Watch size: Which watch size fits my wrist size?

A stylish watch stands or falls with the right watch size. Finding a watch that fits perfectly does, however, involve a number of points. Discover which points you should pay attention to when purchasing the right men’s or woman’s watch.

Which watch size fits my wrist?

If we look at the thickness, width, watch case, functions and material of watches, we can determine that no two watches are the same. According to collectors, there are no fewer than 10 watches that men must own. But how do you know which watch is right for you? That has everything to do with the right watch size.

Your watch case steals the show

The watch case is perhaps the most important part of your watch. Here you not only see the time, but this is also the most striking part. With your watch case you can radiate confidence and determine your own style. Your watch case should be in good proportion to your wrist. Not too big, but not too small either. It is useful to know that (most) watch cases are between 38 and 46 mm in size.

Measure wrist size for your watch size

Time needed: 2 minutes

  1. Use of Measuring tape or paper

    Start with a flexible measuring tape or strip of paper.

  2. Wrap the tape or the strip of paper around your arm

    Wrap it where your watch band would usually sit. The ideal position is just below the wrist bone. (towards your elbow)

  3. Only for when you’re using paper

    When using a strip of paper, take a pen and mark the point where the end meets itself.

  4. Unwrap the paper and lay it flat next to a ruler,

    when using a measuring tape it will tell you the dimension rightaway

  5. Note your Wrist dimension

    Chose your size in the Size charts of your favourite Watch

A wrist of 14-16cm, is very thin, 16-17cm is a slender wrist, 17cm-18cm is a medium wrist and above 18cm is a thick wrist

To calculate your own watch size, it is best to measure your own wrist. If you have a circumference between 15 and 18 cm, go for a watch case between 34 and 40 mm. These cabinets usually have a thickness of 7 mm. If your wrist circumference is 19 cm or larger, go for a watch case between 42 and 46 mm. These usually have a thickness of 9 mm or greater.

Are you a fan of a slightly more refined style? Then it is certainly possible to enrich your wide wrist with a narrow watch. However, you should keep in mind that this rule does not apply the other way around. You should never wear a watch that is too large on a narrow wrist.

You’ll need to measure your wrist. If your wrist is 6 to 7 inches in circumference, you should typically go with 38mm, 40mm and 42mm watch cases. If your wrist circumference is 7.5 to 8 inches, you should be looking at 44mm to 46mm watch cases. These recommendations are based on the modern trend of larger timepieces.

Knowing your wrist size is also important when ordering your watch so you can make sure the strap fits and the bracelet is sized properly.

Watch Sizing Chart

Wrist length cmWrist length inchesWatch size
Case Diameter
Watch size
Case Thickness
General Watch Size
13 cm5″ inches29 mm9 mmFirst Watch for Kids
14 cm5.5″ inches32 – 33 mm10 mmExtra Small / Big Kids
15 cm6″ inches34 mm12 mmSmall
16.5 cm6.5″ inches34 – 38 mm12 mmMidsize / Medium
17.5 cm7″ inches39 – 42 mm12 mmStandard
19 cm7.5 ” inches43 – 46 mm14 mmXL / Oversized
20 cm8″ inches> 47 mm15 mmXXL
Watch Size Chart by for kids, men and women. Thickness is a general indication and will differ by model/brand
Watch Size Chart: Find Your Perfect Size | Watch Researcher
Watch Sizing Guide: Find Your Right Watch Size
What’s my watch Size

as a rule of thumbe

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The material and width of your watch strap

Your watch strap is also important to find the right watch for your style and wrist. The width of your watch strap is often half the size of your watch case. So if it is 42 mm, your watch strap is 21 mm. Furthermore, you are completely free in the material you choose. Do you choose a classic model? Or are you going for a retro model or sporty one? Rate the five different watch strap types to see which one best suits your taste.

By Gender

Watch Case Diameter Size by Gender

GenderCase Diameter
Women’s Size222.200.87
Men’s Size383.801.50

Watch sizing explained (video)

Watch sizes explained by A Modest Man

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Watch Sizing Charts