in720 by 1600
A222.90 in (7.36cm)0.33 in (0.84cm)6.27 in (15.93cm)6.56 oz (186g)6.4 in720 by 1600
A225G3.01 in (7.64cm)0.35 in (0.9cm)6.58 in (16.72cm)7.16 oz (203g)6.6 in1080 by 2400
A-Series Samsung Screen Size Chart

Samsung phones by Size (video)

Samsung Galaxy Smartphone Evolution – Every Samsung Android Phone by size by SilentTek

Samsung Galaxy Resolution Comparison

Devices with the exact screen sizes can have different resolutions. Screen with higher resolution tends to show sharper but smaller images. The difference is due to the number of pixels per inch.

Samsung Galaxy seriesSamsung Galaxy smartphonesOperating SystemPHY SIZESPHYS SIZES (cm)WP XHP XDevice widthPX PER INCH
S-SeriesS21One UI 3.1, Android 116.2 in16.0240010802400421
 S21+ 6.7 in17240010802400394
 S21 Ultra 6.8 in1732001440 3200515
 S10 5G 6.7 in16.95144030401440505
 S10 LiteAndroid9.0 pie” with one UI I.I, Android 11 with One UI 3.0  6.7 in  16.95  1080  2400  1080    394
Note seriesNote 20  Android 10 With One UI 2.56.7 in17108024001080  393
 Note 20 ultra 6.9 in17.514403088 1440495
 Note 10 and Note 10+ 5GAndroid 11 with One UI 3.06.8 in16.0108022801080498
 Note 10 Lite 6.3 in17.2710382400 1038401
Z seriesFoldUnfoldedAndroid 10 With One UI 2.17.3 in1921521536 2152362
 Z FlipUnfoldedAndroid 10 With One UI 2.16.71726361080  2636425
 Fold 2UnfoldedAndroid 10 With One UI 2.17.6 in1917682208 1768373
A (Alpha) SeriesA02Android 10,One UI 26.5 in16.511600720 1600 
 AO2sAndroid 11, One UI Core 3.16.5 in16.5116007201600 
 A12Android 11, One UI Core 3.16.5 in16.5116007201600 
   A22Android 11, One UI Core 3.16.4 in16.2616007201600 
 A22 5GAndroid 11, One UI Core 3.16.6 in16.76240010802400 

Evolution of Samsung Galaxy phones dimensions explained (video)

Evolution of Samsung Galaxy S (S1-S22) by TheAgusCTS

Samsung Galaxy Screen Size FAQ

Are all Samsung phones the same size?

Samsung phones come in a variety of models, and they differ in screen sizes

What is the biggest Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy  S21 Ultra is the latest phone with a 6.9-inch screen size even though they share the same property with Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, which was introduced earlier. However, Samsung Galaxy Z  Fold 2 remains the biggest Samsung phone with a 7.6-inch display.

What is the smallest Samsung phone

Samsung Galaxy S10e is the smallest smartphone with a display of a 5.8-inch screen.

What Samsung phones have a 5.5 inch screen?

There are 3 Samsung Mobile Phones With a 5 inch – 5.5 inch Screen Size:

  • Samsung Galaxy A01 Core
  • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 5
  • Samsung Galaxy A3 Core

What is the difference between the Samsung Note series and Sumsang s series

 Both of these series have a variety of smartphones, and the difference is in screen sizes.


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