Kenneth Cole Watch Sizes

Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is an American clothing designer famous for designing and producing shoes first, and then other items of clothing and accessories later. One such accessory is the Kenneth Cole designer watches. These watches come in various colors and designs, including designs for men and women (skip straight to the Kenneth Cole Watch sizes charts).

Five of the most popular watches in the company’s catalog are the Kenneth Cole Watch for Men with Leather Strap, Kenneth Cole Stainless Chronograph Watch, Affordable Kenneth Cole Stainless Steel Watch, Men’s Kenneth Cole Automatic Skeleton Watch, and Kenneth Cole Chronograph Men’s Watch.

Kenneth Cole Watch Sizes
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Like many other clothing items and accessories on Kenneth Cole’s website, the Kenneth Cole Watches are loved for being stylish and affordable at the same time. This is not a common feature found in many other clothing companies sometimes choose to forfeit style and class when making more affordable products. Also, the Kenneth Cole watches are famous for their array of water-resistant designs allowing clients to pick whichever design best suits their needs. 

Before picking out a Kenneth Cole watch, it is important to ensure you know your correct size. This is because the watch comes in many different sizing,  getting the wrong one may require you to have to return it or get it resized. This article serves as a guide to the different Kenneth Cole Watch Sizes for men and women. Here we will offer the Kenneth Cole watch size chart and answer questions from the internet.

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Kenneth Cole Watch Sizes Table of Contents

Kenneth Cole Watches Size Charts

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Men’s Kenneth Cole Watches Size Chart

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International SizingWrist Size (mm)Wrist Size (in)

Women’s Kenneth Cole Watches Size Chart

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International SizingWrist Size (mm)Wrist Size (in)

Kid’s Kenneth Cole Watches Size Chart (for Kids 7-13)

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International SizingWrist Size (mm)Wrist Size (in)
XXXL (Teens)120.654.75

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Measure for Kenneth Cole Watches

Before ordering wristwatches from the Kenneth Cole website, it’s crucial to take precise measurements of your wrists. You will learn exactly how to measure your hands in this part before placing an order.

Take a measuring tape, placing the end with the metal tip in the center of your wrist, and pull it over your wrist until it fits snugly while keeping your palm open and the underside of your wrist facing up. Set the metal tip in alignment with the measurement closest to the tape.

The most comfortable option for you might be to loop the tape, slide it over your wrist, and then pull it snugly down to the metal point. The measurement can be recorded in centimeters and then converted to millimeters or inches. Check your results against the graphs above.

What movement do Kenneth Cole watches use?

Quartz movements are used in both Men’s and Women’s Kenneth Cole watches to provide dependable and precise timekeeping. Quartz timepieces are renowned for their millisecond-level accuracy. They are well-liked for their low maintenance requirements, dependability, and durability.

In addition, quartz allows for the easily replaceable type of battery needed, and great battery size endurance (depending on size battery type and current battery cover).

Please always go to a professional for the repair of the battery or replacement battery. However,  you can learn to get a replacement watch battery yourself by watching this battery replacement video to learn basic watch battery changes.

Can you resize the Kenneth Cole watch band?

Your Kenneth Cole watch bands can be resized, that much is certain. The best choice is to get your Kenneth Cole watch bands professionally resized. You can also have it resized on your own if you have the perfect tools. Determine how many band links need to be removed to accomplish this. Remove the watch, then look for the rotary screws (like traditional screws but tinier).

Loose screws by finding the arrow pointing to where the pins should be pushed by looking inside the watch band. Push other pins out as necessary using a jeweler’s screwdriver and screwdriver handle using the same method. As many links as necessary must be removed in order for the wristband to fit. The links can be put back together by inserting a detachable pi into the gap between the wristband links.

Can You Change the Straps of A Kenneth Cole Watch? 

Yes, you could decide to change the original strap to any type of strap you want. To ensure you get the correct strap and the job is done properly, seek the help of a professional to do this for you/.

What’s the smallest Kenneth Cole watch size?

The smallest Kenneth Cole watch size is 36mm (1.4’’) for men’s watches, while the smallest Kenneth Cole watch size is 32mm (1.2’’) for women’s watches.

It is important to always take accurate wrist measurements before purchasing your watch. This will save you the stress of having to resize your watch after purchase or returning the watch.

What are the largest Kenneth Cole watch sizes?

The largest Kenneth Cole watch’s size is 46mm (1.79’’) for women and 48mm (1.87’’) for men’s watches. Always remember that it is important to take accurate measurements of your wrist before placing your order for a Kenneth Cole watch.

This could help save the stress of returning the watch after purchase or resizing your watch after purchase.

How much Does Kenneth Cole Watches Cost?

The best thing about the Kenneth Cole watches is that you can get often get any watch to match your budget. The Kenneth Cole watches range from $100-$400. This price falls right in place with many other great watches on the market.


Hopefully, you have found this article on Kenneth Cole watches to be helpful. Kenneth Cole Productions, Inc. is an American clothing designer famous for designing and producing shoes first, and then other items of clothing and accessories later. The watches are some of the most famous items produced by the company. Before placing an order for the Kenneth Cole Watch, it is important to know your correct size. This article contains the Kenneth Cole size charts and answers to some of the internet’s most typical questions.

Keep in mind that it is crucial to first precisely measure your wrist, which you can accomplish by using a measuring tape and following the necessary steps. Additionally, quartz movement is used in both men’s and women’s Kenneth Cole watches to provide accurate and consistent timekeeping.

You can acquire Kenneth Cole watch bands; the best choice is to have a professional resize them; however, you also have the option of doing it yourself. For men’s watches, the smallest Kenneth Cole watch size is 36mm (1.4″), whereas, for women’s watches, the smallest Kenneth Cole watch size is 32mm (1.2″). The greatest size of a Kenneth Cole watch is 48mm (1.87″) for men’s watches and 46mm (1.79″) for women’s watches.

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