How Many Centimeters are 8 Inches?

20.32 cm makes 8 inches. An inch equals 2.54 cm. Therefore 8 inches in centimeters is equal to 8 multiplied by the value of a single inch, which returns 20.32 cm. The number 2.54 is always constant for every inch-to-centimeter conversion. The conversion value, 2.54 is referred to as the conversion factor (skip straight to how many centimeters are 8 inches table).

Also, when converting from centimeters to inches you’ll need to divide the centimeter quantity by the conversion factor. Therefore 20.32 cm would return 8 inches when you divide the value by 2.54. The method comes in handy when there is limited access to digital devices or standard conversion tables.

Inches to centimeters is one of the most common unit conversions due to its extensive use in construction, fabrication, fashion, shoe size charts, etc. Also, the rise of international trade brings about the need to convert from one metric unit to another. There is an extensive regional difference in the measuring units used across the world. The inches unit is most common in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Metrics of phenomenal like future sea level rise, tide gauges, and melting of mountain glaciers in human communities, especially in coastal ecosystems are calibrated in inches or centimeters. The centimeters unit, however, is commonly used in other parts of the world. The extensive use of these two units of measurement makes it critical to master the conversion of inches to centimeters. This variation makes the need for conversion imminent.

How Many Centimeters are 8 Inches?
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Read below for more detailed information, explaining how the conversion of inches to centimeters. You’ll also find an explanation of the relationship between inches and centimeters. The aim of this article is to provide a broad highlight of the inches unit of measurement and how it relates to centimeters. We’ve also provided answers to common questions about inches to centimeters conversion.

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How Many Centimeters are 8 Inches Tabe of Contents

Inches, centimeters, and Fingers conversion chart: How many centimeters are 8 Inches

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1 in2.54 cm1.1 FTU
2 in5.08 cm2.3 FTU
3 in7.62 cm3.4 FTU
4 in10.16 cm4.6 FTU
5 in12.7 cm5.7 FTU
6 in15.24 cm6.9 FTU
7 in17.78 cm8.0 FTU
8 in20.32 cm9.1 FTU
9 in22.86 cm10.3 FTU
10 in25.4 cm11.4 FTU
11 in27.94 cm12.6 FTU
12 in30.48 cm13.7 FTU
13 in33.02 cm14.9 FTU
14 in35.56 cm16.0 FTU
15 in38.1 cm17.1 FTU
16 in40.64 cm18.3 FTU
17 in43.18 cm19.4 FTU
18 in45.72 cm20.6 FTU
19 in48.26 cm21.7 FTU
20 in50.8 cm22.9 FTU
30 in76.2 cm34.3 FTU
40 in101.6 cm45.7 FTU
50 in127 cm cm57.1 FTU
60 in152.4 cm68.6 FTU
70 in177.8 cm80.0 FTU
80 in203.2 cm91.4 FTU
90 in228.6 cm102.9 FTU
100 in254 cm114.3 FTU
200 in508 cm228.6 FTU
300 in762 cm342.9 FTU
400 in1016 cm457.1 FTU
500 in1270 cm571.4 FTU
600 in1524 cm685.7 FTU
700 in1778 cm800.0 FTU
800 in2032 cm914.3 FTU
900 in2286 cm1028.6 FTU
1000 in2540 cm1142.9 FTU
2000 in5080 cm2285.7 FTU
3000 in7620 cm3428.6 FTU
4000 in10160 cm4571.4 FTU
5000 in12700 cm5714.3 FTU
6000 in15240 cm6857.2 FTU
7000 in17780 cm8000.0 FTU
8000 in20320 cm9142.9 FTU
9000 in22860 cm10285.7 FTU
10000 in25400 cm11428.6 FTU

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many inches has 1 cm?

1 cm is a fraction of an inch. It is approximately two-fifths of an inch or 0.39 inch. cm. The value is 1.54 cm less than an actual inch. The value of an inch in centimeters is 2.54.

Is 2 cm the same as 1 inch?

No. 1 inch is equal to 2.54 cm. 2 cm is a fraction of an inch, it is approximately four-fifths of an inch. That is, it is almost equal to an inch but not up to. It is still 54 cm short of an inch.

However, one can approximate it to an inch, given that the value left to make it an inch is quite negligible. But in actual measurement, the value is much less than an inch.

What is 8 inches long?

There are several things that have relative lengths or approximate lengths of 8 inches. The best place to start looking at extremely everyday items with 8 inches in length is from the parts of our body. The adult male human finger is a typical example of such an everyday example. 8 inches is right about the length of the tip of the thumb to the tip of the middle finger.

However, the measurement only applies to an adult male’s hand. It could vary slightly from one person to another, but that’s the rough estimate. The hand was the customary unit of length in the past and it can still work in situations where measuring equipment can’t be used to take direct measurements.

How can I measure inches without a ruler?

Follow the Customary measurement systems. The fingers are good measuring instruments when the standard equipment is not available. The distance between each joint of the finger is roughly one inch.

If you need to take any measurement in inches, simply use a combined length of the thumb and any other finger and count the number of joints in between the tip of one finger to another, it should give you an approximate inch value of the length. This was the method used when imperial units were still relevant.

It’s best to limit the measurements done without a ruler to as low as 1-2 feet (12 – 24 cm). Measurements reaching 15-20 centimeters or hundreds of feet may increase the risk of errors.

Do Inches have real-life applications?

Inches measurement has diverse applications in professional fields. For example, methodologists use the inches measurement to monitor flooding on coastlines and its effects on coastal communities. Also to study the Links between climate and the impacts of climate change on coast cities’ ice sheets and tide marks.

The water level can range from 1-2 feet high to 15-20 centimeters or hundreds of feet/inches. In some cases water levels could rise above the known level, resulting in various types of water issues, even overshadowing coastal plants.  and causing shortages of water supplies in coast cities except those drawn from deep wells reaching the water table 

Do 2 fingers equal an inch?

2 fingers are longer than an inch. Approximately, one finger is equal to seven-eighth of an inch. That in decimal fractions it is approximately 0.875 inches. Therefore two fingers equal 1.75 inches.

A finger is a unit of measurement used in the early days of measurement, it is valued at approximately 0.022 meters.

How many fingers are 8 inches?

8 inches equals 7 fingers. Given that one finger equals 0.875 inches. multiplying the value of one finger by 8, the final answer gives 7 fingers. Therefore the value of 8 inches in fingers is seven (7 fingers). Check the conversion chart above for more details.

How will you convert cm to inches?

There are several methods of converting from one metric unit to another. To convert from cm to inches, you can use one of the popular online metric unit converters. It converts any quantity you enter into its equivalent value in another unit. Apart from the online converter, there are digital tools that have preinstalled unit converters that you can use to convert from one unit to another.

Also, users can make use of the cm-inches converter table. This table contains a list of several centimeter values and their corresponding inches value. Finally, you can make use of basic arithmetic formulas. Knowing the conversion factor of 2.54, you can simply divide every value of centimeters given by the conversion factor.

The equation would return the inches value of the centimeter. For example, 5 cm in inches would be 5 divided by 2.54 which would return approximately 1.94 inches. That is the value of 5 cm in inches. This method applies to every cm value you want to convert to inches. A centimeters conversion table is included above.

Is 2.5 cm the same as 1 inch?

2.5 cm is a fraction of one inch. The exact value of an inch is 2.54 cm. on the other hand, 2.5 cm is still 0.04 cm smaller than the value of an inch. While the difference could be negligible, it could create immense inconvenience when it comes to metrics like shoe size charts.

Fractional changes in such measurements could result in large differences. Therefore there’s a need to have an idea of the accurate measurement. 2.5 cm equals 0.984252 inches. Check the conversion chart above for more details.


The question of inches to centimeter conversion is one of the most common when it comes to metrics units in the united kingdom, the United States, Australia, and other parts of the world. The reason for its popularity is due to the extensive use of these two quantities in several everyday measurements.

Most of the measurements in the fashion industry are done in inches, especially in western Europe and America. Also, ancient measurements of physical walls, tide marks, simple walls, and more modern tide gauges are calibrated in inches, compelling the need to learn how to convert from inches to centimeters.

If you have questions you’ll like to ask or you want to contribute your ideas to the knowledge shared in the article, kindly leave them in the comments below. Also, remember to share the article and help spread the knowledge.

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