What Garmin Watch Size is Best for Me?

The wrist size measurement of any watch is based on the circumference of the wrist. If your wrist measurement falls in between sizes, pick the size closest to your measurement (skip straight to the Garmin Watch Size Charts).

The right size watch is important because if it were the wrong size, you might have to actually abandon the watch. Garmin watches come packed to the brim with a sensor bundle that usually includes things like a cadence sensor, speed sensor, and an array of satellite sensors.

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Some of their products are made with health and fitness in mind and these models come with fitness-specific features such as fitness tracking and respiration rate activity tracker. These requisite fitness features go as far as including swimming features for waterborne activities.

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Garmin Watch Size Charts Table of Contents

Size Chart For The Approach Series

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The Approach series is not known for smart notifications, but it is a perfect product when you need directions.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
S124.6 – 8.0125 – 202
S40 (B&G)4.9-8.0125-202

Size Chart For The D Series

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This series is sometimes referred to by fans as the “Aviation” series. They are made specifically with air travel in mind.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
D2 Air4.9-7.5125-190
D2 Air X105.3-7.9135-200
D2 Bravo5.8-9.4148-238
D2 Charlier5.3-9.3135-235
D2 Delta 54.3-7.1108-180
D2 Delta4.9-8.3125-210
D2 Delta PX5.0-8.9127-225
D2 Mach 14.9-8.5125-215

Size Chart For The Descent Series

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The name says it all. It’s all about descending into the depths of the water. This series is for divers.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
MK 16.4-9.6163-245
MK 2s5.0-14.2128-360
MK 2 and 2i5.3-14.0135-355

Size Chart For The Enduro Series

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Garmin Enduro is the product you need if you want an impressive battery life and is planning some advanced workout or outdoor workouts. This is the choice for many endurance athletes.

Up to 65 days of battery life and 72 hours of battery life when in low battery (emergency) mode. Low battery affects the functions of Garmin Connect™, so we advise charging it a few days apart.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)

Size Chart For The Epix Series

This series is for those who want a watch that can express itself in a million ways. The series has models that have a lot of animated ways of communicating. Lights, sounds, text manipulations, the Epix can do it all.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
Gen 25.0-8.5128-215

Size Chart For The Fenix Series

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The Fenix series is like a mixture of cool stuff. Fenix 6 is a multisport fitness watch with GPS. Fenix 7S is the same, but with a solar lens for charging. Fenix 5 was the premium of the lineup before newer models popped out.

Model Wrist (In)Wrist (mm)
3 & 3HR5.8-9.4148-238
5s Plus5.7-8.5145-217
5 Plus6.4-9.8163-249
5x Plus6.4-9.8163-250
6s Series4.3-7.4108-189
6 Series4.9-8.5125-215
6x Series5.0-8.9127-225
7s Series4.3-7.4108-189
7 Series4.9-8.5125-215
7x Series5.0-8.9127-225

Size Chart For The Forerunner Series

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The Forerunner series is meant for runners. Garmin forerunner 255, Garmin Forerunner 245, and Garmin forerunner 55 feature HRV status. Every forerunner is waterproof up to 50m but they are NOT for swimmers.

Music controls are easier for some music-enabled models like the Forerunner 645 music, and the Forerunner 245 music. 245/245 music is even a popular choice among those who use the smartwatch mode without music.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
245 Series5.0-8.0127-204
645 Series5.0-8.0127-204
945 LTE5.0-8.6128-218

Size Chart For The Instinct Series

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This series is the type that soldiers like to wear. It is built to be tough and to take physical damage. It is a package of only the essential features. Ruggedness is the title of the Instinct series.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
Instinct Series5.2-8.8132-224
2s Series4.4-7.1112-180
2 Series5.3-9.1135-230

Size Chart For The Legacy Hero/Saga Series

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This one doesn’t really need an introduction. It is written in the names of the models.

Model Wrist (In)Wrist (mm)
Captain Marvel4.3-6.9110-175
First Avenger5.3-7.9135-200
Darth Vader5.3-7.9135-200

Size Chart For The Lily Series

The Lily series is themed for the feminine market. Although anybody can wear one, Lily is popular among women because of the sleep tracking and menstrual cycle tracking that comes as a standard feature.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
Lily (Sport and Classic)4.3-6.9110-175

Size Chart For The Marq Series


This series is the luxury lineup. There are five devices and each watch is tailored toward one specific use. The athlete, the outdoor adventurer, the captain, the aviator, and the race enthusiast.

Each of them has a specific device in the Marq series.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)

Size Chart For The Tactix Series


The Tactix are field-ready watches. The Tactix 7 has a battery life of up to 28 days on a single charge and up to 90 days in battery saver mode.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)

Size Chart For The Venu Series


This collection is for bust people. It is meant to help make things easier. Notes, schedules, plans, directions, and much more. By the way, this series is also popular for its AMOLED Display.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (Cm)
Venu 25.3-7.9135-200
Venu 2s4.3-6.9110-175
Venu 2+4.9-7.5125-190
SQ Series4.9-7.5125-190

Size Chart For The VivoActive Series

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These series are sports watches. They come with advanced training software that caters to simple activities like pace training and more advanced features like a blood oxygen sensor.

To keep the action going some of them can even load music directly from connectivity or just give you some offline music.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)
3 Music5.0-8.0127-204

Size Chart For The VivoFit Series

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This series comes with advanced training tools like a heart rate monitor and a real-time heart rate variability test guide. This is because the series is designed to create a training history, evaluate your training status and finally create adaptive training plans for the user.

Model Wrist (In)Wrist (mm)
JR 25.1-6.9130-175
JR 35.1-6.9130-175

Size Chart For The VivoMove Series

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The VivoMove is a hybrid smartwatch that joins together fitness, and health monitoring features, and style. With only 5 days in smartwatch mode, you might have to charge this one regularly.

ModelWrist (In)Wrist (mm)

Size Chart For The VivoSmart Series

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Model Wrist (In)Wrist (mm)
4 (Small/Med)4.8-7.4122-188
4 (Large)5.8-8.5148-215
5 (Small/Med)4.8-7.4122-188
5 (Large)5.7-9.0148-228

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what my Garmin watch size is?

Check the packaging for product specifications. If you don’t have the package, then check the internet.

How big is the Garmin Watch Forerunner?

The Forerunner series fits a wrist circumference of 4.3 to 9.3 inches (110 to 235 mm)

What is the smallest Garmin watch size?

The VivoMove HR and the Lily Series are both small Garmin watches.

What is the biggest Garmin watch size?

The Garmin Fenix 6x and Fenix 7 are the largest Garmin watches.

Is the Garmin Watch Fenix 7 too big?

No, it is not. However, it is better on a large wrist than on a smaller one. If your wrist is not hefty, we recommend that you consider another model.

What’s the difference between the Fenix 7 and 7X Garmin Watch?

The Fenix 7 series is the most advanced Garmin smartwatch. The difference between the models in the Fenix 7 lineup is in their specifications and price.

The Fenix 7s is the lowest in the series, the Fenix 7 is right in the middle and the 7x is the most top-notch of the series.

Is 47mm a big watch?

Yes, 47 mm counts as a big watch. Anything larger than 42mm is a large watch.

Conclusion on Garmin Watch Size

Some of these watches come with an AMOLED Display and a metal bezel. Don’t let the shiny stainless steel bezel make you forget that sizing is important. A smartwatch that is too tight or too loose will be very uncomfortable.

We know that you will enjoy your daily steps with the right size watch. Help to stop this article a bit further by sharing it and leaving a comment.

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