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Samsung Tablets Screen Size

Samsung Electronics has produced various models of tablets since its first inversion into the market. 7-inch display Samsung Tab was the first model to be made back in 2010, but since then, several models have been released with 7.7, 8, 9, and 10.1-inch displays. Aside from this full Samsung Tab Size Chart, you can discover the Samsung Galaxy sizes, the Apple Ipad Sizes, and Apple Iphone screen sizes by their links. Amazon Kindle size is handled here

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How to Measure Your Samsung Tab Screen Sizes

A Samsung Tab screen is measured only from corner to corner diagonally without including the border around the screen. It is usually measured using a ruler, and measurements are recorded in inches.

Samsung Tab Screen Sizes Chart

With the various models of the Samsung tab, it is important to know the screen sizes available. However, this screen size chart focuses only on the recently produced Samsung Tab, including the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Samsung Galaxy Tab A series.

Samsung Galaxy Tab SeriesSamsung Galaxy TabWidthLengthHeightWeightTouchScreenResolution
Tab S Wi-Fi6.51 in 16.53cm0.25 in 0.63 cm9.99 in 25.38 cm1.098 lb 498 g11.0 in2560 by 1600 274ppi
Tab S7LTElb 500 g
 5G1.107 lb 5G
 Tab S7+7.28 in 18.5 cm0.22 in 0.56 cm11.22 in 28.5 cm1.268 lb 575 g12.4 in2800 by 1752 266ppi
 Tab S7 FE7.28 in 18.5 cm0.25 in 0.63 cm11.21 in 28.48 cm1.340 lb 608 g12.4 in2560 by 1600 243ppi
Tab ATab A7 10.4 (2020)Wi-Fi6.20 in 15.7 cm0.28 in 0.70 cm9.75 in 24.76 cm1.05 lb 476 g10.4 in1200 by 2000 pixels 224ppi
 LTE1.05 lb 477 g
 Tab A7 8.4 (2020)4.93 in 12.52cm0.28 in 0.71 cm7.95 in 20.2 cm10.90 oz 309g8.4 in1200 by 1920pixels 270ppi
 Tab A 8.0 (2019/2018/2017)Wi-Fi5.43 in 13.79 cm0.29 in 0.74 cm8.20 in 20.83 cm0.69 lb 313 g8.13 in1280 by 800 pixels 188ppi
 4G/LTE0.699 lb 317 g
Tab ATab A 10.1 (2019/2016)Regular Model6.11 in 15.53 cm0.32 in 0.82 cm10.01 in 25.42 cm1.157 lb 525 g10.1 in1920 by 1200 pixels 224ppi
 S-Pen Model6.46 in 16.42 cm 9.66 in 24.53 cm1.23 lb 558 g

Samsung Tab Resolution Comparison

Devices with the exact screen sizes can have different resolutions. Screen with higher resolution tends to show sharper but smaller images. The difference is due to the number of pixels per inch.

Tab S Wi-FiAndroid 11 with One UI 3.111.0 in28.0 25601600274
Tab S7LTE1600 
 Tab S7+ 12.4 in31.017522800 1752266
 Tab S7 FEAndroid 10  16002560 1600243
Tab ATab A7 10.4 (2020)Wi-FiAndroid 11 with One UI 3.110.4 in26.4220001200 2000224
 Tab A7 8.4 (2020)Android 108.4 in21.34192012001920  270
 Tab A 8.0 (2019/2018 /2017)Wi-FiAndroid 108.13 in20.78001280 800 188
Tab ATab A 10.1 (2016/2019)Regular ModelAndroid 8.1 Oreo/Android 1010.1 in26.012001920 1200224
 S-Pen Model       

Samsung Tab sizes explained

Comparing Samsung tab sizes by Brad Colbow

Samsung Tab Screen Size FAQS

What is the screen size of the Samsung Tab S

The latest Galaxy Tab S series models have a screen size range between the 11-inch display and 12.4-inch display

What screen sizes do Samsung Galaxy Tab come in

Samsung Galaxy Tab has various models, each with different screen sizes display. This includes 7.7,8.9, and 10.1-inch displays.

Do screen sizes affect Tab performance?

Screen sizes do not affect Tab performance, but other factors such as resolution do affect.

What is the difference between the Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Tab A?

The Galaxy Tab S series is Samsung’s high-end tablet line, while the Galaxy Tab A series is a mid-range to low-end tablet line.

What is the Screen Size of the latest Samsung Galaxy Tab?

Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 8.4 LTE (2020) with an 8.4-inch display and Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4 (2020) with a 10.4-inch display.

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