McDonald’s Cup Sizes Comparison

McDonald’s sells about 100 million burgers every day. While this fast-food chain might be famous because of its amazing burgers and other food items, it also offers thirst-quenching or heart-warming drinks. The market demand for these beverages could vary from country to country, which is probably why the cup sizes are also different. For instance, the cup sizes in North America aren’t the same as those in European markets (skip straight to the McDonald’s Cup Size Chart). 

McDonald's Cup Sizes Comparison
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The ideal cup size for you will depend on several factors. This article will discuss this and more about McDonald’s cup sizes. 

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McDonald’s Cup Sizes Table of Content

McDonald’s Cup Size Chart

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McDonald’s Beverage Sizes

Beverage XSSML
Strawberry Watermelon SlushieN/A16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (6 1 ml)30 oz. (8 7 ml)
Tropical Mango SlushieN/A16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. ( 21 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Premium Orange JuiceN/A16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30  z. (887 ml)
Coca  Cola12 oz. (3 5 ml)16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Sprite 2 oz. (355 ml) 6 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Fanta Orange /A 16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Diet Co e12 oz. (355 m )16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Dr. Pepper12 oz. (355 ml)16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst12 oz. (355 ml)16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Sweet Tea12 oz. (355 ml)16 oz.(473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Unsweetened Iced Tea12 oz. (355 ml)16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Strawberry Banana SmoothieN/A16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Mango Pineapple SmoothieN/A16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)
Hot TeaN/A16 oz. (473 ml)21 oz. (621 ml)30 oz. (887 ml)

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Different McDonald's cup sizes by region
Different McDonald’s cup sizes by region Image Source: Reddit

McDonald’s beverage calorie content

Strawberry Wate melon SlushieN/A190240330
Tropical Mango SlushieN/A170220310
Premium Orange JuiceN/A150190 70
Coca Cola110150210290
Sprite901402 0230
Fanta OrangeN/A150210300
Diet Coke0000
Dr. Pepper100140200280
Hi-C Orange Lavaburst110160230310
Sweet Tea70100130170
Unsweetened Iced Tea0000
Strawberry Banana SmoothieN/A190240330
Mango Pineapple SmoothieN/A200250340
Hot TeaN/A101015
Hot ChocolateN/A370450560

How to Choose the Right McDonald’s Cup Size

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Every drink option from McDona d’s comes in different sizes. The common cup sizes for various McDonald’s drinks carry 1  oz, 16 oz, 21 oz, and 30 ounces of liquid. However, you won’t see this info on the cup. Instead, these cups come in XS, S, M, and L sizes, translating to:

  • Extra-Small-sized drink
  • Small-sized drink
  • Medium-sized drink
  • Large-sized drink

Your recommended daily water intake is the first way to determine the right cup size. According to the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, men require about 3.7 liters of water and women 2.7 liters every day. So you can use these drinks to supplement the fluids you need to stay healthy. Kids can take the extra-small and small options, while adults can choose the medium and large.

Another consideration to make when choosing the size of your drink is calories. Different factors determine the number of calories you require daily. Generally, men should eat about 2500 calories and women 2000 calories, but that could vary depending on age, lifestyle, and body size. 

The Best McDonald’s Beverage for You

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Choosing the best beverage at Mcdonald’s can feel overwhelming because of numerous options. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be hard since there are simple ways to find the drink to quench your thirst.  

Customers with food allergies should opt for drinks that don’t contain the allergen they are sensitive to. So if you are allergic to milk, you could just order soda or a slushy. The next thing is to choose between hot and cold drinks. A hot drink could be great if it is cold, while a cold one is suitable when it’s hot. If you don’t want any calories in your drink, you can choose diet coke or unsweetened iced tea since these don’t contain any. 

When you want to try out a new flavor and aren’t sure whether you’ll like it, you should take a small-sized cup first. If you like it, you can take the larger one, but if you don’t, at least you won’t have the throw away a large-sized drink.  

Learn more about the different size of McDonald’s Cup Sizes in the world (video)

McDonald’s Cup Sizes Around The World by BuzzFeedVideo

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do McDonald’s cups vary around the world?

McDonald’s cups are labeled according to standard sizes XS, S, M, and L. However, the sizes of each cup vary among countries. You can see a comparison of the different cup sizes in this video. The funny thing is that Japan’s large-sized drink is smaller than the large and medium sizes in the US.

2. How much liquid is in the large McDonald’s cup?

The large McDonald’s cup can hold 30 oz of liquid.

3. How much liquid is in the small McDonald’s cup?

The capacity of a small McDonald’s cup is 16 fluid ounces. 


McDonald’s offers various drinks alongside the foods on their menu. So you can find the best beverage to complement your meal. The drinks come in different cup sizes, and you need to understand the available options to ensure you choose the right one. You can choose between extra-small, small, medium, and large cup sizes. 

The cups can vary across different countries, perhaps because of the demand for the drinks. The cup sizes in the US are generally larger than what you’ll find in other countries. 

If you have questions about McDonald’s cup sizes, drop them in the comments below!

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