Omega Size Charts of Watches

This article can be treated like some sort of Omega handbook. We will try to provide the charts in a simple one- or two-column format so that everything doesn’t get muddled up (skip straight to the Omega Size Charts).

There are over 200 models of Omega out there and remembering the size for each one might appear difficult. Fortunately, they can be grouped together based on lineup and model board size.

Omega Size Charts of Watches
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The most common effect size measures have on the watch is how comfortable it sits. Although Omega communicates with customers through personal email addresses, however, it is still not worth the struggle to have a poorly sized watch.

Another common effect size measures have is how the watch is carried and this one can actually affect the lifespan of the watch due to physical stress on the watch.

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Omega Size Charts Table of Contents

Why is the right watch size important?

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This a simple question with a simple but diabolical answer. 

If the watch is too small, chances are high that the start is also shortened so as to scale to the size of the watch. Wearing a tight watch regularly will affect circulation at the wrist and also put pressure on the nerves that pass through the wrist.

This will further worsen the situation and completely disturb how a hand is supposed to feel. The worst case scenario is to develop carpal tunnel syndrome. 

On the other hand (no pun intended) is the watch that is too big. Being too big automatically means that the wrist does more work carrying the weight of the watch. The watch might also not sit right and regularly jiggle around on the wrist of the user.

All of these cause great physical discomfort and the extra mass might cause a tingling sensation on the hand. The tingle is actually your nerves getting too compressed out of the norm.

Size Chart For The Constellation Collection

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The Globemaster lineup (popularly known as Omega Globe) is one of the primary models that many people imagine when they think of an Omega watch.

It has become the sample size for many people, and they have the right to imagine so. 

Model Line UpWatch Size (mm)

Size Chart For The Seamaster Collection

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Omega Globe might be the standard sample size of Omega watches, but the Omega signature when it comes to style is within the Seamaster collection. This collection is the largest collection of Omega. In the Aqua Terra lineup alone, there are more models than there are in some entire collections.

It is also important to note that this collection is where the lineup of older models that are still produced makes their first appearance. The term “Heritage” is used to refer to any model from the other 3 lineups (Aqua Terra, Diver, and Planet Ocean).

However, the said model must be one of the previous models that are so old that their peers are no longer in mass production. 

Model Line UpWatch Size (mm)
AquaTerra 150M28,30,34,38,38.5,41,41.5,43,
Diver 300M42,
Planet Ocean39.5,43.5,45.5
Heritage Models38,39,39.5,40,41

Size Chart For The Speedmaster Collection

The Speedmaster collection has a series of models that displays time in a digital format. To achieve this feat a bigger board size is needed to house the Omega thermocouples.

The watches in this collection are not the smallest in the product gallery of the manufacturer. In fact, some of the bigger sizes start showing up regularly in this collection.

Model Line UpWatch size (mm)
Dark Side Of The Moon44.25
Speedmaster 38mm38
Two Counters43,44.5
Instruments 43,45,53

Size Chart For The De Ville Collection

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Although this collection is not gendered specific (and no collection is gender specific), the collection is particularly popular among women and visually aesthetically appealing customers.

This is becoming the colour reproduction of this collection is just top-notch. The board size is not that big either. Some of the smallest sizes are in this collection.

Model Line UpWatch size (mm)

Frequently Asked Questions

What size are Omega watches?

The Omega signature that has become popular as sample size is the Globemaster. All the models of the Globemaster are 39mm or 41mm.

If we consider models from all the other lineups then we have a much wider size range. The smallest watches are as small as 26MM while the largest models are as big as 55MM.

What size is the best for an Omega watch?

Based on the most common effect size measures have on the watch. We will like to say that the best sizes (even for digital format) are from 38mm to 43mm.

The Omega Speedmaster mid-size sizes are among the usually recommended for almost anybody.

What size is Omega Constellation?

Omega Constellation is one of the lineups that come in a wide variety of sizes. They are not the lineup with the widest size range of the biggest model lineup, but they do come in many sizes.

The Constellation is available in 34mm, 36mm, 39mm and 41mm.

How are Omega watches measured?

Although the board size is the most important determinant of the minimum size of a watch, the determination of maximum size is the case that contains the entire gizmo. When you are interested in the size of a watch you need to be concerned about the size of the case.

The best way to know the size of your watch is to rely on the official product descriptions, but if you must know how to measure one, then the next paragraphs are of immense help.

To measure the size of the case, try these steps:

1. Get a pair of Vernier callipers and if possible get ones with a digital reader. If you can’t find such, please don’t be worried.

2. Screw the callipers to the watch with the edge of the callipers touching the case at the points of numbers 2 and number 8. Take note of the readings.

3. Repeat the previous step but this time touching the case on the outside at the points where the number 4 and the number 10 are present. Again take note of the readings.

4. If the readings are identical, then you have found the size of your watch. This method works for most watches with a circular face.

5. If the readings do not match, then repeat steps 2 and 3 again, just to check and see if you were not the one who made a mistake during the measurements. If the readings still do not match then proceed to the next steps.

6. Take new measurements, this time place the calliper at numbers 2 and number 10. Note the reading of the calliper.

 7. Take another measurement with the calliper at number 8 and number 4. Note the reading of the calliper.

8. Compare your new pair of readings and they should be identical. This new pair is the size of your watch.

Check out this Omega watch buying guide (video)

The OMEGA Buying Guide by Crown & Caliber

How many mm is the Omega Seamaster?

The Omega Seamaster is an entire collection of watches consisting of over 100 great models. The size ranges from 38mm to 45.5mm.

What is the smallest Omega size?

Based on board size and allocated case size, the De Ville collection has the smallest-sized watches. The Trésor lineup is the smallest an Omega watch can be. The smallest go as low as 26mm.

What is the biggest Omega size?

The Omega thermocouples and mechanical heard that come together might sometimes be a mega handful. The largest watch from the Omega product list is the Speedmaster collection.

The models that make up the Instrument lineup go as large as 53mm in size. 


We hope that we have been able to give you the proper omega handbook as we promised right from the start. Omega does have a system in which they send emails to the personal email addresses of their customers. This is a great avenue to get in touch with them if you ever have the need to. You can even download articles on request links from their catalogue.

Have a great Omega experience and it will be very mega to us if you can share the article after leaving a comment.

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